Health Coach Life

Hi, my name is Shari, and if you haven’t ever landed here, below you’ll read about who I am and what’s been happening as an individual who lives a healthy lifestyle as well as being a certified health coach.

This is Mr STK and I in Chicago recently.

We are both healthier today then we were 10 years ago.

Now let’s go back to the summer of 2014.

I was 46 years old and overweight.

Always tired. Did not know one thing about a healthy lifestyle.

It all seemed very overwhelming.

And I had ZERO discipline. ZILCH.

A recipe for staying on the same path (of being overweight and unhealthy).

But I had grown truly sick and tired of always searching for clothes that “made me look thinner.”

Anyone out there relate to that, or was I alone in that thinking!? 🤷🏻‍♀️

On October 4th-ish of that year, I took a giant leap for mankind, I mean for myself, and began completely transforming my plate.

Processed food —- OFF.

Lean meats and fresh produce —- ON.

I committed to stay the course for over 2 months. Curious to see where it would take me.

A few short months later….who was I?

I began feeling a change and I liked it a whole lot.

I was losing weight, learning a truly healthier lifestyle AND gaining some discipline.

It’s the perfect recipe for continued success.

But not everyone can/does. It’s HARD work!

Fast forward to one year later and I was down fifty pounds and MAINTAINING it (key) and was becoming so passionate about this newfound love, that I quit my job (I was in property management) and became a certified health coach.

Helping people became my (mid-life crisis?) new path in life.

On October 21, 2015, I launched SaveTheKitchens as a business entity. The name originated from this very blog.

To date, I’ve saved over 200 kitchens and sold over 600 copies of my cookbooks (I have two).

It’s all been crazy fun and I continue to grow and expand my business venture.

Follow my Facebook business page for all that I offer/do. SaveTheKitchens, LLC.

I’m reaching people all over the map.

I’m launching something new very soon that will take STK to a higher level.

A virtual Shari!? 🤔


What stands me out from the crowd is this:

  • I’ve come from the trenches.
  • I know what it’s like to struggle with food.
  • I have now maintained my healthy diet/lifestyle for almost 4 years.
  • I teach a real food lifestyle.
  • I teach a real food lifestyle (repeated on purpose).
  • I do not offer premade shakes or have you buying/taking mountains of pills to include in your diet for a “healthier you.”
  • I also don’t agree with the current fad that’s out (eat tons of fat…and then what!? 🤔🙄😳).
  • I walk out this lifestyle daily myself, which HAS TO INCLUDE discipline.
  • As a health coach, it’s more than just food that I’m teaching people.
  • I go to the gym and workout on a regular basis. Strength training is important!
  • So there you have it.
  • I’m no where near perfect so don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be either.
  • But I can get you to places you didn’t think were possible.
  • Because I know how you think and feel before starting as well as during the whole process.
  • I’ve had people ask how I am doing lately.
  • This is me being completely transparent:
    • Some days I want to eat the all of the kitchen/all the cheesecake and so on.
      Some days I don’t want to go to the gym.
      Some days I don’t even feel worthy of coaching people.

    But. I PRESS ON.

    This is what healthy at 50, sprinkled with motivation, discipline, MR STK’s workout plans and some really great food looks like for this girl:

    (Disclaimer: it was 6:30 am at the gym) 🙀😳

    Let me help YOU.

    It continues to fan the flame inside of me for myself and the next person that comes my way.