Shari Walls, Food Detective CLP NT JK

So there’s Food Babe. 

And then there’s me, Food Detective. 

With all of those letters after my title, that are meaningless and completely made up, but make me look more important. 

I became a certified health coach last December, after studying through Dr. Sears Wellness online. 

I remember practically hyper-ventilating through the exam. 

But I aced it. And I was super proud and very excited. 

But I soon realized that so many wear the title of health coach. 

It then doesn’t seem to hold much weight. 

Especially if these “health coaches” sell products for weight loss. 

My face. 

I want people to realize that this simply has to do with food. 

No miracle pills or shakes. 

I don’t have people above me or below me….making profits off of my “gimmick”. 


Just my services as a wellness coach, or better yet, a food detective, training other food detectives. 

Remember, I want to stand out in the crowd. 

It’s why I make my platform a bit different. 

Search health coach websites and most are all formal and straight to the point. 

I’d like to say I’m a bit different. 

This is how I started off. 

All the way to my cookbook, which accurately depicts me as a food detective in the grocery store. 

That is where it starts. 

That is where true success is birthed. 

Even my 2 and 5 year old grandkids now recognize that image as either, “your cookbook” or “you saving kitchens.”

My five year old grandson knows that sugar isn’t healthy and that this grandma stays away from it, for the most part. 

They will all grow up knowing that their grandma is a food detective. 

Can’t pull anything over on her. 

Back to Food Babe. 

Who is she?

Seriously folks. 

That was my first introduction to her a few years ago. 

At that point, I was completely grossed out, but wasn’t “there” yet. 

It was my healthy journey that took me to the level of understanding things as I do now. 

Most people know what I do. And see me as the food police. 

I’m not the food police. 

Trying to show correction here. 

Food. Detective. 

Private investigator of all things food. 

I simply cannot purchase something new without grabbing my glasses (or a magnifying glass) and reading the ingredients. 

Am I perfect?


Do I claim to be?


Do I live terrified?


Should you?


(See the pattern, here?)


It’s about making informed choices. 


Refined sugar. 

Artificial sweeteners (sucralose “Splenda”, Acesulfame K, aspartame and the like). 

And the list, unfortunately, goes on. 

But it’s not at difficult as it appears. 

I have changed a multitude of grocery carts to date. 

I am now keeping an eye on my little STK army, as I’m secretly calling them. 

Several are wearing the same set of eyes as myself now. 

They see what I see. 

I have lots of similar texts. 

Raising up Food Detectives all around. 

It’s a fever that’s catching. 

I still remember so vividly two years ago, as I began seeing things so differently. 

I seriously had no idea that I could share this with people and that they would get it as well. 

It’s not as simple as that though. 

Some come meet with me and they look like this. 

They are frightened and unsure. 

Certain they will fail. 

Some are still like this two weeks in. 

And then, with the proper food template, which forces you to shop correctly, which then allows you to eat incredibly tasty foods and then completely changes ones thinking…

This happens. 

Truly amazing. 

And I love it. 

More and more when someone tells me their concerns and potential challenges, I’m sitting across from them, looking like this to them. 

But in my mind, I look like this. 

Also see my Wonder Woman pic in the previous post. 

Oh, there are a few who struggle more than others. 

But I continue to be their cheerleader, to the best of my abilities. 

If they are on this journey, with me as their health coach, I know that they are at the very least, much more aware of what goes into their grocery cart…because I have shown them the Food Detective way. 

Ready to see?


All Over The Map

So this week. 

It’s nearly Friday and I feel like a superhero. 

No. Really. 

I’ve literally been to the county south of us as well as the county north of us, all in one week. 

While driving, I am wearing a huge smile. 

This is how I think I look. 

Ok, so a bit outlandish. 

I love posting ridiculous comments on social media and I use this often, “It’s 5,000 degrees outside,” or “I’m out saving 5,000 kitchens.”

