What’s Happening

Spring has temporarily shown up here recently. 

Reminds us that soon the sun will be shining more often, we can shed our winter clothing and open windows for that fresh, warmer air. 

Coming into spring is going to be pretty crazy here in STK world. 

January and February have proven to be extremely busy. 

Coaching 1:1, finishing my second cookbook (whew!) and booking special events for March. 

A new door has been opened. And it’s pretty big. 

Not long ago, I threw out that I’d like to get into the corporate world and do wellness events. 


Ask and ye shall receive. 

Or is, be careful what you ask for. 


I’m super excited about the opportunities before me. 

Back in December, I was contacted by our local branch of the library. 

They wanted to book me to come in March to speak about my business and cookbook. 

It’s now on their calendar and mine. 

Pretty cool, huh!?

And then a few other requests. 

I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker at a local Kiwanis club. 

I’ll be doing a similar presentation about my business and what it means to save kitchens, like what is outlined for the library event. 

Both of those are back to back at the end of March. 

Next Monday, I’ll be at a large insurance company, where I’ve been asked to speak on what healthy meals look like. 

That’s obvious. 

But WHAT is considered healthy as a meal?

How is it prepared?

You know me. 

I love tasty and simple. 

Is that breakfast or dessert?

I’m visual in my presentations, so I’m packing up three meals to have on display as I discuss the ease and nutrition of each. Two will be made on site. 

I’m told that there are about 40 employees signed up, so that will be my largest event to date. 

I’m also offering my workshop, titled, “Saving Your Grocery Cart,” at my church, GateWay Assembly. The first one for 2017 is 3/25. 

Fast forward to May and I’ll be teaching an elective class also at my church, on Wednesday nights for 8 weeks. That one is geared towards young families with children. 

Proper nutrition and exercise for growing young bodies. 

I want the kids involved somehow, so I’ll be working on my layout for that class. 

So, if you need me…you can find me at any of those places. 

I set out to save a few kitchens and am in constant awe of opportunities before me to go slighter bigger as I press onward. 

Need your kitchen saved?


Saving Elizabeth

One late December Sunday, after service at church, Elizabeth approached me and as she grabbed a hold of both of my hands, gently squeezing them, she said this to me, 

“I think I’m ready.”

You know me, it took me about 12 seconds to process what she was saying to me. 

And then. 

She was ready for the change in her life to change her life. 

She spoke quietly and said that she had been to the doctors recently and didn’t like what she had heard and that it made her realize that she had to do something about it. 

She thought of me. 

Elizabeth is diabetic. 

I wanted to jump and scream with excitement. 

Instead, I just squeezed her hand back and told her that I was thrilled to show her the way. 

You see, Elizabeth is someone that began asking me small questions a year ago. 

We both served in the nursery together at church and so talk of what I do came up now and again. 

The first question that she had for me was about coconut oil and removing flavored creamer from her coffee. 

I gave her instructions and later she told me that she and her coworker both tried the switch that I had suggested and it was just too difficult. 

I laughed, because I know this all too well. 

I see it all of the time when people try and take those baby steps. 

It usually doesn’t work. 

In March of last year, I felt very impressed to ask someone about ‘starring’ in a video clip or two of mine. 

Prior to that, my ridiculous video clips about saving kitchens, included my daughter. 

But due to both of our new schedules, it wasn’t working when I needed it too. 

To change things up a bit, this person came to mind. 

You all now know him as STK Ken. 

I sent a text to his wife, Liz. 

That’s right. 

Elizabeth is our friend and co-star, Liz, in my video series #savingtheirkitchen. 

I’ll give you a moment. 

I know, right?!

(You can find all of the clips, in order, on my Facebook page STK Ken).  

When I asked her about doing them, it started out as a request for one. 

It was so funny and so well received that we made it into a series. 

Trying to save Ken. 

He can never be saved, because he’s too hilarious. 

Liz was a willing participant as well and I was thrilled that they both accepted my offer, as crazy as it sounded, to continue shooting these scenes. 

We are long overdue for an update. 

Back to Elizabeth, now revealed as Liz. 

Knowing what I now know, I was over the moon excited that she was ready. 

Some evenings after shooting some of the video clips, she would ask me questions. 

She was curious, but not ready. 

I told her that when she was ready, that I would be there for her. 


We set a time for her to come see me on a Friday night in early January. 

Just as I do with everyone that comes to see me, I explained it all. 

From my own healthy journey which led me to saving about 100 kitchens to date and how it’s done. 

It’s a lot. 

