That’s a Big Fat No

Hi, my name is Shari and I’ve walked a healthier lifestyle for over 730 days (that’s 2 years). 

By healthier lifestyle, I mean that I finally got it, felt it and have very much retained it. 

By healthier lifestyle, I mean that for the first time in my life I have stayed the course. 

And by healthier lifestyle, I do not mean counting calories. 

And by healthier lifestyle, I do not mean counting points. 

I eat real food. 

Healthy fats. 





Limited grains. 

Limited dairy. 

Food pyramids drive me absolutely crazy. 

I can do a google search and most all are off kilter. Like the one above. 


But that’s why I do what I do. Teach what I teach. 

And lead by example. 

Hey, I will even have that healthier cookie, once in awhile. 

Or that not so healthy piece of cake. 

Like last weekend. 



But it’s not a part of my everyday. 

Not even close. 

And trust me when I say this. 

I’m okay with it. 

I’m actually more than okay with it. 

I sent this out to a few yesterday. 



True statement. 

But you have to be walking out a healthier lifestyle to understand that. 

In the past couple of months, due to birthday celebrations or meeting with friends, I’ve went out for pizza. 

I’ve enjoyed every bite. I really have. 



But just as I tell people when I work with them for 30+ days or now more recently at my STK Roundup groups, “You have to find out for YOU what your threshold is for crossing the line.”

My splurges, let’s call them what they are, look very different than most people. 

And trust me when I tell you, I never, ever imagined myself as someone who would say that. 

Have you seen my black licorice video?  

Me. Being open and transparent. 

Sprinkled with humor (of course). 

Search my STK Facebook group for it. 

You can do that. Did you know that?

I had someone contact me from a few states away and had a phone conversation with her, because she watched that black licorice video and thought, that is someone who can help me. 

Because I don’t pretend. 

And I keep it very real. 

Because I’m not 1,700% CRAZY restrictive. 

Which is 1,700% crazy unattainable. 




I do know when to reel it back in. 

I can be very disciplined when it comes to that. 

Because I learned this two years ago. 


Ain’t no going backwards for this girl. 

My desire has remained greater. 

So this Big Fat No. 

Its not that hard. 

When you have discipline. 

A few days ago, I put myself on no treats (including larabars….which I can very quickly become obsessed with….because I love them). 

As well as no eating after dinner. 

Which takes work. Because I can fall into that old trap easily. 

And I was finding myself doing so. 

Hey!  It gets dark early now. 

And we get bored. 

(Don’t you love my honesty)



But I was feeling heavy. 


More hungry. 

And there is where the slope becomes slippery. 



So, I reach into my coaching toolbox and pull out the trump card (yes, I said Trump) 😏. 

And it works beautifully in many ways. 

I feel better. 

I’m back in control. 

And it gets easier. 


Isn’t there always one?

Last night my son Matt and his wife Kelly came for dinner. 

I had already planned in my mind no dessert. 

Not even healthy dessert. 

Kelly is just two weeks away from having their first child, a sweet new grandson for this now grandma of three. 

And I adore her. Like I adore my other DIL, Krista. 

When I say I’m super blessed, I mean it in so many ways. 

Matt and Kelly really like my healthy goodies and enjoy them when I try new ones or pull out oldies but goodies. 

It’s important to remember that Kelly is expecting a new grand for me. 


When we are chatting away after dinner and then she asks if we can make a dessert, I knew that I had arrived, suddenly, at a crossroads. 



Go that way and I throw away what I’ve accomplished in the past few days. I knew I wanted more than 3-4 days to put me where I needed. 

Or stay the course (my topic a few nights ago at STK Roundup). 

Of course I told Kelly yes and into the kitchen we went. 

She requested my German Chocolate Freezer cookies. 

“Stay strong,” I whispered to myself. 

Still standing on the edge of decision making as I whipped them up. 

I present you what I made. And they are delicious. 



I know right!?  Lovely. 

I happily passed them out to everyone. 

And you’ll be so proud. 

I said no. 

And it didn’t even bother me. 

In fact. I felt like this. 

