Health & Wellness, STK Style

I’m settled in!

STK has been in its new, storefront location offficially for a month. 

Wow. What FUN that’s been. 

I’ve got lots to say, so grab another cup of coffee or glass of water or whatever your favorite, unsweetened beverage of choice is. 

Many of my readers aren’t on any social media, so I’ll bring them up to speed on all of The Who and The What. 

Yesterday’s post on my Facebook business page:

Over ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE people, kitchens, families, grocery carts, plates….

I can’t even do the math anymore. 

Let’s just say that’s A TON (probably literally) of weight, a whole lot LESS meds and a whole mess of junk food standing still on the grocery store shelves. 

Doug is down ONE HUNDRED POUNDS since last August. 

Ronda is ROCKING it and even though she doesn’t own a scale, it’s completely obvious that she has totally transformed her life, dropping quite a bit of weight and looking healthy at 49! 

Hmmmmm…..that sounds very familiar. 😎

Lisa sent me this text last week:


Testimonies on every level. 

Chris was a recent referral and after her first 30 days, she lost 20 pounds and FOUR notches on visceral fat (I’ve got that fancy scale that reads all sorts…including your metabolic age 😳). 

Her journey has just begun and I know that GREAT and WONDERFUL things have already happened and will continue to happen. 

I. Love. It. 

2 1/2 years ago I could have never imagined this. 

Those are just a few of my peeps. 

Sue is someone that hired me for two stints of 30 days a few months ago. 

The communication that we had was outstanding and today, she is a new person when it comes to her thinking and doing (food wise). 

So proud. 

Of each and every one. 

You’ve got to WANT IT. 

You’ve got to COMMUNICATE with me. 

You’ve got to LISTEN. 

And you’ve got to DO IT. 


I’ve got radar that hears all within 500 yards of me. 

I can’t help it. 

Them: “I’m on this new diet” 

Me: 🙄

Them: “I’m eating zero carbs and the weight is falling off.”

Me: 🙄

Them: “My friend is doing Nutrisystem.”

Me: 🙄

Them: “I’m doing these special shakes, what do you think?”

Me: 🙄

See the pattern?


I have people reaching out on a consistent basis. They have tried it all and want a REAL lifestyle change. 

I’m your girl. 

So, what about this new place?

It’s super cool. 

Take a peek for yourself. 

I get up every day and am like, “pinch me.”

I’ve worked for other people since 2001ish. 

And I loved the people and the opportunities. 

But I’ve always had in the back of my mind, “if it was my business, I’d do it like this _______.”

Well, Shari Walls, now you do and now you can. 

I am a member of both local Chamber of Commerces (Lapeer and Metamora — actually, my app for the latter was just submitted). 

I’ve joined a local chapter of a networking group, BNI. 

And my GRAND OPENING is slated for July 11th. 

I’ll have lots of great things in store for that day. 

There will also be a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

I’ll cry. 

You would too!

Most recently, I introduced a new addition to STK. 

Meet Rachel Fitchett, (with a whole LOT of initials after her name). 

She’s my Functional Medicine Specialist that is now on board with me to work with my people that need further assistance after their kitchen is cleaned up. 

Functional Medicine. 

I have studied it and believe in it 1,000%. 

People, it’s what we are eating and exposing ourselves too that changes EVERYTHING. 

We go in circles with our health:

Rachel and I are not miracle workers….but we are in the business of seeing them happen. 

Together, we make a great team in this area. 

It takes work. It’s takes a solid plan. It takes guidance. And it takes COMMITMENT. 

It won’t work if you don’t have that recipe. 

I’m just so thrilled with the last 20 months of business. 

And I’m SUPER THRILLED with the direction it’s going. 

I set out to save a few kitchens. 

And SavingKitchens is EXACTLY what I’m doing. 

Who is next!?