That’s Backwards

I’m finalizing my second cookbook this week. 

When I say cookbook, I should clarify. These are not my recipes, but a great compilation of recipes that I deem to be healthier. 

And by healthier, I mean in the correct usage of the word. 

Some, I’ve had to revamp slightly. 

Searching “healthy recipes” on Pinterest and it has me like this. 

“You call that recipe healthy!?”

But seriously. 

The word healthy is used incorrectly, so often. 

This recipe came up in my search this morning.

Makes me crazy. 

Counting points. 

That’s backwards. 

Counting calories. 

That’s backwards. 

Read that recipe. 

No. Where. Near. Healthy. 

I am allllllll about ingredients. 

That is where the true sense of the word healthy begins. 

What are you eating. 

Not how many points. 

That’s backwards. 

Not how many calories (restricting). 

That’s backwards. 

Eat. Real. Food. 

But I realize for many, that is like trying to be taught Japanese as a second language. 

I was once like you. 

Since learning a whole new lifestyle two years ago, I’ve now equipped people with the proper knowledge and tools for this healthier lifestyle. 

Here are some fun facts coming from my first year in business:

I’ve sat with over 80 people and have personally coached the majority of them. 

Some for multiple months. 

On average, I personally coached 10 people per month. 

This fall, it was 20 people per month in both September and October. 

I have done three FaceTime consults. New York, Tennessee, Indiana and tomorrow, northern Michigan. 

Someone drove an hour and a half to come for a consult. 

Total accumulated pounds lost among all of my clients –

1,100 pounds!

That’s the same as 4,400 sticks of butter. 


I thought that my cookbook, SavingKitchens might land on 40-60 kitchen counters. 


Between sales and giveaways –

over 400!

I created my MadeEasy meal plan this fall and have sold about 12 of them. The most recent was a Christmas gift that someone bought for his wife (when he called, he said that his wife had seen it online and that was her request for a gift). 

I’ve been tagged countless times on Facebook with real results. 

This one is the most recent. 

I’ve created an #stkarmy of people that are committed to this healthier lifestyle. 

Many of them attend my STK Roundups here at my home, every other week. 

They have all said that they have finally found something that makes sense, works and truly changes their life. 

Because it’s a lifestyle change. 

Those are just some of the facts. 

It’s been an amazing year. 

Where do you want to be in January?

Where do you want to be in 2017?

Stop the madness…don’t be backwards. 

I can help you move in the right direction. 


Be All That You Can Be

There’s an army of people that are healthier and continuing to reach for the stars. 

It’s the #stkarmy, of course. 

This hashtag began being used late this summer, early fall. 

I’m the general, leading this band of people. 

I initially took these super, fantastic people through bootcamp and they have continued to be motivated and instructed on this lifestyle. 

Because of the desire, need and demand (from them), I created a private Facebook group to test out group coaching. 

By coaching, that means to continue directing them in the way they should go. 

This doesn’t mean perfect. 

I certainly am far from perfect. 


I’m no where close to where I was two years ago. 

And there’s no way I’m going back. 

Why and how you ask?

Not because of having to severely limit and count calories or workout for three hours at the gym daily. 

Both of those are torture and NOT healthy. 

Because I’ve truly learned a new lifestyle which mainly involves eating real food. 

Not fake food. 

Most people still confuse the two, eating certain foods that they only think are healthy. 

And then they wonder why things aren’t happening. 

Weight doesn’t come off. 

Inflammation is still there. 

A1c levels are climbing, instead of going down. 

A pill is needed for acid reflux, high blood pressure, cholesterol…etc. 


I have a secret. 

And it’s this. 

Food has everything to do with food. 

Got that?

You’re eating Greek yogurt because it’s healthy. 

Your eating oatmeal because it’s healthy. 

Your concentrating on eat whole grain this and that, because it’s healthy. 

You’re even eating gluten free pasta because it’s healthy. 

Is it?  Are they?

These are things that are discussed at my consults, to get things started. And a consult is a necessity before joining one of my online #stkarmy communities. 

Oh, you live in Georgia?

Not a problem. I’ve had FaceTime consults now with people in New York, Tennessee and more recently, Indiana. 

Back to the online coaching. 

I’m creating three new groups that will start up January 3 and will run for four weeks. 

The next set will run immediately after that and will also run for four weeks. 

And so on. 

