Peek Inside

I know. 

I said that I was no longer blogging here. And that I was blogging on my new website. 

I’m all about ease. 

I’m all about comfort. 

This is easy. 


Me, with my phone in my hand, typing with my thumbs. 

I’ve been doing that for over two years so it’s hard to switch over to typing at my desk. 

Doesn’t seem to flow as good. 

Oh well. 

If you know me or have followed me for very long, you know that I:

  • Keep it real
  • Change my mind often
  • Do things how I want

That’s how I’ve rolled. 

That’s how I’m continuing to roll. 

That’s the correct way, by the way. 

You’re welcome. 

For those of you that love my blogging humor, you’re getting it today. 

This is what you just experienced now that I’ve said all of that. 

SaveTheKitchens, aka SavingKitchens, aka STK and aka #stkarmy is wildly busy, wildly creating and wildly successful. 

Creating wildly successful healthier people. 

Whether they are on day 12 or day 129, I’ve got this band of people that are on fire for what I do. 

And many are watching and wondering. 

I hear it all of the time. 

Through private messages. 



People grabbing me when they see me. Telling me about where they are at or that they are ready to join this club. 

15 months and 100 people ago, I couldn’t have possibly dreamt this all. 

I was down 50 pounds, learned a completely new lifestyle and was becoming extremely passionate about showing others the way. 

So I thought I would show 5 or 20 people. 

It’s a whole lot more. 

Not just in numbers. 

You hear about doors being opened. 

This is what it looked like in the beginning. 

And because taking that leap of faith and continue walking it out daily, it looks more like this today. 

I can’t possibly put it all into one post. 

I spoke with another health coach in another state the other day, after posting a question in a health coach peer support group, which led to people blowing up my messaging on Facebook.  

I simply asked a question about functional medicine (which I am highly interested in pursuing) and simply stated that I had worked with 100 clients to date. 

People freaked out. 

Which made me freak out. 

I have zero idea what a normal first year in business looks like. 

I have had so many people speak over me about this and I truly believe what they tell me. 

So much of it has happened. 

But it still shocks me. 

I stated this truth, when asked in that group, about my success: I am a Christ follower. 

Isn’t this a spot to insert this. 

Am I right!?

What else is there to say. 


I’ve got lots more to say. 

But that is worth repeating. 

I am a Christ follower. 

Not a Christian. 

5,000,000 people claim that. 

And trust me when I say this, there’s a difference. 

I follow Him. 

He leads me. 


So this 2017. 

What’s going on? What’s up ahead?

I’ll share some bits. 

Grab that cup of coffee. 

I’ll wait. 

I knew January would be BUSY. 

It’s January. 

All of the New Years resolutions, diet commercials and gym memberships…they all come out in full force. 

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. 

But is it effective?

One thing I have learned and now teach people:

Diets don’t work. 

Oh, you can lose weight by restricting your calories or counting points, but it’s not going to benefit you in the long term. 

You slowwwwwwww your metabolism 

right. down. to. a. crawl. 

What are you eating?

Proper fuel?

Or frankenfoods?

Someone just told me that they bring their breakfast to work often. 

It’s their first 30 days with me. 

They have this beautiful abundance of food. 

Their coworker is dieting, so their food is very little and zero nutrition and true satisfaction. 

But their coworker also has to want a true lifestyle change. So until then, they will continue eating less. And burn out their metabolism in the process. 


This will happen. 

It always does. 


Back to business. 


It’s coming to a close and I’m walking the line of being both mentally exhausted and super charged excited for what’s ahead. 

I’m currently coaching 23 people. 

I’ve got 4 people finishing up their first 30 days with me this week. 

When that finishes, I always have them come visit for a follow up. 

And it’s always good. 

I wish you could be a fly on the wall. 


SavingKitchens and completely transforming lives. 

So 1:1 coaching is my specialty. For sure. 

I’ve had people rehire me multiple times. 

They love having someone on the other end to communicate with. 

I have STK Roundup in my home every other week.  

I launched that last August and have a group of people that regularly attend. 

They leave here refreshed, a bit more educated and excited. 

So I keep offering it and am working on sharpening it as we speak. 

I started private paid Facebook groups back in the fall. 

I operated three separate ones in January. 

February is hours away and I am still trying to figure out the direction for that. 

I have this assistant now. Her name is Sara, and I am depending on her for most of my feedback and helping me brainstorm. 

She knows me very well and what my vision is. So I trust her to speak in a way to me to help keep my focus and vision sharp for STK. 

What I’ve learned from these online groups:

People most often still need more. 