And I know she left excited and a bit overwhelmed. 

But I assured her that this would prove to be one of the best decisions that she would make, for herself. 

She was armed with my full meal plan, which has now been proven to be extremely helpful during the 30 days. 

Ironically, someone else that Liz and I mutually know, had just come to see me and was starting on the same day that she was and they both ran into each other while grocery shopping, with their STK lists. 

This picture was sent to me. 

Let me pause here for a moment. 

I take what I do very seriously. 

I now know the end result for both of them, because they each had their followup with me last week. 

I cry happy tears. 

I’m. So. Thrilled. 

Neither of them look like that now, both on the outside and inside. 

And they were both beautiful to begin with. 

But they are both now glowing and well…we will get to all that. 

Because Liz is diabetic, she tracks her blood sugar levels daily. 

A part of what I do as a health coach, requires my clients to submit a daily food journal to me and hers was to include her sugar readings. 

I knew that this was going to be exciting. 

It should also be noted at this point that she is on Metformin for her diabetes. 

The first couple of days were typical.  Like most who start out, there are a lot of questions as well as great comments about the food. 

I always chuckle. 

I’m not sure what people think they will be eating (grass and seaweed sound familiar?), but I always get texts like this:

“Wow, the banana bowl is so good!”

“That avocado, chicken & apple salad is sooooo good!”

And on and on.  

Liz was no different. 

Even adding that her husband (shhhhhhhh) even liked most of them. 

There were a few bumps here and there for her. 

Not in the way of going off roading (as I call it) but some days she struggled to eat enough due to nausea hitting her pretty hard (we later figured it out). 

I stopped in at her work to drop off a cookbook for a coworker of hers about two weeks in. 

We had a great chat. 

We discussed how great she was feeling (besides the occasional nausea), how her sugar readings were so outstanding and how surprised she was to find that so many of the recipes tasted so good to her. 

When she told me that she loves the blueberry flax bowl AND the berry nut bowl, I was like…

I did not expect that. 

Back last fall when we shot the clip where Ken was at my STK Roundup group, Liz also came over (but wasn’t in the clip, she actually took the video for me) and afterwards, I had her sample what I had made for my group, the berry nut bowl. 

I always have a new creation made right in my kitchen at Roundup, so that the ladies learn either kitchen techniques and/or a new recipe. 

Liz didn’t get all excited about it and later told me that she thought it was pretty drab. 

Because her palette wasn’t changed at that point. 

The berry nut bowl is this lovely thing. 

And again, she now loves it. 

So funny to see how this works, always. 

After texting daily back and forth for the 30 days, we met up for our followup last week. 

Looking at her, you could so tell that she lost weight and had a look of better health on her. 

She was seriously glowing. 

We had the normal chat, where I give further instruction and answer any questions. 

She was down 17 pounds. 


And she had just spoken to her nurse practitioner about her nausea earlier in the day. 

Her NP was thrilled to hear of her diet change and told her to cut her Metformin dosage in half. 

In half. 

So she did. 

I stopped in at her work again yesterday when I was in town and we had another lovely chat. 

She was feeling WONDERFUL. 

No more nausea. 

She is so thankful and grateful on many levels at this point. 

Just as I reminded her, once someone is ready and they trust me, I’ll lead them to better health. 

It’s what I do now on a daily basis.  

And the other beauty in the picture, our friend Marilyn, is now 15 pounds lighter and also on her way to better health.  

I. Love. It. 

Both Liz and Marilyn have thanked me numerous times.

Like, so thankful to have bravely taken this life changing step and have someone to lead them and equip them to continue pressing onward. 

In my holistic nutrition class last summer, I had a link to look at a diabetic counseling nutrition format. 

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

In so many ways. 

I’m not a dietician or even a nutritionist. 

Just a little ole certified health coach. 

But I know what works and what doesn’t work. 

I’ve seen it too many times. 

I’ve helped many people who are either prediabetic or diabetic, especially in the last 6-7 months and they’ve had outstanding results. 

I just became aware that a NP in a local doctor’s office is familiar with me, the name of my business and that what I do works. 

Because I’ve now helped a few of her patients and the positives have been incredible. 

That’s incredible to me. 

2017 is bringing bigger opportunities for me to make a difference in so many lives. 

I’ve got upcoming blog posts about many more of them. 

You’ll be so excited. 

I’m excited. 

I’m literally blown away on a daily basis. 

But I know this to be truer more now than ever for me. 

If you’re ready and are tired of trying on your own, reach out to me. 

I am more than confident that I can show you the way.