Aren’t you just so excited!?

You want to be encouraged?

You want to be instructed?

You want to be motivated?

You want to stay in the #stkarmy?

Maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon and once considered yourself a part of this growing STK movement and now want what you are seeing in others (who are almost constantly using that hashtag).  And that’s continued success, my friends. 

Here are the details about each one that I’m offering. 

1. STKarmyAdvanced 

This is for people who have learned this lifestyle and have been coached 1:1 by me. You need further accountability and motivation, because it’s not always magical nor always easy. Daily posts (sometimes multiple) that will encourage you, demand feedback and/or be inspired by your fellow army brethren. 


2.  STKarmyBootCamp+Jesus

This is a group created to review the basics and incorporate the truth of the Bible, to help set people free from bondage when it comes to keeping committed to a healthier you. The prerequisite for this is simply a consult. You’ve had one with me – you’re invited in. 


3. STKarmyMealPlanning

Guess what!?  I’ve got 100 new recipes that I’ve logged into SavingKitchens2 and I’ll be sharing them in this group. We will be meal planning together each week and discussing these meals, healthy tips and articles daily. Some motivation will be included. (I personally don’t need motivation to eat).  


There you have it folks. 

Now you ask, how do I join?

Again. Have you had a consult with me?  It’s required for both 1 and 2, but not for 3.  

First step:

Email me: with your interest and you will be instructed from there. 

What do you want 2017 to look like?

What’s Up 2017

Here’s The Deal. 

To Change Your Life, You Have to Change Your Life. 

Take a Peek. 

And so on and so forth. 

Those were titles of a few posts this year. 

I still want to use them. 

Because they are constantly swirling in my head. 

Guess what!?

I am SavingKitchens. 

It’s a very beautiful thing. 

2016 was HUGE for STK. 

And it was my first year. 

To say that I’m terribly excited for what’s up ahead for 2017 is an understatement. 

Let me just say this. 

The first half of the year, I had many success stories. 

But I believe that the last half has produced many, many, many, MANY successful people that have truly grabbed this lifestyle change. 

These people GET IT. 

I once felt so alone in this. 

Not any longer!


And they are constantly proclaiming it on their Facebook, tagging me in it. 

I’m sure many are like, “oh, cool.”


It’s NOT just cool. 


I set out to change my life two years ago. 

Fingers crossed. 

Not really knowing what was ahead. 

Who could know all of this?

I remember going through the weight loss and people being slightly interested. 

When I decided to launch my own business, the interest grew. 

And now. 

I’ve got people out of state contacting me. 

This isn’t me tooting my horn. 

This is me going 

Blown away everyday. 

You can go back through my blog and read many posts about what people are saying. 

This is about what’s going on now and what is coming up. 

Let me say this. 

If you are contemplating starting in the new year, I cannot say this with enough emphasis…do not wait until 12/31 to call and make your appointment. 

Last fall, when there was a rush towards better health, I had a two week waiting period to book a consult. 

People did not want to have to wait. 

But I’m a one woman operation, so it couldn’t be helped. 

They waited. 

And then came in hot down my road on their scheduled day. 


As a health coach, I have come to realize that people need a variety of services to make this lifestyle stick. 

I’ve got several who are months down the road, love the way they feel, say that the food is amazing AND weight is coming off. 

Better. Health. 

And absolutely no gimmicks. 

Zero supplements and/or shakes and the like. 


Real food. 

Kinda looks like this. 

Don’t let that scare you. 

This should scare you more. 

“You’ve got diabetes.”

“Your risk for a heart attack is ____.”

In all seriousness. 

So many people think they know what healthy looks like. 

I know what questions to ask that makes them realize that there is so much more to it. 

Sadly, this applies to so many. 

Okay, okay…I’ll show you two posts that I was tagged in today. 

Doug texts me often about his success and I love it. 

He didn’t even really want to come see me in August. 

He was skeptical. 

His lovely and now also very successful wife Sara “made him”. 

Good job Sara. 

And this one. 

And then this text just now:

Maureen is proudly an #stkarmy advocate. 

I have new #stkarmy shirts coming this week and she is one that can’t wait to wear hers. 

I’m SO proud of each one that takes the step towards a healthier life. 

I have some that take smaller steps. 

And that’s okay. 

So, as I was saying. 

My services. 