Which is something I send out to people when they text me that they felt great saying no to (fill in the blank) at work, a party..etc. 



It wasn’t “junk” per se. 

But I did feel empowered to not cave. 

Because I knew it would unravel what I was doing. 

I had a plan and I must stick to it. 

And that’s what I teach and show and encourage others. 




I want healthy most. 

I want control most. 

So sometimes you’ve just gotta. 



On This Day

Well, not this very day. 

A day or 730, back in time. 

Facebook shows us what we were posting about on this day, one year ago to eight years ago. 

At least it does for me. 

This was one year ago. 



A. Lot. Has. Happened. Since. Then. 

One little year. 

Many, many, many kitchens later and I’m now so confident in my abilities to help save kitchens. 

I’ve lost track, but I’ve got to be nearing 80. 

Tomorrow morning, I have a couple who are starting day one. 

I get so darn excited when new people start. 

I’m like:



And I know that those kitchens out there that ARE saved, actually ARE throwing their hands up. 

I know that they are excited as well. 

Before last summer, it was pretty normal to be saving 6-8 kitchens a month. 

That kept me busy. 

I was adjusting my coaching and services as needed, as I went along. 

People around me kept saying, watch and see…it’s going to get bigger. 

And then. 

That line of people that I have previously blogged about. 




It happened. 

I was trusted with a little and now have been trusted with a lot. 

By a lot, I am talking 15-20 kitchens. 

Per month. 

Six months ago, I would’ve asked HOW. 

Hindsight is always 20/20. 

And as I look back, I can see so much. 

Every single step. 

Every single change. 

Every single addition. 

Because of right now. 

And up ahead. 

I could share fifteen incredibly inspiring texts that I’ve received recently. 

But I’ve already done that. 

So you are very much aware that this whole saving kitchens thing IS a real thing. 


On this day, two years ago. 

And many days in between. 

I was alone in my own journey, for the most part. 

Just me and the World Wide Web, where, of course, I blogged. 

Here are two excerpts from October 2014.  



I was coaching myself. 


I had absolutely no idea that I’d be doing what I am now doing. 

Heck, I didn’t even know if I was going to be very successful with weight loss let alone grab a hold of a healthy lifestyle. 

And teach others about it. 

I couldn’t see ahead. 

Just as you can’t see ahead. 

But wow. 

If only. 

When I am sitting down with people at my (very lengthy and very informative) consult, as I’m talking the talk, I often describe this “out of body experience.”  

Don’t think too long on that. It’s just a way of describing how I feel. 

Doesn’t really happen. 

My disclaimers. I have them often.  

So, as I’m sitting there, I pause and think to myself, “Who am I!?”

Because the people that knew me prior to all of this probably ask the same question. 

But I also ask myself, “Who was I?”

I’m still the same. 

But oh so different. 

I am now meeting with many referrals. 

They only know me as Shari, a health coach, who does something she calls SavingKitchens. 

But I must always tell my story. 

This is not how I used to think. Or do. 

It’s what speaks to them. 

So I will keep having these On This Day moments. 

As STK continues moving forward, I always want to remember my story. 

Because it’s a good one. 

And it now helps people in writing their own. 

It’s just that I’m now included in theirs. 

I sent this to all 19 this morning. 



I’m living proof. 

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Shari. 

I am a certified health coach and the proud owner of SaveTheKitchens, LLC. 

Yep, it’s my own business that I’ve developed and grown on my own, from the ground up. Just a year ago. 

That’s who most people see me as. 

Especially all of the people who are coming to see me now. 

They do not know me as the Shari that I used to be. 

And when I describe a bit of who I was, they look at me like this. 

No, really, they do. 

When I say that I once was 50 pounds heavier. 

When I say that my eating habits were terrible. 

When I say that my grocery cart consisted mostly of processed junk. 

And then when I show them a picture, like this. 

They can’t believe that is really me. 

I’m never too proud to show my befores. 

I have a story. 

And by sharing it, it inspires people. 

And most importantly, it tells the story of a life changed that they can relate to. 

Most people don’t want someone who is 25, has been a size 3 their “whole life” and so on. 

They can’t relate. At all. 

