One Last Thing

Something incredible happened last night. 

Okay. Something incredible happens most every day since I jumped into this SavingKitchens business. 

Especially as of late. 

I share texts that I receive in picture form often on my Facebook page because I know that it speaks to people. 

Lives are a changing. 

One kitchen at a time. 

More like eight at a time. 

I’m crazy busy. 

Do I even have time for this blog post!?

Alright, enough already on me whining about being too busy. 

This. Is. What. I. Had. Hoped. For. 

Just never imagined it would like



Coaching about eight people daily (new people jumping on just as super, awesome, well-equipped people are then shooting off on their own). 

Averaging two new consults per week (I’m booked for the next two weeks…as I’ve set three per week).

These are no 15 minute consultations. Each one is two hours. 

This is a visual on what goes on inside my brain and what comes out of my mouth during that time:

*disclaimer: that is not actually what is discussed, only a visual aid* 🤓

Shipping cookbooks. 

I need an assistant just to handle the whole cookbook thing. 

None of this is whining. 

Just me letting you peek inside of where I’m at and what’s going on in the STK world. 

And a lot goes on. 

I could literally blog everyday. 

But that in itself would cause more craziness in my brain. 

So this one more thing. 

I launched a new benefit to STK recently. 

If I’ve coached you or are currently coaching you, you are able to come to what I now call “STK Roundup”. 

It happens every two weeks at my house. 

Discussion, support, encouragement and hopefully inspiration.  Also a hands on recipe making time. Last night we made mango ice cream. 

What I’m about to share next is the main storyline here. 

Sara came to her first STK Roundup last night. 

The announcement of my first one (over a month ago) is what ultimately had her in my seat for a consultation. 

When she realized that the STK-R was for only clients, she wanted to know more of what it was that I did. 

At the consult, she explained to me her own healthy journey, that began in January. 

According to her, STK played a huge part in it. I had no idea. 

She took the advice, recipes and inspiration that I would post daily in my STK Facebook group and along with incorporating exercise…she began dropping weight and getting healthy. 

She attended one of my workshops back in May. 

People that we mutually know at church had approached her and asked if she was “doing Shari’s thing”. 

Like she told me, actually…kinda, sorta, yes. 

She had done so well and worked so hard. 

But the month of July she encountered some struggles. 

And when she shared them with me, I very confidently told her that I could help her.  

And both her and I know that the interest she had when she saw the announcement of STK-R was no coincidence. 

We don’t believe in coincidences. 

We had a wonderful consultation and with what she has now learned and implemented, at three weeks into this tweaked lifestyle…she is rocking it in so many ways. 

She will be the first to admit, it’s not “a breeze” but great things happen, both physically and mentally. 

We can also add spiritually, because I am seeing this as a ministry more and more and more. 

In our text conversation yesterday, she told me how excited that she was because she was going to her doctor. 

When she came in the door last night for STK-R, she handed me a sweet bouquet of fresh picked flowers. 

To meet Sara is to immediately recognize the sweet spirit she has. 

She has blessed ME beyond to work so closely with her. 

Onto my story. 

It’s good. 

Wait till we get to the end. 

So, we all have our discussion and interact. Then move to my kitchen to make our “ice cream”. 

More chatter takes place. 

A few weigh-ins happen. 

Someone is just starting and another just finished. 

The one that finished had amazing results. 

15 pounds. Gone. Yippee!

Her whole family is in on this and they are working hard to make this a permanent part of their lives. 

Yay for that kitchen!!

The ladies then begin handing out hugs and goodbyes and Sara is patiently and quietly waiting for them to all file out my patio door. 

She then says to me, as she puts her hand inside her bag, “I have one more thing for you.”

My face. 


I didn’t understand. 

I mean, she brought me the most sweetest bouquet of flowers. 

Before I could even process what it could be, she put this into my hands. 

My face.  Again. 

I’ve said it before. 

I.  Am. Super. Slow. 

My first thought:

Is she selling supplements and this is her way of having me try them. She even put them into a week’s tray for me. 

