Go Big or Stay Home

Guess. What. 

That was me two weeks ago, when Mr STK and I decided it was time. 

Time for what?

For SavingKitchens to go big (or stay home?). 

Or is it go home. 

In my case, it would be stay home. 

I’ve been operating my business, with great success, right out of my home. 

100 plus cars have pulled up my long driveway and after an hour or two spent with me, pull away and BAM the person’s life already begins to change. 

I’ve had workshops and my biweekly STK Roundups here as well. 

My neighbors have to wonder what on earth I have going on over here.  

Sometimes I wonder as well. 

Who am I?

As I’ve said 52 trillion times, I am not who I was two and a half years ago. 


I’m still Shari, wife of John (his identity has been stripped…he is only known as Mr STK or Papa now 😆), mother of four (plus) and grandma of three. 

You know the rest of the story. 

This past week, I’ve slept…hardly. 

My mind is in a thousand directions. 

Between my speaking events, workshops and now working on the final details of making this happen…

It’s quite exciting and very nerve wracking. 

See that space on the left?

Picture with me, if you will, a sign in that little peak, that looks kinda sorta like this:

I’ve branded more of that in the past six months than my legal business name, SaveTheKitchens.  

It’s on two cookbooks, the name of my Facebook group and also on my Jeep. 

A week ago, I was shopping in Kroger and soon after arriving back home, I had an email from a local chiropractor. 

Long story, short. 

A few days later, I met with her and her staff to give them a bit of background about myself as well as what this whole SavingKitchens is all about. 

Cool, right!?

So in the past week, I’ve been speaking in several public arenas about STK and am now able to announce the SUPER EXCITING news about its new location coming soon. 

Tonight, I’m here. 

Yep, that’s me on the door. 

I’ve also made friends with a wonderful young couple a few doors down that opened their chiropractic office up just a year ago. 

They are thrilled with what I’m doing and am now about to do. 

One year ago, I walked into the vitamins and herbal supplement store that I’ll now be RIGHT NEXTDOOR to and made great friends with them. 

Who knew!?

They have referred a few people to me already and I see a great relationship between all of us in moving ahead. 

So now the big question that people most want to know is this:

“Just what will your store be like?”


A bit different, I hope. 

I’m a bit different. 

Both in my whole approach in helping people as well as how I’ve operated, well everything. 

I mean, SavingKitchens…THAT is kinda different, wouldn’t you agree!?

But it’s WHAT I do. 

Here’s a little clip on what I said about that recently. 

I’ve said this often, I am more service based. 

I help people by educating, assisting, supporting and encouraging. 

All action. 

So, I would like to think that a large part of my new location is in consulting. 

Come see me and a lot happens. 

I say that with great confidence. 


I have come to learn that when I meet with people, most are not familiar with the foods I’m suggesting, let alone what they look like or how to find them. 

A lightbulb went off quite some time ago. 

Put it all together and you have a small consulting/retail business. 

That’s me. 

I’ve got BIG ideas from what it will look like inside, what inventory that I carry (would you believe a wholesale company FELL into my lap?) as well as the workshops and meetings that can be held there. 


Here’s the but again. 

All along the way, it’s been extremely important to me to have a balance.  

I have a husband, kids and grands that are more important to me than all of this. 

And trust me when I say that ALL OF THIS is VERY important to me. 

I’ve been able to do all that I do and still make time for my family. 

I want to continue going the path that I’ve been led down.  

I will not be chained to my business. 

There are health food stores that are open early until late. 

That’s not how I’ll operate, at least in the beginning. 

I’m envisioning certain retail hours with consults and workshops by appointment/after hours. 

Make sense?

As I grow, I’ll hire. 

I already see that happening. 

It’s a wonderful time in my life and I’m extremely grateful to do all that I love and make such a difference in people’s lives. 

I gave my heart to the Lord exactly 14 years ago and as I’ve grown in that area of my life, He has now called and equipped me for all of this. 

