What’s in Your Cart?

I hear the commercial for a credit card when they ask, “what’s in YOUR wallet!?”

They care about getting their credit card into your wallet. 

I ask you, “what’s in your cart?” As in grocery cart. Of course. 

Because that is what I care about. 

I’ve been at this health coach business for nearly two years. 

I have people all across the board come to me. 


Marge, who has zero knowledge about what this lifestyle is about. 

(I’m her girl to show her the way)

Suzy, who has tried every diet out there and has gleaned a bit of info on health here and there, but cannot put the whole picture together. 

(I’m her girl to show her the way)

Dorothy, who believes she eats healthy yet has a series of health issues. 

(I’m her girl to show her the way)


It’s the single most important part of better health. 

You are what you eat. 

You’ve heard that. 

It’s TRUE. 

The cells in our body…resemble the food that we eat. 

Which do yours resemble?

Now I realize that you could be somewhere in the middle. 

I like to be a bit exaggerated in my visual presentations. 

My cart doesn’t look like the top one. 

All veggies!?  Nope. 

But certainly no junk foods like the years previous to my own health transformation. 

I coupon shopped. 

I recently posted this in my Facebook group and someone commented that these were the foods that coupons are offered for. 


To make a very long story short, if you aren’t ready for the big jump of meeting with me for a private consultation (I highly advise that you do…it’s where the real magic happens), then attend my very informative workshop called, “SavingYourGroceryCart.”

You learn simple info to get the education process started. 

What. Is. Healthy. 

There is so many mixed messages out there and that is what frustrates people the most. 

I’m not claiming to know it all. 

But I know enough to help you. 

I’ve helped a few hundred if you add up my personal clients along with the multiple workshop/speaking engagements/corporate events that I’ve held. 

The workshop that I’m offering on this upcoming Thursday, Sept. 21st will include, like it always does, info packets that will be discussed and you’ll be able to take home, along with a hands on activity. 

I make it fun!

And I always throw out this disclaimer:

“I’m not trying to terrify you…I certainly don’t live terrified!”

But there are a lot of “wows” being said under people’s breath as I unfold the info. 

It’s not just the names that you can’t pronounce that we are looking for in our foods. Many people tell me that. 

It’s so much more. 

You’ll walk away with enough knowledge to begin your own healthy journey. 

Sign up today to reserve your spot. 

I promise you won’t regret it. 

And bring a friend!