Do The Hustle

Did that song from the 70’s just enter your mind?

Me too. 

And by hustle, there are many definitions, but I’m talking this one.

Some of you are new to following me. Many have since the beginning. 

I’ve been a hustler. 

Two and a half years at this SavingKitchens business. 

When I reflect back, it’s amazing to me how not only has my business grown exponentially, but also how much I have grown as a person. 

I astound myself sometimes. 

This is not a pat on my own back. 

This is to show you how God can put you on a path, and as you completely trust Him and His timing, you know that you know that the right people will be sent, the right doors will be opened and growth will happen. 

I’m making huge impacts on people left and right and all over the place. 

One woman, with a strong desire to help people…and I’m doing it, by leaps and bounds, every single day. 

Who doesn’t love that. 

I get asked often by people via Facebook message, email and also my website, what my services are. 


I started out in the fall of 2015 with a little personal consult, whether at my house or yours. I then offered my 30 day clean eating program along with my daily coaching. 

In the summer of 2016, I added a wonderful cookbook that, fingers crossed, would help people further and maybe I’d sell a few copies. 

A few hundred copies and then some have been distributed across the city, the county, the state AND many, many other states across America. 

Landing in kitchens everywhere. 

I had a young adult draw up my character for the cover. It’s why I now add that bright red in my hair. 

By the spring of 2017, I added a second cookbook. 

See the resemblance 😏. 

At that point, I had a lot of coaching under my belt, becoming very comfortable in the role that my unique business offered. 

I was also offering a workshop called, “Saving Your Grocery Cart.”

Boy, was God stretching me. 

Before all of this, I was SO NOT a public speaker of any sort. 

I had to make myself. 

To date, I have done several corporate events, workshops in many places, speaking engagements about what I do at many local churches and now my biggest addition to my business, “Tasting Healthy Eats”. 

We will get to more on that in a bit. I’m getting ahead of myself. 

In the early stages, I launched this blog and started a private Facebook group. I had a few people interested. I shared articles, recipes and talked about my new business. 

I’ve since added my business page on Facebook and both have 800 plus people following along. 

SaveTheKitchens, LLC is my business page. 

SavingKitchens is my private group. 

Legally, my business is Savethekitchens, but since the launching of my cookbooks, I’ve branded more of SavingKitchens. 

It’s what I’m doing. 

In April of 2017, the opportunity arose to take a huge leap of faith and rent a space to expand my business further. 

That space is 2 miles from my home. 

I had been holding meetings and consults in my home for a year and a half and since there was no end in sight, we decided to take it to the next level. 

I was sooooooo excited. 

At first, the local people were unaware of me and what this SavingKitchens business was about. 

Step inside. 

And now, almost a year later, things are entirely changing. 

I’ve not only personally coached nearly 200 people (that’s a lot of kitchens) and also have added two complete meal plans, but I launched something new last November. 

(always hustling…hence the title)

The idea started when I began making delicious recipes and having people sample them here and there when they came in. 

“Oh, WOW, this is good,” they’d say, and then without skipping a beat, ask, “is this recipe in your cookbook?”

It was that lightbulb idea. 

Make food. 

People will come. 

I call it, “Tasting Healthy Eats Event”. 

With a theme for each month. 

I’ve held one each month since November and on average, I’ve had consistently 25-30 people in attendance. 

That is new people, visiting my shop and giving me the opportunity to offer a few things at once:

  • show people that healthy can be tasty and easy
  • educate them a bit on this lifestyle
  • explain what it is that I do as a CERTIFIED health coach

People LOVE it!

I LOVE it!

And I LOVE speaking in front of people. 

Never ever thought I’d say that. 

But seriously. 

People are TIRED of pills, shakes and prepackaged food full of junk — all aimed at “health and diet.”

I uncover truth and show them the STK way. 

I coach on average about 15-20 people per month. 

I wish that I could show you every text. Some literally make me weepy. 

After my event on Thursday, 

And now that she recognizes true healthy, she can spot the gimmicky stuff. 

There are many gimmicky, multi-level marketing food plans out there, promising rapid weight loss for several hundred bucks per month. 

When I read the ingredients 👀

Makes me crazy that these people can call themselves health coaches. 

They are NOT. 

I’ve had education. Big difference. 

And lastly, I’ve offered my new program called STK21 Reboot Boot Camp. 

I’m actually currently doing along it WITH the seven who bravely signed up with me. 

We are on day 6 together and amazing things are happening. 

I’m extremely excited about it. 

It’s only available to those that have went through my coaching and 30 day program. 

Here is a video that I posted yesterday about it. 

SavingKitchens has truly grown in ways I did not expect and it’s because of the path God has put me on as well as me being a hustler at what I do. 

I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know. 

Now I leave you with this. 


Lovely Lapeer Finds STK

A local writer, who just launched her blog, with the intention of sharing a variety of all things Lapeer, interviewed me a week ago and published this.  

She is so very talented and in my opinion, nailed it. 

Thank you, Krystal!