So. With all of that said, I’ve been a bit busy, making things happen. 

Visiting nearly every local business, spreading the word as I ask for their services (bank, insurance, sign company, furniture store…etc). 

Most all are very intrigued and looking forward to visiting when I’m open. 

Right now, I’m shooting for a May grand opening. 

I need six of me in the meantime. 

In all seriousness, I get up (at the crack of dawn) each day, check off what I can and most often feel pretty accomplished. 

I’ve been called. 

So I’ve been equipped. 

I never dreamt that I would be doing all of this..but He knew all along. 

I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  

And because I’ve been pretty sleep deprived this past week, I tossed and turned a bit and thought to myself, “this is such a big scary step…should I really do it!?”

A short while later, I’m sipping my first cup of coffee and THIS nearly leapt off of my iPhone at me from an Instagram post:


Not a One-Size-Fits-All

Hello March!

Spring is upon us. 

And many are setting goals and looking ahead to summer. 

It’s good to have goals. 

I’ve recently set new ones for myself, as I’m fast approaching the last year of my 40’s. 


But!  I’m healthier now than I was 10 years ago. 

So you may have followed me for a while. 
You know what I do and about how long I’ve been doing it. 

I may have even coached you. 

If I coached you anytime between November 2015 and July 2016, I’m a bit different. 

Even through early fall of 2016. 

Because I’ve coached so many and they are all so different, it’s equipped me to coach people in a significantly stronger approach. 

Many know of what I do, but what I want most people to recognize is that I’m so much more than a one size fits all food template. 

Yes, I start with a 30 day Reset. 

Teaches you the how and why. 

It’s needed to kick your cravings, change your tastebuds and even tackle the emotional attachment to certain foods. 

But I go deeper than that. 

I have for awhile. 

Many, many people are now walking around as living proof. 

A few have recently stayed, “it’s not that hard.”

Well, of course, now. 

They had to be shown. 

They had to be equipped. 

I just finished a follow up consult with someone that was referred to me. 

Kim, her husband and their three teens went through my STK-30DAY. 

They lost a combined total of 61 pounds. 


She stated, “Between what you offer as a coach, your cookbook and your meal plans, it all works so well together.”

She is now eager to move forward. 

That’s where I take people. 

No. Going. Back. 

And there continues to be many new people who have been reaching out to me in this new year because of it. 

From a 19 year old to a 73 year old. 

Age doesn’t matter. 

People want to learn a healthy lifestyle. 

I just received material from a functional medicine practitioner to help me better understand the areas that I’m helping people in. 

I’ve come to realize that there is much MORE to what I can do. 

Tweak things for each individual. 

Areas that I will be brushing up my skills:

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune
  • Weight Loss Struggles
  • Thyroid
  • Heart Disease
  • Depression

I came to realize early on that all of those mentioned above have to do with the food you eat. 

And A LOT happens when you do my 30-Day Reset. 

If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve stated (as well as many people who tag me) that so many are off meds. I’ve got doctors who want to send me their patients for a true nutritional education. 

I’ve had clients hire, rehire and then rehire me again. 

There’s VALUE in what I offer. 

They are proof. 

And then there’s my bi-weekly STK Roundup groups that I offer. 

I’ve tweaked that recently because I am much more than a weight loss program and didn’t want to line myself up with weight watchers meetings and the like. 

These are to further educate, direct and be with like minded people in this #stkarmy that’s been created. 

I’ve worked very hard at my business. 

And it’s paid off. 

But I have done things the right way. 

Took my own healthy journey (of a year at the time), received training and education and then more training and education. 

Putting that into practice with over 100 people. 

It’s very different than someone walking through a 30 day and then trying to coach others. 🤔

I love the doors that have been flung open and again, I don’t take that for granted and always point to the one that has called me and equipped me. 


He’s called me to be different. 

And there’s the difference.