I had consults scheduled with four this week. 

I also had a in-home cooking session with someone scheduled for yesterday. 

And then an “emergency visit” took place last night. We will get to that. It’s good. 

So I met with three lovely ladies Monday night and excitedly explained what I do and what it is that they are about to embark on. 

I believe that they are more than ready and even a bit excited to start. 

I’m excited for all three kitchens!

Tuesday, I spent time in my shipping department and sent out 15 cookbooks. 

New York, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania….

This is how my mind sees where SavingKitchens has landed. 

Okay, so not literally. 

But I’ve got big plans and they include lots of cities. 

Saving 5,000 kitchens in the near future. 

But let’s focus on the little tri-county area that I’ve been assigned to. 

Oh, wait. 

Did I mention that phone consult with someone in Ohio?

That took place Monday morning. 

I’m working on meal planning for her. 

She found me through social media, ordered my cookbook and then contacted me. 

How cool are the times we live in (when it comes to this). 

Before I go any further, I must share something. 

Because I love sharing. I love God moments. And I fully believe He is all over this SavingKitchens business of mine. 

So, about a month ago, I sensed quite a bit of negative thinking in the air. I felt strongly to encourage my peeps to speak positive, as the words we use have life. 

Not long after that was really implemented, I receive a call from someone who had heard about me saving kitchens and she wanted to set up a time to come and see me. 

In our four minute conversation, she spoke a bit negative about herself, including her food habits and then said to me, “oh, I’ve got to quit stating those things and speak more positive.”

My face.

Wait. Wasn’t I just taking about..

So yeah. 

I laughed and knew that it was a sign that this further encouragement is needed. 

But wait. 

There’s more. 

This phone consult with my Ohio friend. 

We are a ways into the conversation and she says almost the identical things about what negatives she feels and then corrected herself in the same manner, “I need to stop speaking negative and say the positives.”

My face. 


I pay attention to everything. 

Which takes me to yesterday. 

I had a one o’clock consult. 

She was my “positive thinking” conversation from a week or two ago. 

My consults are lengthy. 

I’ve got lots to say and want people to see/hear/feel my hearts desire and passion for this mission I’ve been assigned to. 

I want to get to know people, to better help them. 

This lovely person and I wrapped things up at the 2 hour and 40 minute mark. 

It was a wonderful afternoon. 

I had literally 15 minutes to freshen myself up and get on the road. 

I was headed north, an hour away. 

It’s rare that I travel, as I mostly have people come to me. 

But this person requested my “Cooking With Shari” service. 

She and I spent almost two hours chopping, mixing and cooking together. 

I later saw a post on Facebook about her dinner and how well it went over with her husband. 

Paleo Salisbury Steak, Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Lemon Quinoa. 

All new to that kitchen. 

How fun and thrilling that is to me. 

When I left, dinner was about to be served. 

It’s when I got a text from a client. 

“I’m struggling a bit with my foods being boring. I’m not much of a meal planner. Help.”  

She is a bit over two weeks in. 

I got into my Jeep and called her right away. 

I knew she lived in the small town nextdoor. 

As we phone chatted, she led me to her house. 

I then spent the next two hours with her, combing through my cookbook and helping her meal plan. 

Get me talking about recipes and…

I get pretty attached to people and my desire to see them succeed is pretty strong. 

How. Cool. Was. That. 

It’s one of those moments. 

I was ten minutes away. 

She texted me just as I was finishing up somewhere near her. 

She had no idea. 

As far as she knew, I was at home, lounging on my couch. 


She was on my way home. 

I’m telling ya, I’m going to write a book someday. 

Our exchange when I pulled into my driveway last night (she told me to send her a simple text that I made it). 

She loves humor like I do. 

To close this post out, I will also share a few new reviews that I’ve recently received. 

Blesses my socks off. 

Tracey says, 

Colleen says,

And then Sara,

Yesterday, STK reached its 11 month anniversary. 

