Did You Know?

Most people start out on a new diet with great enthusiasm only to find that sometimes it’s too difficult and they end up throwing in the towel. 

Are you that person?

I used to be that person. 

Many people who come to see me have also been that person. 

The difference?

I teach people a way of life, not a diet. 

Diets typically don’t teach you anything. Except to restrict calories, count points or eat small, prepackaged meals. 

In all of the above scenarios, most are not teaching you ANYTHING. 

And more importantly, you don’t realize the stuff that you are eating is actually detrimental to your health. 

So. You may lose weight. 

But you’re also losing your health. 

By way of the food you are eating. 

Food is the single most important influence on our health. 

Those of you that know me, know that I like add humor where possible. 

My conversations in my head with some people. 



I hear and see this all of the time. 

I teach people a way of life that is truly sustainable. 

It starts with learning what’s in your food and how to create balance. 

There are over 140 people who have met with me and made these changes. 

I have new ones that I meet with each week. 

And the comments range from:

“I thought I ate healthy until you showed me otherwise…”

“I thought that was healthy!”

“I had no idea!”


“I’m so excited to start this process and feel better!

And so on and so on. 

Yesterday morning, someone brought it to my attention that a question was asked in a local swap group on Facebook about looking for a nutritionist (which I am not) to help with meal planning and a change in diet. 

I am not in that group, but I was also told that I was mentioned by three different people in that post. 

So the word is getting out. 

But of course I’d like for it to get out a bit more. 

I opened my storefront almost six months ago. I have hundreds of cars drive by daily. 

Most people have zero idea of the hidden gem that is located in this small town of Metamora. 


I offer a wonderful variety of hard to find foods, I love talking with people about their health and how I can help them as well as the educational workshops that have and can happen in that spot. 

Haven’t seen it?

Stop in and introduce yourself. 

Visit my Facebook page for my hours and contact info. 

Savethekitchens, LLC

If you truly want change, I’m your girl. 

You can also visit my website and click on MEET to learn more about me as well as Rachel, my Functional Medicine Specialist. 

We both love helping people. 

And now you know.