Taste & See

When you hear “healthy food,” what do you think of?

For some, it’s bland and boring. 

But it’s mainly because they are eating a processed food diet. 

Like this 👇🏼

Eating like that makes it very difficult to transition to a healthier diet. 

But it CAN be done. 

Or, people think they eat healthy, by following guidelines like this 👇🏼

Makes me go 👇🏼

So, last November, I had a brilliant idea and thought I’d give it a whirl.  

Make truly healthier food and serve it to people, open house style, at my shop —- for FREE. 

People like free and feel less pressure if they are allowed to sample with no strings attached. 

So far I’ve made treats, soups, muffins and up next, LunchBox ideas. 

Here are some pics from the past events. 

I’ve had, on average about 20-30 people in attendance. 

This has been a monthly event and my fourth one is this upcoming Tuesday. 

At the end of the evening, I will announce what’s coming up in March. 

So what happens at these events?

I have a two hour slot where people can come in and sample food. It’s an open house style, but most people show up within the first half hour and stay almost to the end. 

You can taste samples of the 5-6 different foods that I have prepared and have on display. 

You can shop. I offer a simple but outstanding selection of high quality, “STK approved” food. 

At the half way point, I spend a few minutes talking openly to the crowd about what SavingKitchens is all about. I then prepare a dish so that people can SEE how easy it is and then TASTE it. 

Last month I made Chocolate Avocado Pudding. 

Went over BIG. 

On Tuesday, I’m making a specialty nut butter that is FANTASTIC. 

I own and operate a very unique business. 

You won’t find another one like it….anywhere. 

I’m a certified health coach, showing people the way. 

I have a storefront that you can simply stop in and purchase goods. 

Most that stop in are extremely excited about what I offer once it’s explained to them. 

(They also fall in love with what it looks like inside — not your typical health food store. Because that’s NOT what I am). 

I sit down with people with a consultation (many each week) and discuss each individual’s health and start educating them. I then offer my services. 

Cookbook ✔️

Meal Plan ✔️

30 Day Coaching & Plan ✔️

Those are what most everyone takes advantage of. 

You can attend an event. I have had many. 

Whether it’s me putting on my “Saving Your Grocery Cart” workshop, Rachel teaching a detox class, or me offering continued support for my clients and now these monthly tasting events. 

No. Where. Else. 

There are many roads to health. 

Many, many are wrong. 

Yet, promoted as healthy. 

I see and hear it all of the time. 

My goal is to get people on the right track. 

And I’ve done this for many, many people. 

People have done Weight Watchers, Medifast, Medical Weight Loss, ItWorks, Advocare, Optavia and the like. 

Only to end up in my chair, learning truth and what’s truly healthy. 

It’s eating REAL FOOD people. 

I’m a lucky lady. 

Doing what I love and changing kitchens everywhere. 

I’ve personally coached nearing 200 people. 

But between sales of my cookbooks and meal plans and with over 800 people following me, I’ve been in a LOT of kitchens.  

“Shari” and “SavingKitchens” have become household buzz words. 

Don’t you love it. 

I certainly do. 

If you have plans on Tuesday, scratch them and come and see for yourself. 

Tasting is believing. 

Seeing is believing. 

Hearing is believing.  

And I offer it all 👆🏼.