Only 11 months. 

Huge success all over the place. 

Far and wide. 

And I know exactly why. 

And lastly. 

Take A Peek

Most all of you know by now that I’m a certified health coach that owns my own business, uniquely named SaveTheKitchens (yes, no spacing, just like my cookbook SavingKitchens, no spacing). 

I launched STK on 10/21/15. 

I’m the owner, health coach, admin, head of cookbook sales and shipping department and anything else STK related. 

Me, myself and I. 

Here is a timeline and how I have felt. 

Day one: nervous, excited and unsure. 

Day 64: excited.

Day 256: excited and confident and excited.

And Day 331, today: super excited and super confident.

What an amazing almost 11 months. 


That’s it?

I know, right?

That’s how I feel too!

I’ve helped transform over 60 kitchens to date. 

That’s not just 60 lives. That’s 60 kitchens. 

Many, many lives in each of those kitchens are affected. 

Didn’t realize it at the beginning, but my health coaching, while very personal, also greatly impacts the grocery cart, which impacts the kitchen, which ultimately impacts every plate. 

That, my friends, is what makes STK different. 

With the knowledge and understanding that I now have, I find it extremely difficult when I see people pushing diets. 

Whether on tv or via social media. 

I yell at the tv when Marie Osmond, Oprah or anyone else of that sort come on.

For real people. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Packaged foods, shakes and the like. 

No. No. And NO. 

I help people get past the diet mentality. 

That is where failure is inevitable. 

You get bored. 

You find yourself slowly crawling back. 

And then bam!

All your efforts unravel. 

I see it and hear it allllllll the time. 

Listen to me. 

(If you are just joining us, I’m not your average blogger. Or health coach for that matter). 

Feel free to laugh. 

Laughing is good. 

So. Back to my point. 

I did something drastic two years ago that changed my life. 

40 days of eliminating processed foods and sugar. 


It changed my tastes. It changed my habits. It changed the way I thought about food. And it drastically changed my life. 

So many people struggle, even people who have done the exact same thing that I did. 

That’s where STK is different. 

I have used this recently. 

That’s what I did. 

And that is what I am now helping other people see and do. 

Get off of that diet mentality. 

I don’t even allow people to use that term. 

That is the first correction made and it makes you rethink what you’re doing. 

Sounds cliche, “it’s a lifestyle.”

But, it’s true

How do you think I’ve managed to maintain a fifty pound weight loss?

Since March 2015. 

So, between word of mouth and my cookbook excitement, STK is overflowing with busyness and further excitement. 

I’m staying booked two weeks out. 

Never saw that coming. 

It just keeps on keeping on. 

I’ve created so much along the way and there is so much more up ahead. 

Be excited!

I have a vision. 

And it keeps growing. 

It’s not all me, trust me on that. 

Like I literally just told someone in a message on Facebook not 5 minutes ago when after only a few exchanges, she told me:

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, I hope you see and feel from me that I point to Him. 

He is my vision. 

He is my guide. 

He is my God. 

And His name is Jesus. 

And He wanted this for me. 

And He also wants this for anyone that feels the pull to come sit in my chair and start off with that lovely, personal discussion that leads to a whole new lifestyle. 

I always want to share the good news. 

Because it comes to me every day. 

Multiple times a day, from multiple people. 

So let’s peek at more recent ones and discuss. 

She’s early in and with the help of a very determined coach, she is already noticing that this is different. 

Let’s discuss. 

In my coaching, I don’t just push a diet plan in front of you with wild claims about weight loss. 

I have this plan, that works, that educates, that truly transforms. 

It’s one part of the equation. 

I use a healthy eating template. 

That’s the first part. 

I become personally involved in this process with you daily, for 30 days. 

That’s guidance, education, accountability and nutritional counseling, per se.  

That’s the second part. And a huge key. 

And then there are these recipes. 

The cookbook, SavingKitchens, that I procrastinated so long about doing. 