Still me. 

The she says to me, in her very soft voice, “Those are for you to keep. I don’t need any of them anymore.”

Need any of whaaaaa…..

And then a lightbulb goes off. 

Her medications. 

She doesn’t need ANY of them. 

She goes on to tell me, “I’m off all my medications. Doctor says I’m not even pre-diabetic any longer.”

I froze. 

Trying to wrap my head around not only what she was sharing with me but how she did it.

I. Love. Visuals. 

Do I not!?

Tears and hugs. And hugs and tears. 

It was a great moment. 

A moment that reminds me of the significance of what it is that I’m actually doing. 

We then captured this. 

Can I add that she is down FIFTY pounds since her healthy journey began in January?

Her doctor had to be floored. 

I was floored. 

Still floored. 

But before I take too much credit. 

I believe strongly in this. 

Many people have told me that they have prayed for this type of help. 

I’m just an instrument. 

*Disclaimer: each person who reads this entry will be amazingly blessed*

Am I right!?


Here’s The Deal

I’ve been up since way before the rooster even thought about performing his job this morning. 

So here I am with many cups of delicious coffee under my belt. 

And blogging seemed like the most logical thing to do. 

I have mentioned this often in recent weeks. 

I’ve. Been. Super. Busy. 

SavingKitchens is the hottest thing to do right now and it’s no easy feat. 

Okay. So maybe not thee hottest thing. 

And maybe most people don’t even know what that is. 

But many are catching on. 

I have worked hard to get name recognition out there with this catchy name that I choose over a year ago, “SaveTheKitchens” and even more so now using #SavingKitchens, since my cookbook just came out. 

200 copies flew “off the shelf” and I’m now awaiting my second order. 

I have about 40 people on a waiting list. 

Insane. I know. 

I am not some special person. 

My cookbook is not perfect. It even has a few accidental omissions. 

But I myself am full of errors personally. 

So it all goes together. Right!?

But. People. Want. To. Know. 

How to shop. 

How to cook. 

How to eat. 

There’s this information highway. 

You may have heard of it. 

So there is an enormous amount of information out there. 

At our fingertips. 

But what is true?

And how do you know?

I am not a multi level marketing health coach. 

I don’t even really like the term “health coach” because of that. 

But I am certified. 

I have nutritional education. 

I am continuing that education. 

So when I see all of that information out there, I can quickly see what’s right and for sure what is so wrong. 

And there is a lot of wrong information out there. 

I’m no “food babe” (I love her), but you could say that I’m in line with her understanding. 

I can smell a rat pretty quick. 



“Healthy” foods. 

Health claims. 


And so on. 

I used to think like so many. 

Count calories. 

Eat low fat foods. 

Workout to death. 

Then I had this whole healthy journey (my experience). And it began with food. 

I learned so much

And then I was literally feasting on knowledge that stripped away the wrong thinking and helped equip me with the right way of thinking. 

I studied online with Dr Sears Wellness Institute. 

I’m currently studying Holistic Nutrition through AFPA Fitness. 

And I have this wonderful template on what to do and how to do it. 

And my cookbook!

Put it all together and I am able to show people the way. 

What’s the way?

A. Healthier. Lifestyle. 

Not a diet, per se. 

I have many consults scheduled out for the next few weeks. 

I am now starting to get many referrals. 

When I claim that I am saving kitchens….

I really am saving kitchens. 

And because I want people to recognize that I’m “the girl who saves kitchens,” I recently ordered new attire for me to wear. 

And this. 

They matched my font from my cookbook cover for my shirt. Love!

So. Cool. 

At least I think so. 

I am questioned often about what takes place at my consults. 

I always tell people, “plan a lengthy amount of time, I’m chatty and like to start educating as well as get to know the person that I’m working with.”

When I plunked down a few million pennies to get healthy, my consult was a few minutes long and information was given to me in a bag to take home. 

“Text us if you have any questions.” They said. 

I am way different. 

