Tasting Healthy Eats, Real.Food & Cooking with Shari


I’ve been a busy gal.

These past several months of introducing “Tasting Healthy Eats” events have been super spectacular.

I have a crowd between 20-30 people regularly each month.

About 75% of them are brand new people.

They come and not only taste my delicious and healthy food, but they also get to see and hear what I’m all about.

Isn’t that GRAND!?

Here is a video that I put together from last Tuesday’s event, which was my 6th.

watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/SavingKitchens/videos/1796634080646535/

My mission has been and will continue to be about SavingKitchens.

I booked three consults Tuesday evening and two yesterday.

SavingKitchens indeed.

I know, right!?

Next month: Picnic, on May 10th.

To give you an idea of what else happens:

I ordered 100 copies of my first cookbook in February.

As of yesterday, I have about 25 copies left.


It’s all good. But I think I’ll order more soon.


Another WOW!

This food is AMAZING.

I sell out very quickly.

Last Saturday, I stocked my fridge with 18.

They sold in one day.

What a great new service that this is here at SavingKitchens.

Late yesterday, I stocked my fridge with 24.

That was 5pm.

I close at 6.

This morning, I open with 20.

Here is a post from Kelly, who purchased the 4.

Some of the meals are adapted from my cookbook.

I gave Jodi (the chef who makes this wonderful food) my wants for next week’s menu.

Gonna be great…as usual!

And lastly, cooking.

In someone else’s home.

At the March tasting event, my giveaway was Cooking with Shari.

Charlotte won and after picking a date together and choosing three recipes from my cookbooks, I went to her home and we spent two hours together whipping up some good eats.

Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/SavingKitchens/videos/1793729354270341/

It was great fun!

I offered it again last Tuesday and I’m cooking at Carol’s soon.

To wrap this up, I love what I do.

I love it more today than I did yesterday.

I’m my own boss, doing things just the way that I want and feel necessary.

And it works.

I’ve saved over 200 kitchens and have greatly impacted a few hundred more.


It’s the thing to do and the place to be!



People come to me for several reasons.

They want weight loss and they want a true change in their health.

They have heard from so-in-so about me or have been watching me on social media.

So they decide to call me up and see what I am all about.

That’s where I whisk them off into a brand new, shiny and healthier lifestyle.

They feel great!

They love the food!

They have learned so much!

Nothing will stop them now!

and then…

Life sometimes/mostly happens.

And unfortunately, the image above becomes reality for many.

#itsjustfood I tell them, during that sweet, wonderful honeymoon phase of learning the ropes, saying no to junk foods and adapting this as a lifestyle.

Back in the late summer of 2016, I launched a bi-weekly support-type meeting and I called it STK-Roundup.

I had several women who regularly attended it and loved it.

We talked about strengths and weaknesses, I threw in a bit of continued education and then introduced them to a new dish of some sort, making it right in front of them at my kitchen counter.

This was before I opened my storefront up.

The winter of 2016-2017 caused a lot of problems in attendance. Illnesses and icy roads made for quite a few cancellations of STK-Roundup.

And then I spotted a little space in a building not far from my home for rent.

April of 2017 I was signing the lease agreement and the rest is history.

I became very busy with the new responsibilities of running my own shop, along with consulting and coaching new people that came my way.

I would mention this cool, very much in need, support-type meeting that I would “soon” launch again.

Months went by.

And then I started getting requests from a few people about offering them again.

A few weeks ago, I sent out this via Facebook, Instagram and also sent personal texts to many.

I received a TON of interest, which told me that it was indeed time.

I revamped what I offered before and gave it a new name.

#STK4LIFE was something that someone had texted me after going through my 30 day coaching. She was thrilled with the knowledge that she had gained and the weight she had lost.

It stuck in my mind.

People NEED support.

People NEED motivation.

People NEED guidance.

And so on.

Because after two and a half years at this, I’ve seen and heard the struggles.

It’s NOT always easy.


This Monday evening is my 2nd #STK4LIFE meeting.

I’m excited!

The ladies are excited!

(men are welcome too!)

I am also offering a twice a month daytime #STK4LIFE for those that cannot make the evening one.

Someone mentioned to me recently how “nice it was for me to offer all that I do,” and I replied, “it’s what I love doing.”

And I am able to do it!

I make this lifestyle do-able AND continue to guide you as necessary along the way.

The requirement for participation: you must be a graduate of my 30 day program.

SavingKitchens and KEEPING them saved….it’s what I do.