It’s the third and very important part. 

And it’s now on 300 kitchen counters all over the country. 

If you cook bland and boring, you’ll look at this as bland and boring and before you know it, you are purchasing Pillsbury crescent rolls and Oreo cookies once again. 

These recipes are tasty!

I. Hear. It. All.  Of. The. Time. 

And this one is a regular. 

And this one. 

And this one. 

I love this one. 

It’s important for me to note on that one. 

Some might question, “Afterwhat cycle? Why are they finally getting a sweet treat?”

You have to eliminate foods (even any sort of healthy treats) for a period of time. 

It kicks cravings. Changes tastes. 

Puts. You. In. Control. 

So after a time, most begin thinking like this:

And this. This is huge because this person wasn’t so sure she could kick cravings and become strong. 

She’s less than two weeks in. 

Isn’t that GRAND. 

I know!

Here’s more. 


People think differently. 

They think differently. 

That’s how you change. 

Not a 21 day fix. 

Not by drinking shakes. 

Not by eating some crazy, unsustainable diet. 

What STK has, works. 


I start encouraging before we even get started. 

I’m pumped for her kitchen that begins transformation on Monday. 

If you are tired of dieting. 

Going backwards. 

Need help. 

That’s. What. I. Do. 

Get you excited. 



And saved. 🤗

Thanks for peeking. 

How can you not be excited now. 

Don’t Chew On That

Yesterday, as I sat in church and reached into my purse for some gum, something dawned on me. 

This was my view. 

By the way, thank you Kathy for sharing your gum with me. 

I grabbed a piece and threw it in my mouth and then looked around the sanctuary at all of the people. 

(That is not my church)

And I thought about all of the people that were chewing gum also at that moment. 

Do they realize?

Even people who are trying to be more conscientious of what they eat, do they realize?

The term sugar-free always forms a humongous question mark over my head. 

I have people send me food journals and when they use that term, I immediately picture the added, toxic ingredients (to make up for the otherwise lack of taste):


Sucralose (Splenda)

Acesulfame K or Acesulfame Potassium

Those are the most common artificial sweeteners used today. 

And you need to run from them. 


You might have learned to read labels and have educated yourself to stay away from certain ingredients. 

But what are you chewing on?

I never try to terrify people. 

I just have a desire to educate people. 

But this. 

Get more informed here:

The 5 Worst Artificial Sweeteners

This is something that I learned from day one (coming up on two years next month). 

I purchased this brand and have never, ever bought another pack of the other stuff. 

Still has that term sugar-free (I really loathe using it). But it’s safer ingredients. 

While I’m not a huge fan of consuming them in large amounts, xylitol and stevia are the better, more natural sweetners.  

Xylitol is in my gum. 

Liquid stevia is used in my coffee (1-2 drops per cup). 

Spry is found at whole foods, health food stores and I’ve even found it at my local Kroger (yay for them!). 

This one is also a good choice. 

So while we are all busy saving our kitchen from soy, sugar, trans-fat and hyper-processed junk…remember this when you are purchasing that pack of gum (or mints). 

When someone offers me a piece of gum and they don’t realize what they are offering me, my face:

(I use that guy a lot….I mean, my face is in that WHAT mode so often). 

Choose wisely and chew on people. 


Have you seen at least one or all seven episodes of #savingtheirkitchen?

You haven’t!?

It goes a little like this. 

Liz has hired me to save her kitchen. She had been on the fence for awhile and after running into me at the grocery store, she decided to take the plunge and invited me over for that initial consultation.  

And then there is Ken. He wanted nothing to do with it and has given me a hard time from day one. 

Not wanting to follow the rules as I’ve instructed. 

Oh, he acts like he is happy to see me, but he pokes fun of what I do and struggles with giving up sugar and junk food. 

That, by the way, is a made up story line and they are just acting it out with me, as per my request back in the spring. 

What on earth, you ask?