Because that’s what I’m told often. 

They want real. 

I’m real. 

Very. Real. 

They want compassion for those on their own journey. 

I understand. 

I completely understand. 

They want a coach that has been there. 

I’ve been there. 

I’ve said it before. 

I can probably one up you on where you’ve been. 

For so many, that is reassuring. 

I have someone that came to me last week after she just “happened to find me on Facebook”.  

She liked my business page and then began reading my blog. 

When she sat at my dining room table with me, she said that she felt like she already knew me. 

And loved that I was so real and seemed very relatable. 

It’s what I hear often. 

And it’s why I do all of the things that I do. 

The way that I do them. 

My blog. 

My posts on Facebook. 

My crazy Ken videos. 


You haven’t seen those!?

STK Ken now has his very own Facebook page.

The whole video series that I’ve created, written, directed and have also acted in, are all there. 

There are nine episodes to date. 

He’s hilarious. 

They are hilarious. 

You should go watch them. Right now. 

I’ll wait. 

See!  I told you that he was funny. 

What a bonus for me is that since this is my own business, I get to do things the way I want to do them. 

Working for others, you can always see things that you want to change. But you can’t. 

I absolutely love what I do. 

People see it in me. 

Even those that sell things on a multi-level marketing plan. 

Some have wanted me to incorporate those things into my business. 

I’m just not interested. 

That’s not what I do. Or even want to do. 

I’ve created my business a certain way. 

For a reason. 

And many people have admitted that they love that about what I do and who I am. 

I am service based. 

Saving is doing. 

It’s an action word. 

Yes I now have a cookbook and also meal plans that I offer. 

The need for both arose and I added them to my business. 

Yes, I offer herbal supplements. 

At cost

And I don’t push them at all. 

Are you seeing, hearing and feeling the difference?

Yeah. Most do. 

So, this Shari from pre October 2014. 

She still me. 

But she’s not me. 

I love people. 

That hasn’t changed. 

I love helping people. 

That hasn’t changed. 

I’m healthier. 

That’s what changed. 

I know a whole lot about a healthy lifestyle. 

That’s also what has changed. 

My name is still Shari, but people now see and know me as this. 

As I was leaving church today, I stopped to say hello to a few people who were excited to check in with me face to face and chat. 

So proud of so many. 

But then this happened. 

Sara came over to me and hugged me tightly. And what I didn’t expect was that her husband practically knocked everyone out of the way to get over to me. 

To also hug me. And to thank me. 

First of all, I could listen to him talk all day. 

Two reasons:

Because of his thick accent. 

Because this whole SavingKitchens thing has dramatically changed his kitchen and he is now quite thrilled about it. 

He described how grateful he is that I have encouraged and supported his wife greatly. 

He said that he noticed a huge difference since she hired me. 

He said that yes, there were changes when she first followed STK, but that it was truly when I “got into their kitchen” when bigger things started happening. 

That because of my services, Sara really blossomed into a healthier person and that he too has made many changes. 

He admitted that at first he didn’t love the changes. 

Coconut oil was foreign to him. 

But he has implemented those things into his diet, including using them in his authentic Mexican cooking and said that he now loves and enjoys healthier food. 

And that he is feeling great!

He went on and on. 

I think he thanked me no less than 10 times. 

He said that what I do is so important and that it truly transforms people. 

And so of course, I asked for a picture of the three of us. 

I couldn’t love this family more. 

But that’s who I am. 

I love people. 

I think it’s safe to say that I have one of the most incredible jobs on the face of the planet. 

And that is because I am making a difference. 

I’m Shari, and I would like to be your health coach. 

Are you ready?


We are in the army now. 

The STK Army. 

It’s my new hashtag. 

I should hashtag rockstar more often. Because that is what I call my army of hugely successful people as of late. 

I’ve sent that to many, some on more than one occasion. 

Because they are rockstars. 

There are so many, but I am trying to keep this blog post to somewhat of a minimum. It’s Saturday and I’ve got lots to do. 

So let’s talk about Colleen, Tracy, Maureen, Kelly, Doug and Sara. 

I’ve blogged about “the other Sara” in my post One Last Thing. 