We discuss the current condition of your kitchen. 

Your overall wellness. 

Your goals. 

I get to know you. 

You get familiar and comfortable with me. 

I give you a ton of information. 

Explain everything. 

And then you have me coaching, guiding, inspiring and encouraging you for thirty days. 

You don’t have to text me a question to hear from me. 

I communicate with you. Every. Day. 

And I’m less than two hundred thousand pennies. 

Big difference.

People have tagged me so much on Facebook due to trying the recipes out of my cookbook (I think most people are shocked at how delicious these foods are) and also the amazing results inside and out with those that I’ve coached recently or am currently coaching. 

This. Works. 

I’m just one person. 

On a mission. 

Treat Yourself Right

Ahhhhh, sugar. 

Most of us were raised on it. 

Who am I kidding. We all were. 

Koolaid and chocolate chip cookies. 

Am I right?

We have taught our bodies to crave it. Like a drug. 

Wait. It is a drug. 

According to and 5,000 other websites and articles I’ve come across. 

Like this one.


When I sit down with someone at my consult, these two things are almost immediately brought to their attention.  

Sugar and soy are both in everything 

Every. Thing. 

I have grocery items on my table to point out proper label reading. 

And then this happens. 

You can never ever grocery shop the way you did before our fateful meeting. 


I love it. 

As I’ve said before, there are many templates out there for a healthy lifestyle. 

But I have watched so many people go 15 different ways.

And it pains me to see their struggles. 

Sugar is a drug. 

You will want to go back. 

But there is a way out. 

You cannot do baby steps. 

Stop believing those lies. 

We are not babies. 

We are all grown adults. 

Clearing all sugar (refined, artificial AND healthy sweeteners) for a time does WONDERS for you. 

For your mind. 

Let’s start with that. 

Cravings begin in the mind. 

For your body. 

You truly have a war going on, both in the mind and the body. 


You can beat it. 

I did!

And that folks, is a miracle. 

It’s how I’m now equipped to do what I do (along with my education in this field). 

It’s been almost two years. 

No easy feat. 

But it’s so become my lifestyle. 

I am sad when so many want it but just feel like they simply cannot do it. 

Yes. You. Can. 

Do I treat myself!?

Um, yeah. 

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ve watched me post things like this. 

Chocolate bark. 😳

Simply Greek vanilla yogurt, sweet cherries and a few chocolate chips (there are good ones out there). 

These are from my Instagram posts. 

STK is very socially active, if you haven’t noticed. 

No bakes. Oh my land so good. A few simple ingredients. 

And then THIS. 

The ingredients in my food processor for CARROT CAKE BARS. 

That’s right. 

And.  Guess. What. 

These are not even close to dull or bland. 

No refined sugar. 

No artificial sweeteners. 

No stevia, xylitol or anything else -itol. 

I’m not a fan. Of any of it mentioned above. 

Liquid stevia in my coffee, yes. 

I love local raw honey. 

Real maple syrup. 


And the like. 

Real. Sweeteners. 

You can have treats. 

After a certain amount of time. 

It’s what kicks your cravings and teaches you self control. 

Sugar is a drug. 

I know. I’ve said that. 

Detox is needed. 

Not a three day. 

Not a 21 day fix.  

There are things that happen around 14-21 days in my 30 day challenge. 

Immediately going back would unravel all that was done. 

I get texts like this OFTEN. 

And this. 

Light bulbs going off EVERYWHERE.

I sit in true amazement most days. 

I took a leap of faith and changed the course of my own life in October 2014. 

It has now spilled onto so many and will continue. 

It’s pretty grand. 

So back to my main point. 

Yes I treat myself. 

You have to find a balance. 

“Everything in moderation” is a lie. 

We are foolish to think our old, sugar laden foods, can be eaten in moderation. 

It’s like telling a coke addict to stay away from it, but have it on occasion. 

You have to climb over to the other side. 

And then this happens. 



Healthier treats (many found in my recently published cookbook, SavingKitchens) are what you want in moderation. 