Aren’t you a health coach, you ask?


But a bit different in my approach. 

All the way around. 

There is a place for all types of coaches in this business. 

Most are formal and very professional. 

They meet with clients, give them nutritional plans and help them along their journey. 

That’s great!

I do too!

That’s what we are supposed to do. 

But those that know me, know, or have come to realize that I’m a bit different in my approach. 

I. Love. Humor. 

I. Love. Teaching. People. 

I. Talk. Like. This. A. Lot. 

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to reach people in a different kinda way. 

I had to stand out amongst the crowd. 

When I began this blog back in August of 2015, I decided to have short videos that included myself and my daughter, making them a bit outlandish and ridiculous. 

The purpose was to have people watch, have a few laughs and then be led to what it was that I was wanting to teach people on my blog. 

That was it. 

If you go back to my very first post about sugar, you’ll see our first video. 

Rachel is making Kool-Aid and is pouring a ridiculous amount of sugar into the pitcher before I begin realizing what it is that she is actually doing.  

People liked it. 

So we did more of them. 

I became more confident in what I was doing and surprisingly became more comfortable with myself and in front of the camera. 

That was huge. 

Rachel lived at home and we worked in an office together. Which made doing these videos quite easy. 

And then we both left that job and due to her long hours, it became a bit tough to shoot more of these videos together. 

In late March, early April, I was feeling the pressure (put on myself) to continue shooting videos, when kinda out of nowhere, Ken popped into my mind. 

What you see on camera is exactly what I had envisioned. 

Ken is a natural comedian and has been asked to perform on many occasions in funny skits at our church. For many years. 

Liz and I have worked together in the nursery at church as well as being in a few Bible studies together. 

I’ve known them both for several years. 

I felt super impressed to text Liz and ask if perhaps she and Ken would be willing to shoot a video with me, at the store, just once. 

I had originally envisioned them hiding from me at the store. Because this is how they see me. 


To kind of shake things up a bit, but keep my unusual format going, I could totally see something. 

I created a text to her and then before actually sending it, I hesitated and deleted it. 

I was like, what am I doing. She’s gonna be like, WHAT!?

I never sent the original text. 

I sat on it. 

Not too long after that, I couldn’t shake what it was that I felt that I wanted to do. And it still included them. 

So this time, I actually sent the text. 

She replied with, “sounds fun, let me check with Ken.”

She later told me that she showed Ken some of my videos, to give him an idea of what it was that I did and he thought they were funny and agreed to do it. 

So, here I was, on a Friday night in April, driving to meet them at their house. 

What was I doing!?

I had no script, only an idea. 

And my iPhone. 

I brushed it off and went with it. 

After some discussion at their house, I told them that if they were willing, I could actually see a few videos instead of just one. 

They agreed to do it. 

Almost like, whatever you need Shari. 

So I ran with it. 

We shot the first one, where he is in the camera stating that he is not giving up his Cheetos, as Liz and I sit at the table in the background, discussing what was about to start taking place in their kitchen. 

That ended up being episode 2. 

Because we then went to Kroger and shot the now infamous clip where I ‘run into them’ and she invites me over. 

That’s episode 1. 

All three of us enjoyed creating what we thought were pretty funny clips and when I got home, I uploaded the first one to STK and called it #savingtheirkitchen, episode 1. 

I was super excited to see what type of feedback that I would receive introducing this whole new concept. 

And it was GRAND. 

We went ahead and then shot episode three, where I bring over their menu that I’ve created for them and also check to see if they need any further assistance. 

It’s where the now famous line of his originated, “Bye Shaaaaarrrrrriiiiii!  Seeeeeeeeee ya!”

He really got into character after that one. 

He then goes from eating too many Larabars, claiming that his cravings are out of control, to working out like a madman, while eating donuts, claiming that he can eat whatever he wants as long as he works out. 

See where I’m always going with these?

They aren’t too far off from the way a lot of people are or think. 

