Welcome to my virtual healthy eating class where I hope to help transform your way of thinking when it comes to food. From what you put in your grocery cart to what you prepare and put on the dinner table.

Last fall, I began a wonderful, life changing weight loss program called NutriMost. Not only did I lose 50 pounds, I learned so much about what to eat versus what not to eat. It’s been an incredible journey, one that I find myself sharing often. 

Read more here:

Shari’s Healthy Journey – via NutriMost | My experience with NutriMost


I have been asked multiple times to teach and help others about what I now know.  I am very passionate about this because I still remember what it was like on the other side.  I simply did not know where to start.

My daughter Rachel has graciously accepted my invitation to join me on this new venture. We always have fun together and my thoughts are this: she will add so much fun to this as well as getting educated along the way. 

Thanks for checking us out!

Shari & Rachel


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lynn McLean

    Well of course you know who will be your biggest cheerleader and fan! Mumma! Can’t wait to take on the journey with two of my favorite girls. XO


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