You have to learn self control. 

Because healthier goodies are good

There are benefits to including honey, maple syrup, bananas and dates into your diet. 

In. Moderation. 

Come along beside me. I’ll show you the way. 

There is so much to what I do. 

And it keeps on growing.

Saving your kitchen is just a matter of time. 😏


August 7, 2015, I began a new chapter in my life. 

The kind that when you jump in, and you don’t really realize what’s all up ahead. 

But that is what you can say about a lot of in life, right?

But this. 

I simply started this blog to have fun educating people. 

Facebook reminded me that it was today, not 8/8, which is what I recently thought. 

The first blog post is now dated August 8, 2015. 

I must have updated it the next day. 

Doesn’t matter. 

One year. Sigh. 

So, this is my official anniversary date of STK. 

I remember combing the through the Internet, for ideas on a name. 

I wanted something catchy. 

Not “healthy ________”

I honestly don’t know how Save The Kitchens popped into my head. 

But I didn’t see it like that. 

It had to be like this:


Like. Legally. 

People probably wonder, as do I. 

But it’s the way I envisioned it. 

Kinda catchy. 

I just recently bought a thermal bag with STK embroidered on it. 

That’s for me packing up cold stuff for any reason, but especially for doing my cooking classes. 

I know, right!?

So, my first post was about sugar. 

That’s a big one, of course. 

It featured a video with me and my daughter. 

You can view it here:

I really need to go back and start reading my blog from the beginning. I’m sure I think a bit different, even now. 

I’ve learned so much. 

About food. About people. About myself. About my business. 

It’s all been an exciting journey. 

If I were to put it all in a timeline, it would look like this:

  • August 2015, launched STK blog, just to educate people. Also opened a Facebook group.
  • September 2015, just simply blogging and having fun with videos that included Rachel. 
  • October 2015, quit my job and made STK a legal entity. 
  • November 2015, enrolled in Dr Sears Wellness Institute, to become a Certified Health Coach. Started coaching my first couple of people into a healthier lifestyle, aka saving their kitchens. 
  • December 2015, passed my health coach exam and became officially certified. Also held my first public workshop. Created and ordered STK t-shirts for family members. 
  • January 2016, saving more kitchens and meal planning for many people. 
  • February 2016, met with Stacey K. and asked if she would help me with my cookbook. Read more about her inside my cookbook. Met with Pastor at church. He asked if I would teach my workshops at the church. First in-home workshop (thank you Tracey W.)
  • March 2016, took STK on the road and tore up someone’s kitchen, making batches of several healthy treats for a family. Also prepared a few healthy meals for my busy sister. Kitchens saved at this point: about 17. 
  • April 2016, saving kitchens, studying holistic nutrition class and another in-home workshop (one my daughter finally attended). Introduced Ken & Liz to the STK world, in my mini episodes called “Saving Their Kitchen” (still in progress….this went over BIG and I’m milking it for all that I can. Ha!)
  • May 2016, launched my first workshop called “Saving Your Grocery Cart,” at GateWay Assembly (my church). Almost 20 in attendance. 
  • June 2016, more kitchens signing up for help and more workshops on the calendar. Announced pre-sale orders for SavingKitchens, my cookbook. 
  • July 2016, took STK to Chicago. Announced STK Roundup, which will be for those that I’ve coached and need/want continued support. Approved my cookbook with the publisher. 
  • August 5, 2015, 225 copies of SavingKitchens arrived at my door. 

What. An. Exciting. Year. 

I’ve shed tears on many occasions. 

This is a photo from yesterday.

And tears were definitely shed.  

Pretty exciting, right!?

So there you have it. 

It has been great. 

Launching STK has blessed me in more ways than one. 

My Pastor approached me yesterday at a wedding and said to me, “I’m hearing a lot of good things about what you are doing….”

Good things indeed, Pastor, good things indeed. 

Let me leave you with this. 

Mr STK is NOT comfortable doing these videos. But agreed to last night..