And that’s why I do them. 

I’ve had many people relate to my imaginary couple, message me and then end up meeting with me to truly save their kitchen. 

We then go back to the store, where he hears my voice while shopping. 

I’m not there. 

Many people have told me that they ‘hear’ my voice while at the grocery store. 

It’s hilarious. 

After episode 7, we knew that a very hectic and busy summer was up ahead. 

And it was. 

We are now long overdue for episode 8 and we are trying hard to set a time to get together and shoot a few more. 

Soon people. Soon. 

Oh……this next one is going to be GREAT. 

I’ve had the idea for a few weeks now. 

I’ve truly enjoyed adding these to the rest of what I do. 

And it works. 

I blog, have all sorts of videos, have an Instagram account and operate both my business page and a private group on Facebook. 

Those alone keep my busy but it’s great marketing. 

If you have a business and don’t use social media, you are missing out. 

I use it to the fullest. 

And I wonder why I am so crazy busy. 

People tell me all the time how much they love my ‘Ken videos’ and are anxiously awaiting new ones. 

I kid and tell them that I need to just become his agent. 


I’m super grateful that they agreed to this and are willing to give of their time to STK. 

It has put them even into a different light with people. 

They are often kidded with:

“Are you really doing what Shari does?”

“Does Shari know you are eating that?”

To me receiving a text back in June like this. 


I showed Liz that text and she said that she didn’t even notice someone ‘stalking’ them. 

We both cracked up at where this all has ended up. 

It’s been super fun and I’m super blessed. 

I say it often, but it’s true. 

I once was stuck in a very stressful job and now I’m doing what I love, the way I want. 

Making people laugh. 

Teaching them. 

Saving their kitchen. 

I hope that I never lose this excitement. 

Let’s Be Clear As Mud

I know, I know, I last said that up next was Ken & Liz, the stars of my series #savingtheirkitchen. 

But something came up and this was pushed to the front of the line. 


So I’m reading my nutritional counseling textbook this morning. 

And……….6 minutes in, I’m scratching my eyes out. 

At the end of the chapter, there are suggested readings, materials and Internet resources. 

Under weight loss program, there is a link that takes you to a diabetes prevention program. 

I’ve read and seen enough articles that I just shake my head on, but was intrigued to see if this one would be different. 

Just so we are clear. These food recommendations are outlined for people who need to get healthy, keeping their blood sugar levels good. From doctors and health care providers that “know their stuff”. 

First, here are the “go!” foods that they suggest. 

Where do I even start!?

Margarine?  Fat-free?

They make that combination?!!

Whew. Thankful for dietitians and nutritionists who really know their stuff. 

Listen. I’m just a little old certified health coach who is studying nutritional counseling,

That. Realizes. More. Than. These.  People. 

(I never claim to know it all…but COME ON). 

Fat-free spreads and salad dressings. 

Breads, pasta and the like. 

For a healthy diet. 

And then it gets better. 

They hand out meal plans. 

Brace yourself. 

Let’s see, grains with every meal, fat-free mayo and diet margarine, along with a non-fat frozen dessert. 

Or you can make it simple and have a frozen diet entree. 

Starch, sugar, trans-fats and processed junk. 

 Where is the nutrition?

Just so you are following along and because this is in written form, here’s my facial expression the WHOLE time reviewing the material. It never changes. 

And then there are more suggestions. 

Egg substitute. 

Yeah. Because eggs are bad for you.

If I were to write a nutrition plan for someone who needs a healthy diet makeover, it would simply be more like this. 

Protein, healthy fats, veggies and a little fruit…with some full fat cheese if desired. 

Eat like they suggest and I’m quite certain that you are not doing your body any favors. 

And I’m also quite certain that this is what the health care system is doing behind our backs. 

For real. 

It’s sad but most likely so true. 

Eat like I just outlined and wonders will happen. 

I see it all of the time. 

