Get Ahead, Not Behind

The Holidays are here. 

Where did 2017 go!?

Crazy stuff, how quickly time goes when you’re having fun. 

So I’ve become very aware of something. 

People are struggling. 

In many different areas in life, but of course I’m talking about food. 

About weight. 

I’ve been coaching people for two years. 

Over 140 individuals. 

And lately, I’ve had many of them stop in my shop, text me and/or stop me in the church lobby to admit something to me. 

Remember, somewhere along the line, I earned the title “food priest/police”. 

There was a dessert auction last Sunday at my church, to raise funds for missions. 

I was informed yesterday that someone donated a dessert and that they had attached a tag that stated, “This is NOT Shari Walls approved.”


I still find it mind boggling that I am she. Because this is NOT who I was. 

But I do live and breathe this, as I should since it’s my business …and I’m a teensy bit passionate about changing lives. 

So back to these people that are reaching out to me. 

They’ve gone backwards. 

Opened the door for sugar. 

Which then leads you to lose control over your cravings and eating habits. 

Okay, maybe you’re not eating like that. 

But maybe you are. 

People that have come in to see me, are coming in with their heads hung low. 

I hate that this affects people the way that it does. 

Of course, I give them a pep talk and try to point them back in the right direction. 

But it’s not as easy as just “doing it.”

I’ve been rehired many times recently to get people back on board. 

And I certainly don’t mind. It’s what I do. 

Which brings me to here. 

It’s the week of Thanksgiving. 

I’m working with people 1:1 as well as in a private Facebook group. 

Steering people in the way that they should go. 

Encouraging them. 

Reminding them. 

The month of December can go one of two ways:

People can stay the course. 

Which allows them to feel good about themselves and maintain control. 


People can completely go off roading. 

Which they then feel guilty and out of control. 


Food can be very controlling. 

We have to create a healthy balance. 

Which takes discipline. 

And most people, left on their own will struggle. 

Which is why I want to offer a new group for the month leading up to Christmas and take us through 12/31. 

Get ahead, not behind. 

Many people will contact SavingKitchens in January. 

They will feel stuffed and miserable and wish that they would’ve started this journey sooner. 

Don’t be them. 

You can navigate through holiday gatherings and the like. 

But it takes strategy and a mindset. 

Both of which I will offer. 

You have to decide.

You have to commit. 

And you have to do the work. 

But come January 1, 2018, you could wake up feeling like this. 

I’ll leave you with this. 

Let me help you get back on track. 


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