Stop the Wishing & Start the Doing

October 6th, 2014.

That was the day that changed everything.

Let me back up a bit.

April 9, 1988, I married my high school sweetheart, now known as Mr STK.

We raised our four children, Joshua (1989), Matthew (1992), Rachel (1995) and Alec (1997).

Two of our sons are now married and we have two wonderful daughters in law.

We also have three of the best grandkids that were born in 2011, 2014 and 2016.

All considered to be the happiest and greatest dates in my life.

I became a wife, mother and now a grandma.

But that October day in 2014 changed the course of my life in a different way.

From about 2000 on, if you were to look through my photo albums, I struggled with weight gain. Slowly over the years I had become quite overweight.

I wore big sweatshirts and loathed the size of my pants.

But I didn’t know how to fix it.

I hated the gym, unlike my husband who on many occasions tried to get me to go, to try and “get healthier.”

At 46 years of age at that point, I only knew grocery shopping and meal prepping one way:

Meat, very little veggies and fruit, lots of boxed/canned/bagged processed foods.

It’s. All. I. Knew.


Rice-A-Roni Spanish Rice was considered a dinner. With Pillsbury crescent rolls.

It was cheap, easy and considered tasty.

Because that’s all I knew.

If I tried to lose a bit of weight, I cut back on my portions, eating the same food.

In hindsight, I see the error of my ways. Hindsight is always 20/20 they say.

But it took me walking through a process.

One that had me grocery shopping for real food, eliminating the processed foods, all the while making me rethink my food choices and true hunger levels.

That all was introduced to me on that October day.

I was in for a ride and truly had no idea just how much it would change me.

I literally stopped the wishing and started the doing.

I was strict.

I followed the plan laid out before me to a T.

Many people watched and thought I had possibly gone crazy.

No one can be that strict.

Eliminate sugar for two whole months?

No lunch meat?

Can’t you just have _______ or _________?

Nope. I stayed focused.

I began to lose weight, gain some energy that was lost somewhere along the way and see things a bit differently.

Actually, a whole lot differently.

I did exactly what I coach people to do now.


Walk this new lifestyle out daily.

Pushed myself, unlike I had before.

Thought about what I wanted MOST versus in the moment.

Stopped looking for the easy way out.

Changed my kitchen. Completely.


Not only did I look and feel different, I thought completely different.

I felt confident.

I felt in control.

I loved the food and my new clothes.

And I wasn’t starving myself to get there.

Fast forward to one year later and I was saying goodbye to my job in a property management company and was taking classes to become a certified health coach.

You know the rest.

Here I am FOUR years later, with three years in business for myself.

I’ve helped a few hundred people, both local and out of state.

A. Few. Hundred.

I am not perfect and don’t expect perfect from anyone.

But what I offer can make a huge impact on people.

The educational consultation is worth its weight in gold. It’s eye opening.

The meals in my cookbooks are outstanding.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask anyone that cooks from it.

I’ve heard it a thousand times in multiple ways:

“Your cookbook never leaves my counter.”

“I love the recipes!”

“I’ve given your cookbook out to my friends because we just love the recipes.”

“Those recipes saved my kitchen!”

And so on.

As a health coach, I meet with people who have come to the end of their rope and are tired of the wishing and want to start the doing.

And are truly thrilled to have someone in their corner, guiding them and rooting for them.

Are YOU ready?


Happy Anniversary Shari Walls.

Looks like you’ve made it and have also dragged a whole bunch of people with you.