I can’t save the world, but I can save the few kitchens within my reach. 

It’s quite simple. 

When you know what’s actually in the so called “food” that is available at the grocery store, you become more mindful of what goes in your cart. 

You choose real food. 

This isn’t me being a food nazi. 

This is me trying to educate people. 

When I see carts full of processed junk, diet soda and the like…it grieves me. 

I want an STK booth parked right inside of the grocery store. 

Kinda like Lucy. 

But this isn’t psychiatric help and I’m no doctor (neither is she). 

Just me with a little booth, showing people the way. 

But, I have people coming to me on a regular basis, so that is quite gratifying to know that I am actually reaching and teaching people. 

Once you learn and experience the right way, that muddy water that was once in your mind becomes clearer. 

That dirty kitchen becomes clean. 

Call 1-800-saveallofthekitchens today. 

(Sharing is caring, by the way). 

STK Cookbook

You might have heard the news. 

Last winter I decided to gather up my Pinterest recipes and throw them into a cookbook. 

Okay, actually I had several people hounding me to do so. 

I have finally come to the conclusion that if someone keeps requesting something from me, and it’s related to helping, equipping or teaching, I had better listen up. 

I’m now really glad that I did. 

My first reaction when a request is first made:

But then push comes to shove and I’m doing it. 

I worked on SavingKitchens all last winter and spring. 

I ended up with 271 recipes in that cookbook. 

Let’s stop here for a moment. 


Before I broke down and purchased a shiny new desktop computer, I had a small iPad like laptop and it just didn’t work for me in doing all of this. 

So I found myself at the library often, working on this cookbook. 

Thankfully, I had help with a lot of the recipe entries. 

It was a TON of work. 

Between setting up new kitchens and schooling, I had to force myself to make a point of carving out a few hours here and there to go work quietly at my library. 

When I began posting about it online, I was surprised at the amount of interest that it generated. 

Before I even hit the “approved” button and it went to the printer, I had taken nearly 80 orders. 

They arrived in July and within 2-3 weeks I had to announce a waiting list for a second run. I had sold out. 

Wait. What. 

With the help of some of my friends, whether near or far, SavingKitchens became a hit. 

People posting how excited they were to get it, read my STK info, use my shopping list and try some of the recipes…it generated interest. A lot more than I could have ever expected. 

I was flying allllllll over the place. Hand delivering and shipping them out. 

Half of the states here in the U.S. have received copies now. 

And then it came to my attention that this super awesome cookbook is flawed. 

A few typos. 

You won’t find corm on the store shelf. 

And a few omissions. 

I beat myself up pretty bad over it. 

I know that I combed through all 271 recipes, made changes and hit the save button. 

But. It is what it is. 

And guess what?

It still gets rave reviews and there are many people wanting a copy or four. 

I’m already taking orders for Christmas gifts. 

Flaws and all, STK keeps on keeping on. 

Keeps this girl humble

Reminds me of the flaws that I have, yet I’m still being used. 

Cool, huh!?  See the connection?

If and when you have a question on a recipe, you can find it on my Pinterest board. They are all on the there. 

I’m developing SavingKitchens2 this fall/winter. 

You had better believe that I’ll be more cautious in my editing. 

And it will be outstanding. 

There. I said it. 

So now the pressure is back on. Ha!

I’ve cooked the recipes in SavingKitchens for a year and a half, so having more new recipes, in hard copy, will be most excellent in my kitchen. 

I get asked often about how to purchase. 

Update 9/10/16

Email me at:

That gives me your email so that I can plug it into PayPal. I’ll also need your shipping address. 

The cookbooks are $27 plus shipping. 

Ten months ago I took a giant leap of faith. Giant. 

And it’s led me to right here. 

I’m stoked for what’s up ahead. 

Speaking of what’s up ahead, you’ll love my next post on who these people are and what are these crazy videos that I keep putting out there, in #savingtheirkitchen.