It Was Grand 🎉

Once upon a time, a girl named Shari set out on a journey to health. 

Now she saves kitchens. 

And it’s not thee end. 

It’s just the beginning. 

After being open for just two months, I had my grand opening, which included my ribbon cutting. 

Here are some highlights. 

It was truly grand. 

How many people came through?

From my recollection of people combined with door prize slips filled out, that’s what I counted. Could be more. To me, that is pretty incredible. 

Food demos, small teachings and a whole lot of chatting, taste testing and shopping. 

It was more than I dreamt. 

And then this last Sunday, it hit the local newspaper.  

There is a plan and it continues to unfold. 

I’m just being utilized in a way that I’ve been created and now sharpened. 

To help others is truly my vision and passion. 

I’m a blessed girl, in more ways than one. 

Because I’m allowed to do what it is that I do.