And by more, it’s 1:1 coaching. 

That’s where the accountability and having that go-to coach to answer questions and continue guiding and teaching comes into play. 

There’s value there. 

It seemed that people were benefiting, slightly. 

I’m gauging it by the usage and in two of the groups, there wasn’t any back and forth. Just me sending my motivation, encouragement…etc. 

I had it freely to ask questions, post whatever and for the most part, it didn’t get used like that. 

And I know why. 

Because it’s a group

People aren’t going to share, for the most part, in a group versus what they truly need and that’s the 1:1. 

So that has become clearer to me. 

Be patient as I try and make sure the direction for February. 

Sara reminded me yesterday, while she was here working, that I already offer meal plans. And we gather here at Roundup to get questions asked and so on. 

It definitely has me redirecting a bit. 

I did come up with what I thought was a brilliant plan. 

Did you see it?

I’m leaning towards that as my February private paid group. 

It’s going to be awesome and very real and most likely relatable for so many. 

I’ll be sharing teasers in SavingKitchens as to what is going on daily. 

But you’ll have to join the private group to see it all. 

And I’ll be sharing it ALL. 

I have 200 new copies of my original cookbook, SavingKitchens, on hand now. 

They had been on backorder. 

My next cookbook, SavingKitchens2, is still in progress. 

Please be patient with me on that one. 

I rushed the first one and do not want to do that with this one. 

It’s coming. I promise. 

I am wanting to break into the workplace more. 

SavingKitchens in the Workplace has a ton of potential. 

Let me come and speak to your employees or coworkers about what it takes to truly leap into a healthier lifestyle. 

Most businesses have a wellness budget. 

They want their employees healthy. 

It saves them money in the long run. 

I already have interested parties. 


I’m offering workshops again. 

I have had many requests so look for those coming soon. 

Saving Your Grocery Cart is my original one. 

I’m revamping it a bit, but it basically gets you started with knowing a bit more about label reading and what exactly is in the foods that you are putting in your cart, which goes into your kitchen and ultimately ends up on your plate. 

The newest one is Traffic Light Eating. 

Teaching young families and children about proper nutrition. 

I’m super visual so it will include foods and hands on activities to reveal green, yellow and red light foods. 

Two kinda cool things are also on my calendar for March. 

Okay, super duper cool things. 😎

I’ve been invited to speak at a local Kiwanis club about what I do. That will be fun!

The very next day, I’ll be at my local library, where I’ve been asked to also speak and do a book signing, per se.  If you are local, look for info that the library will be promoting about that. 

I mean, seriously. 

Isn’t it wildly crazy and fun!?
And last, but not at all in the least, Mr STK and I are prayerfully putting in an offer on that building I shared with you last fall. 

I’ve got a HUGE vision for that. 

It’s more than a store. 

So much more. 

It’s thrilling and exciting. 

Lives will continue to be touched and changed. 

Not in a new-age way, which you see often in some of these health stores. 

Nope. Not in my store. 

There will be this light. 

People from miles away will see it and they will come. 

Isn’t that marvelous. 

If it’s His will. 

So that’s it in a nutshell.

Thanks for stopping by!


Because of Her (and so many others)

I didn’t think I would be posting on this blog now that I have my new one tied into my Shopify website. 

And I just blogged yesterday. 



It’s from screenshots on my phone and it’s something that gave me one of those pause and cry moments. 


It’s WHY I do what I do. 

I have a private Facebook group, STKarmyAdvanced, that launched this month. 

This post took place this morning. 

I’m not just some weight loss coach. 

I’m not into counting calories or drinking shakes or even following some latest and greatest fad. 

I’m teaching people HOW to read labels, HOW to shop and cook, HOW to live a healthier life and HOW to stay the course. 

It’s WHY I believe a consult has value. 

It’s WHY I believe that by me guiding you through a solid 30 days impacts you more than going it alone. 

It’s WHY I offer private Facebook groups, my STK Roundup support groups and WHY people hire me for multiple rounds of 30 days. 

It changes people. 

I was changed. 

I understand. 

That’s HOW I do it. 

I have many like Maureen. 

It keeps me going. 

I’m so proud of her. 

And I’m excited for those that are now on their way or in the lineup. 

We are in a series at church called, “But for God”. 


But for God. 

SavingKitchens, This Year

Happy New Year!

I’ve got so much to say. 

I know, I always do. 


If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that there is so much happening in STK world. 

That’s SaveTheKitchens, by the way. 

It’s the legal name of my business, but I’m becoming more known for SavingKitchens. 