I’ve also blogged about “the other Tracey” in my post Pick Me, Pick Me!

I have a calendar full of names with consults, start dates, post consults, re-hires and the like. 

But I also have a dry erase board to track people and where they are at while on my 30 day challenge. 

It helps keep me focused. 

I just had six complete their 30 days with me. 

I had three new ones start last Monday. 

Five are starting this Monday. 

With six additional new people anxiously awaiting their appointment with me. 

Try keeping all that straight. 

And I do. 

That’s grocery carts and kitchens being changed. Some on day 5 and some on day 12. Some on day 65! And so on. 

Praise The Lord, I continue to manage all of this pretty well. 

Speaking of The Lord, I know that He will provide when my circle gets wider. He is showing me that there is a mini version of myself possibly in the making. 

I’m watching this person and she sees, hears, tastes, feels and reacts almost identical to me. 

You found yourself wondering when my first meme would show up, am I right?

You’re welcome. 

I have many people who are continuing their journey and I see that I’ll also be blogging about them. 

Each story inspires others to check this whole saving kitchens thing. 

So there will be more up ahead. 

Let’s start with Colleen. 

She was intrigued when she was reading posts on Facebook about me, as her friend has been highly successful and was gushing all about STK. 

SO….she came to me for a consult. 

I knew her a bit but really got to know her more through this journey. 

But that consult. 

We clicked. We related. We laughed our buns off. 

I am super transparent and most people like that, making myself very relatable. 

As we discussed her current eating habits in comparison to my old ones, once gone wild, it was a match for match for both of us. I even tried one upping her. 

It was great laughter and I believe allowed a place of trust and comfort. 

My goal in sharing my own story and how it used to be, speaks to others and lets them glimpse into their very own possible future. 

I tell people that if I believed in crystal balls (I most certainly do not) and could see in the future, I could most assuredly tell them what day 30 looks like in comparison to days -7 to +7. 

Their thinking changes so much. 

So Colleen hired me and decided that it was worth the try. 

I was her personal health coach, communicating with her daily, for the next 30 days. 

She also purchased my dinner meal plans, which she claims made this so much easier for her. 

Almost immediately, she got it

Eat this way, I instructed her. 

Do this, I encouraged her. 

And “great job”, I congratulated her, as she not only jumped many hurdles successfully, but even managed to do some high jumps. 

Because this is no diet. 

How are you going to handle stress, going out to eat, parties and the like. 

That’s the difference. 

Not a quick fix band aid diet. 

Drinking shakes and the like, even trying very low carb diets…they do not put you into a successful state of mind. Because neither are sustainable. 

Yet I see people try those all of the time. 

I can’t make people climb to this side. 

But if they choose me and stick with me, their lives will completely change. 

I can say that with such confidence now. 

But they must be willing. 

That’s the difference. 

Colleen was willing. 

And she is a superstar. 

She learned and realized so much about food, her habits and this mindset. 

She is a person changed, a kitchen saved. 

She encourages others around her (how can you not). 

She has lost over 30 pounds and is now down about four pant sizes. 

This is all within the last 2 1/2 months. 

People continuously go to the gym, nearly killing themselves and without changing their diet, do not even see close to those results. 

It’s. What. You. Eat. 

I’m ALL for working out. But just as my video star Ken recently experienced, his friend, “Tony Macaroni”, was very wrong in telling him that he could eat whatever he wanted as long as he worked out. 

If you haven’t seen my crazy and wildly hilarious video series, go to my business page now and look them up. See also my post #savingtheirkitchen. 

Episode eight was shot here the other night. 

You’ll have to get caught up to understand this. 

But here is stubborn Ken at my support group. 


Haha! It’s so fun coming up with those. ​

Now I’ll share a bit about Tracy. 

She was a referral and thought her appointment with me was a week before it actually was, so when she texted me, I squeezed her in earlier because she could hardly contain her excitement over coming to see me. 

My reaction, all the time. 


Ha!  True story. 

I am still in awe of this road I’ve been placed on. 

I walk it out daily. 

So Tracy came over a few days later, on a Saturday. 