Distance is not a problem, today’s technology has made a way. 

I’ve got my third FaceTime consult scheduled this week for someone in another state. 

I spoke with someone Friday who said the words that I love to hear. 

“I’m excited,” 


 “I’m ready.”

Key statements. 

She will do GREAT when we get her started. 

Currently, I offer a consultation to get the ball rolling…in the right direction. 

From there, I offer my services and you choose what will best suit you. 

1:1 Coaching – you and I have daily contact for 30 days and you commit to my program. 

MadeEasy – 4 weeks of meals planned for you: breakfast, lunch and dinner along with grocery lists and a cookbook. 

STK Roundup – if you are local, we meet in my home every two weeks for continued support and encouragement. 

SavingKitchens, SavingKitchens2 and STK-Kids – cookbooks available in the new year. 

Online Coaching – these are groups created to help motivate, inspire, educate and hold you accountable. I recently offered a pilot one, which has given me ideas for more. Different levels for different people with different needs. (more info coming soon). I recommend these for AFTER you do 1:1 coaching with me. 

Get heathy. Lose the weight. Know what’s in your grocery cart.  Learn a new lifestyle. Enjoy delicious, fresh food. 

I’m now booking 12/27 on.

Take control of YOUR health. 

Because food has everything to do with everything. 

Get It Together

Most times when I blog, it’s because I have a lot stirring within that leaves me excited and a bit scattered. 

Blogging helps me get it out there and feel more organized. 

And, for the most part, I have found that my posts speak to one or 17 people. 

Today, I’m feeling grateful. 

Grateful because I have so much on my plate that makes me feel scattered. 

After only thirteen months in business, I’m pretty amazed, on a daily basis. 

It’s December 1. 

I know!  How has this year flown by so quickly?!

In browsing through my own Instagram account last night, I came across this post, from last fall. Before STK was a legit business. 

That was something that I had tagged often on my personal Facebook timeline. 

Mostly because of a funny that had to do with my daughter and I, our drive to work together and our Tim Hortons coffee stop. 

Those were good times. 

We have both since left that job, she went to a position at a dealership that she is absolutely thriving in and me, you know where I went. 

Right. Here. 

I’m one lucky girl. 

That giant (and I mean GIANT) leap of faith took me to heights that I thought were only made for dreams. 

Back to getting it together. 

If I could list the amazing things that have been happening, developing and evolving, you would be excited and a bit scattered with me. 

One year ago, I set out on this mission put before me. 

I started out with a food template, some knowledge about a healthier way of life, some kinda cool personable skills and a strong desire to help people. 

Oh, and I studied real hard, took a lengthy exam and became a certified health coach. 

To date, I have sat with over 80 people, which equals a lot of kitchens. 

That’s me working with each one, on a daily basis, for a minimum of 30 days. 

In the spring I also began a holistic nutrition course that gave me a whole lot more information. 

Between both of those, what I learned on my own healthy journey and now having worked with such a variety of people in showing them “the way”, it’s resulted in many, many, many people having GotItTogether. 

I love catchy phrases. 


If you have followed me for any length of time, you’ve noticed that. 



#stkarmy (a new one and highly favored by my most recent healthy lifestyle converts). 

It’s going on tshirts that are literally in the making as we speak. 

I have walking billboards all over the place. Now, many will sport a cool red tee that points people to STK. 

I have a new one too in the making, along those lines, but mine is tailored to me and my rank in this #stkarmy. 

Cannot wait. 

I get thrilled about so much along the way. 

That’s the way it should be.  

When you are allowed (I always use that term.. because it’s how I feel and do not take this position lightly) to pour into people’s lives, and make such a positive impact on them, it is beyond thrilling. 

But you’ve read many of my blog posts and that is a common theme. 

So I’ve got people GettingItTogether all over the place. 

Most of the wonderful people that come my way now are referrals. 

Every business owner loves referrals. 

That is a really good gauge. 

You must be doing something right. 


I have many people coming right to my house, which is the first step in this process. 

I tell them about me, they tell me about themselves and the education process begins. 

Wanna know something really neat!?

Twice this week, I’ve done two consults, long distance. 

Oh, I’ve done a few long distance already. Very cool. 

But these were a bit different. 

How fun is that!?

A lovely mother and daughter in the south, Sunday evening. 

And a wonderful person, who happens to share the same name and exact spelling as myself (not common at all), who lives in the east. 

