Hi, I’m Shari and I love saving things.

As in ridding your plate, grocery cart and kitchen of processed, junky foods.

Even some of the “healthy” stuff.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know this to be true:

I’ve made a difference in a few hundred lives. And then some.


There are still so many that, out of desperation, jump on some diet train to get rid of their weight.

To “get healthy.”

I get asked often about my thoughts on different programs.

This is where my new workshop came into existence.


People just do not realize the harm that these plans can do.

If what you are doing has an ingredient list, chances are good that the ingredients are junky fillers that are actually inflammatory.

Now that doesn’t sound healthy at all, right?


I like to open a person’s πŸ‘€.

Teach them about food and where the sources are coming from.

Teach them about what’s been happening to our food.

Teach them about how most of it greatly affects us.

I posted a video on Facebook about this new workshop the other day.

In it, I stated, “With these weight loss programs, oh you CAN lose weight, but what’s IN the food/shakes/supplements….there is the problem most often.”

I have people bring me wrappers/packages all of the time.

And most often, I have to burst their bubble.

Come on out on May 17th to hear what I have to say about the most common weight loss programs circulating around.

It’ll open your πŸ‘€.


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