She almost ran from her car and knocked me over as she came through the doorway. 

She is small in stature, a 5 foot-high firecracker. 

I loved her immediately. 

Do you see the pattern here?

I. Love. People. 

I.  Love. What. I. Do. 

It all goes together. 

I think she hired me in her mind before I even explained what I was all about. 

30 days later, she came over for her post consult and even though she had many compliments from people about the difference they saw in her, she was a bit nervous to find out what the scale said. 

15 pounds. 

Even I was jumping up and down with her when we calculated it. 

I posted this on Facebook about her. 

I’m taking her through another 30 days, to solidify this as her lifestyle.

She’s now in the gym, stepping up her game. 

She inspires ME. 

Next up, is Maureen. 

She has a similar story to Sara, from One Last Thing. 

She joined my STK Facebook group back some months ago. 

She started implementing recipes and tips and doing things on her own. 

I ran into her at the grocery store last spring and kiddingly asked if she needed my assistance while shopping. 

She politely declined, while describing healthier choices she was making. 

I encouraged her to keep it up. 

She was on my radar, due to her reaching out to me about my services. 

I never forget people and have now realized that they will all most likely come….at the right time. 

I told her that she knew where to find me if she changed her mind. 

Fast forward to the end of July. 

She responded to one of my posts on my Facebook business page. 

I was so excited that she was now ready. 

And her 30 days were incredible. 

She also did as instructed, overcame many hurdles with much success and learned healthier habits when it came to food. 

She tags me in posts often on Facebook, letting the world know that STK has made such an impact on her life. 

This was yesterday. 

It’s HUGE for her AND for most of us. And she killed it. 

So proud!

This was her also, last week, after her post consult with me. 

If you’ve read my blog posts, you see a common thread. 

Lives changed. 

My Facebook friends are probably tired of seeing my name tagged in multiple posts, daily. 

But it’s all such great inspiration for others. 

And it encourages ME greatly. 

I too need my encouragement tank filled up, as I give so much of myself in all of this. 

Maureen has been coming to my STK Roundup, which is here at my house, every two weeks. 

It’s what will help encourage and keep her motivated as she moves forward in her journey. 

So happy for her and her kitchen. 

Now we will look at Kelly. 

Or Kelly M as I have her saved as in my contacts. 

Currently, I have THREE Kellys that I am coaching AND I have a daughter in law named Kelly. 

Try keeping that straight. 

I’m gifted, I tell ya. 

Ha!  I ❤️ humor. 

So Kelly M. 

She and I had never met in person, but she joined my STK Facebook group and started becoming interested in this whole healthier life that I am always talking about. 

When my cookbooks were announced, she ordered one. 

Since she is only two towns away, we set up a time to meet for delivery, back in August. 

We both chatted for a few minutes, parked next to each other in our matching charcoal gray Jeep Libertys. 

She was excited to get my cookbook and stated, “I really need to start eating healthier. Everything revolves around food and most of it is junk!”

In which I replied, “it’s just food.”

Pretty bold on my part and I kinda was surprised that I would say that to someone that I hardly knew. 

I certainly don’t want people thinking I’m a crazy health nut lunatic that eats grass and seaweed, having zero cravings for anything other than that. 

Because I’m so not. 

But I am so entirely different than I was pre October 2014. 


So as we struck up a conversation via messenger, she stated this. 

Dare I say that the rest is history?

She was nervous, very nervous, to give up sugar. 

Gave up sugar ✔️

She was nervous about taking her own food to gatherings. 

Took healthy food to gatherings ✔️

She was nervous about going away for a weekend. 

She went away and stayed compliant to the rules ✔️

She was afraid that food would continue to have control over her thoughts. 

She overcame those negative thoughts ✔️

And so much more. 

I’m so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. In just 30 days. 

We met yesterday to get a strategy for what’s up ahead. 

I’m assisting her through the next 30 days, which is becoming more typical lately. 

People love the guidance, accountability and encouragement. They truly want this as a lifestyle. 

Yep. It’s true. 

And I’m doing it 15 kitchens at a time. 

Used to be 6-8, on average. 

My horizon has recently grown. 