It’s my brand. 

It’s my mission. 

And I’m doing it. 

So many out there are walking billboards and testimonies to what I do. 

My last blog post was about how people are doing it backwards. 

Diet mentality. 

There is so much to this. 

Can you do it alone?

A few have. 

But the ones who climb on board are truly educated, supported and guided. 

Which makes it all work. 

They get it. 

Someone who has been on this journey since last summer sent me this text last weekend. 

Since August, he is down 70 lbs. 

That’s right. 


Oh, you can sip shakes and count calories and even count points and lose weight. 

Oprah says so. 

It must be true. 

But. You. Aren’t. Getting. Healthy. 

And. You’ll. Gain. It. All. Back. 


What. Are. You. Eating. 

Are you eating the right foods?

Are you eating enough food?

Do you know what’s IN your food?

Do you know what it’s DOING to your body?

Sugar still a problem?


Are you drinking enough water?

How’s your cholesterol?

So. Much. To. This. 

I’m not a weight loss coach. 

I coach people into learning what I now know. 

I don’t claim to know it all. 


I know a lot. 

People sense that almost immediately when they sit down with me at a consult. 

Which, by the way, is about two hours. 


Two hours. 

“You mean to tell me that you are willing to spend that much time with me to get things started?” you ask. 

You bet. 

It’s a necessity. 

And I hear all of the time how different my approach is. 

From beginning to … well, there is no end. 

Once I’m your coach, I’m always your coach. 

Because I care. 

I don’t push myself on anyone. 

There are many who ask me here and there, about my services. 

And then they disappear for awhile. 

My job is to focus on who is before me. 

I’ve been hearing and feeling so much, ‘you cannot possibly save every kitchen all at once.’

True statement. 

So I rest in that He sends me the right people at the right time. 

I’ve learned a ton over the course of the last year. 

And the people that are in my arena right now are benefiting hugely from it. 

January is here. 

I knew that I would be BUSY. 

That’s an understatement. 

I get up everyday, give thanks, ask for guidance and am excited to do what it is that I do. 

Yesterday during service at church, my Pastor said something that I clearly heard last week. 

“God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.”

I might not have seen this as it is now, from the beginning. 

I couldn’t quite possibly. 

I probably would’ve ran!

But He has given me vision. 

And I’ve listened to Him at every step. 

The old Shari would’ve scrambled around and said yes to everything at once. 

I’ve learned a lot in my walk with Christ. 

And it has brought me to here. 

I’ve got a lot of things in place. 

Most I’ve seen months ago but haven’t put into place until. 

I knew that I knew it was time. 

I passed on opportunities put before me. 

Some were large. 

I knew it wasn’t time. 

I wanted a support group of some sort, to continue supporting people…last February. 

I didn’t put it in place until August. 

I didn’t really want to do a cookbook. 

Meal planning was a lot of work. 

But I have both. 

And it helps equip people in a way that I could never have imagined. 

He has given me so much and I can see the why and how. 

People tell me I’m different. 

I’m passionate. 

I’m relatable. 

And on and on. 

And I always point to Him. 

Because this is not all me. 

I knew that I would be doing online group coaching, as another way to offer continued support. 

I ran a pilot group through 8 weeks, beginning in November. 

It lead me to three individual private groups that began this month. 

I’m hearing a lot of positive feedback 

I have to put these things in place. 

It’s more than just 1:1 coaching. 

It’s more than just food. 

It’s a way of life. 

I just texted someone new this today. 

And it even stuck out to me. 


But people feel a bit more confident when they know they are not alone. 

Currently, I’m coaching 10 1:1. 

4 just started today. 

I’ve got 10 new consults scheduled between now and 1/19. 

I’ve got 6 in my STKarmyBootCamp+Jesus private group. 

I’ve got 10 in my STKarmyAdvamced private online group. 

And 15 in my STKarmyMealPlanning private online group. 

These are added benefits. 

My STK Roundup group typically has 6-12 people that look so forward to coming to my house every two weeks. 

It’s not open to the public. 

It’s only offered if I’ve coached you personally. 

It worth it if you hire me, I promise. 

That. Is truth. 

It’s been told, shown and proven to me every day. 

I receive texts and messages almost daily, asking if they can come see me the next day. 

I’m booked out until 1/19. 

And truly, at this point, I’m not booking anyone until 1/23. 

You say, “Shari, how do you handle it all?”

With His leading. 100%. 


And I hired Sara, as my assistant. 

Schedule your consult today. 

You’ll be so glad you did. 

And check out my new website!

Thanks for stopping by.