That happened last night. 

She was my fifth consult for the week and we got a late start (an hour before bedtime for me is kinda dicey). 

My consults are generally lengthy and zap a bit out of me. 

So I had to apologize often to my friend in the east. 

She understood and today I’ll be shipping out her STK package and we will be working closely for 30 days, beginning next week. 

When I first began my coaching business, I coached 1:1 for 30 days and even though I very much wanted this to become a lifestyle for them, I hadn’t yet equipped my business to keep people in my circle and offer services to help continue guiding and supporting. 

Yes, that’s right. 

Now I do. 

I GotItTogether. 

Took some really great ideas. 

And have put them into action. 

STK-Roundup happens every two weeks, here in my home. 

I have 6-10 ladies who come on a regular basis. 

Most look very forward to it. 

It’s my way of offering continued support and continued education as well as having them try a new recipe, in my kitchen, at each Roundup. 

It’s been very successful. 

I look forward to continuing that service and improving it as we go along. 

Another service that I have developed is online group coaching. 

My STK Roundup mixed with daily coaching. 

I’ve got 28 people that signed up three weeks ago and they took the challenge of continuing to clean eat through the last eight weeks of this year. 

I’ve also nudged them to incorporate exercise into their new lifestyle. 

It is a pilot group (see my last blog post). 

It was a bit bumpy (only in my mind) at first, but it is a work in progress and I know that those that are in there, that truly want the help and guidance, are thriving and very much benefiting from it.  

I’ve got many plans for developing online groups for the new year. 

That’s my “I’m so excited” girl. 

I LOVE each opportunity that I’m given to make an impact on people’s lives, big or small. 

At first, I was hopeful. 

Now, I’m grateful and confident. 

What I do works. 

There are many, many GREAT influential people out there doing what I do. 

Okay, maybe not exactly. 

I’ve branded myself a bit different. 

On purpose. 

But not with much effort, per se. 

It’s who I am. 

It’s what I’ve been set a part to do. 

I now recognize it as my calling in life. 

I have raised my four children and am now at a point in my life that I can touch people’s lives, in a very positive way. 

I tell people all of the time,”I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.”

I am 48. 

So if you are a youngster, I hope that encourages you that it’s never too late. 

This isn’t for everyone. 

Many want to do this. But it takes work, some special gifts and a very driven mindset. 

I’ve done just that and believe that I have been properly fitted for this. 

Not tooting my own horn. 

I try and remain humble, because I need to. I have to. 

I am no one particularly special. 

Just a flawed person called to do something extraordinary. 

I’m relatable. 

At least that’s what I am told often.  

I’m genuine. 

Get to know me and you’ll fast discover where my intentions are. 

Oh, there are many with good intentions. 

And most, even though a bit off in there “healthy” standards, are making a difference. 

I want to be different. 


I landed on a health coach’s Facebook page this morning. 

She has many followers. 

She posts daily motivational things, just as I do. 

She talks about God. 

She posts videos of herself working out. 

She posts selfies with her shirt lifted up (you won’t see me doing that….you’re welcome). In her defense, she’s much younger than me and I get that). 

But this is where my eyes popped out a bit. 

My face. 

She talks about beer and pizza. 


Please do not think of this as me being judgmental. 

It’s not. 

I say it to point out that by claiming certain things, it can be confusing to your followers. 

She offers meal plans. 

My face when I read the ingredients. 

Canola (last I checked, that’s a heavily processed, GMO, junk oil)

Whole wheat bread, flour and the like (if you haven’t met with me, you’ll think that this is good). 

Pasta (labeled whole wheat and blah, blah, blah…). There are much better alternatives. 

Sugar (no explanation needed). 

I get it. 


No, I don’t. 

You’re either IN, showing people correctly, or you’re not. 

I help shape people’s lives correctly, in that I teach them how to eat and why, but also that we don’t live terrified. 


I do not have recipes close to that and I don’t send mixed messages in my public posts. 

Make sense?

I’m flawed. 

I’ve done things incorrectly myself at times. 

But I take very seriously my health coach position. 

I’m leading people. 

People ARE GettingItTogether. 

And as long as I am able to continue, I will GetMoreTogether and KeepItTogether. 

If you haven’t, you should sign up for this #stkarmy. 

It’s a movement that’s worthy of your time.