I stand in awe. 

My beautiful friend Elissa, from my post Saving Their Kitchen For Realz, posted this about me yesterday. 

See how blessed I am!?

I get confirmations, encouragement and the like constantly. 

So I keep going. 

Last, but not least, let’s talk about Doug and Sara. 

They just sat down with me for their 60 day mark, Thursday night. 

They came to me back in August. 

They knew that I had something to offer and were interested in finding out more. 

At my consults, we discuss a lot. 

I share my story and how STK became a business. And what it is that I do exactly.

I have them share their background of any past diets as well as their current eating habits. 

Doug is 6’5″ and someone who has struggled with weight most of his adult life. I’ve known him for at least 10 years, if not longer. 

We both have attended the same church for many years. 

I remember that he lost a significant amount of weight several years ago. 

I wasn’t into a healthy lifestyle whatsoever, but I remember telling him how great he looked and to keep it up. 

I had no idea what he was doing. 

Sadly, like many, over time he gained it back. 

It was at the consult that he shared with me how he knows now that he lost weight doing it the wrong way. He had been eating unhealthy and became a slave to the number on the scale. 

There are so many like him. 

I’ve known Sara, his wife, for many years now as well. They were married a few years after Doug began attending GateWay (our church). 

We both serve in the nursery as well as have been in bible study together. 

So they both come for a consult and we have a lovely chat about what I’ve been through and where it has taken me. 

They have seen and heard a lot, as I’ve touched many kitchens that we mutually know. 

They signed up. 

Lots of questions in the beginning. 

Which is typical. 

Struggles too. 


Sara is a nurse and Doug is a school teacher. 

Nurses stations are one of the unhealthiest environments it seems. 

Bowls of chocolate and candy, year around. 

I’ve heard this often. 

It was a huge problem for Sara in the beginning. She would text me for support. And I was right there to encourage and support her. 

And she overcame. 

I was so proud. 

I could so relate. In my own healthy journey, being in the fall, it was incredibly hard some days.  My workplace had cider, donuts and bowls of halloweeen candy. 

To sit and listen to candy wrappers being unwrapped several times a day can make a person go crazy when they are trying to stay committed to something that will eventually change their life and make them healthier (that was me). 

And I did it!

So. I. Understand. 

That’s what people love about me as their health coach. 

I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. 

I had issues to overcome. 

And now I have compassion along with a way to encourage, guide and support people along their own journey. 

Not long into it, Doug became very aware of his past failures and struggles and could see how this changed his thinking. 

He stated many wonderful things that he could now see. 

He wanted to break the cycle of early death in his past line of males, for generations back, due to unhealthy lifestyles. 

He talks about being around for his two precious daughters as they grow into adulthood someday. 

I cried. 

This is what I’m talking about. 

It. Sets. People. Free. 

On so many levels. 

I became excited to hear what Doug had to say when he sent his daily morning texts to me. 

And they were always so mind blowing. 

I always tell people, the more you communicate with me, the stronger your journey is. 

Doug and Sara both are proof of that. 

Their kitchen looks very different, together they are over 50 pounds down and have to search for smaller clothes already. 

And they love the food

He has shared his love of many of the recipes from SavingKitchens. 

It’s what helps make this successful.  

Within the past few weeks, I’ve scheduled two consults with people that were referrals from them. 

They both basically stated, “Sara is glowing….there is something to what you do…we want what she has.”

I met with the one couple last night. 

They are stoked to get started. 

Doug and Sara have made this a lifestyle and are teaching their two young daughters this new way of life. 

Doug has broken the chains off and has changed the course of not only his life but that of his daughters and potentially future generations. 

I know, right!

I cried. 

I cry often. 

Because I care. So deeply. 

I set out to save kitchens. 

Not really knowing how many. 

How or when or where. 

Some days, I question…”can I really do this?”

And then immediately remind myself that I am doing this. 

Mr STK and I are looking at the possibility of a building not far from our house as a possible STK location. 

How cool would that be?  

My head spins with ideas. 

At the very least, it gives me a glimpse into the future. 

Because I know that this is big. 

And it will continue to grow.