Pick Me, Pick Me!

I have a wonderful, wonderful story to share. 

Actually, I have lots of stories.  

And most all are wonderful. 

I could write a book. 

Someday, I just might. 

It’s been quite the ride already in only 9 months, for STK. 

It’s been almost two years since I took the very life changing journey, that catapulted me into what I now feel is what I’ve always done. 

But it hasn’t always been. 

Everyone has a story. 

People come to me for many reasons. 

What they don’t realize at the very beginning, is that:

  • this changes so much more than they could imagine. 
  • they learn SO much. 
  • its truly life changing. 

This, folks, is my mission. 

Not only what I know and how I coach, but the vision that is just so darn incredible. 

I’m glad I have a blog. 

I’m also glad that you put up with me. 

I have to write about it. 

Because it inspires others. 

And they keep coming. 

Let me introduce you to Tracey. 

I have known her for a couple of years and we met at our church. 

For a brief period, we were both nursery workers together. 

She seen my weight loss and like most, was inquisitive about the right foods …a bit. 

I never pressure anyone. 

Only answer questions and throw the line out. 

She messaged me several months ago, showing interest in seeing what I offered, but was going through a very tough and emotional road as her mother was back and forth in the hospital, terminally ill. 

I would touch base with her now and again. 

If someone shows interest, they go on a list. 

I don’t forget them. 

I just try to reach out, gently. 

This is not for everyone. 


It is. 

But they must want it. 

That is key. 

I see all sorts and hear all sorts of people trying this or that. 

Someone proudly informed me recently of them losing 15 pounds. When I asked how and they told me, I told them to go back and read the label. 

And here it is. Sugar, soy, sugar, canola (junk oil), carrageenan (carcinogenic) AND artificial sweeteners (not one, but TWO). 

Chemical shake. 

I know what works and what doesn’t…for the long haul. 

It has to be a lifestyle. 

If you want those prepackaged foods. That’s your choice. 

If you want to cut all carbs out. That’s your choice. 

If you want to drink chemical shakes. That’s your choice. 

If you want to eat whatever and only worry about calories or points. That’s your choice. 


Yeah. I was yelling. 


But seriously. 

Are you getting proper nutrition?

Is it sustainable?

Is it sustainable?

(worth repeating)

Makes me crazy. 

I’m your biggest cheerleader but I want you to do it the right way. 

So, back to my story about lovely Tracey. 

Back in June, she posted a slight rant on Facebook and it was basically this, “what on earth are you supposed to eat healthy and lose weight????????????”

The comments lit up. 

“Call this guy”

“Do this”

And on and on. 

So, I messaged her. 

I gave her a great offer to come see me. 

I wanted her to come and at least hear what I had to say. 

And she did. 

Last week, she finished up her month with me as her coach. 

This is what she told everyone about her journey. 

I was in the grocery store with my husband when I seen that (my notifications were kinda going off and it had me curious). 

I almost cried. 

I handed my phone to my husband so that he could read it too. 

And then I reread it. 

And said to him,”THAT is why I do what I do.”

I’ve read that post no less than five times. 

People have no idea how much their lives are changed and impacted by my assistance in their journey. 

And just how much it impacts ME. 

Every. Single. Time. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s only my 32nd person. 

Maybe I’ll be different when it’s 567. 

But I don’t think so. 

Not with my personality. 

I take what I do very seriously and am now so absolutely confident in my ability to truly help people and equip them for continued success. 

Tracey was extremely communicative the entire 30 days. 

That is also key. 

When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, she was more than half way through, when she sent me a huge, long text that literally made me burst into tears. 

This is life changing people. 

Because I care.  

Because I root for you. 

Because I am right beside you. 

And there is so much more to it than just following a plan. 

Wellness. Health. Coaching. Nutrition/Habits Counseling. 

It ALL goes in. 

I could easily hand you info and say, “here you go…I wish you the best of luck.”

But it doesn’t work that way. 

Not even close. 

Because people give up. 

I know and hear too much about all of this now. 

Hiring a health coach, like myself, is worth the investment. 

And trust me when I tell you, I could be charging quite a bit more. I see what other health coaches (certified, like me, not MLM health coaches) are charging. 

But I don’t. 

Because for me, this isn’t heavily based on money. 

This is a mission that I have taken very seriously. 

My life was changed. 


So I know what and how and when. 

I met with someone yesterday for her post consult. 

Carolyn is someone that I met through working at a real estate company back in 2001 (I think that’s the right date). 

We have been Facebook friends and I’ve seen how she is a runner and stays very active. 

She is also someone that has been fit looking and what I always considered to have been a healthier eater. 

So when she called me back in June, I was a bit floored. 

You need me?????

So we arranged for her to come to my house. 

And it’s where I was told that she had been watching my posts and knew I had something to offer her. That she considered herself a healthy eater but she knew there were areas to be fine tuned. 

I always ask what a normal day of meals look like at my consult. 

That gives me a ton of insight. 

I knew immediately that this was her answer. 

Without batting an eye, she hired me. 

And three weeks in…

It almost always happens. 

And I always smile. 

Because if I had a crystal ball to show them at the consult, it would show success, a different way of seeing and thinking and feeling. 

But we have to walk it out … together. 

Because she was quite knowledgable to begin with, I asked her yesterday if she could’ve done this on her own and had success. 

She immediately responded, “no way.”

And explained, “the accountability is huge. I could have easily given in at some point, but knowing that I was accountable to you made all the difference. And I’m glad, because I can see the difference in sticking to it and completing it. It’s a definite lifestyle for me now.”


I’ve had many hire me multiple times for that very reason. 

I’m reminded once again that ALL of THIS put together WORKS. 

Cora, Tracey, Carolyn ….SO MANY OTHERS….picked me. 

They picked me as a possible solution. 

And they are very grateful for what we accomplished as a team, in just thirty days. 

I came across this recently. 

Many would agree that this is the difference in me. 


Together, We Can

Hello, from the Chicago area. 

My daughter is in training here all week for her position at her job. 

They love her. They believe in her. So they are constantly equipping her. 

She wanted me to go with, so here I am. 

I love that I can pick up and go. 



My business keeps running. I’m in daily contact with my clients. 

My schooling also can be done anywhere. 


So this blog post. 

I hope it inspires you. 


Doing something life transforming isn’t as easy if you have to go it alone. 

Oh, it can be done. 

I’m proof of that. 

I was handed my info almost two years ago and had “support” per se, which was mostly quick answers when I had a question about what kind of meat to eat..etc. 

I was always a bit apprehensive to text any questions. It wasn’t let on to be a very hands on support. 

So I utilized it minimally. 

It’s what I needed though.  For many reasons. 

I can now look back and see how it formed me in this new path. 

I can empathize with people. 

I was forced to figure things out. 

So now supporting others comes very easy and natural to me. 

That took time. 

And now, time is what I have to invest into others. 

I always kid with people that I needed a Shari back in the fall of 2014. 

But. It’s the journey I was supposed to take. 

And now I’m right here. For others. 

In case you’ve just joined us, I kinda love what I do. I’m kinda passionate. 

Kinda sorta. 

Ok, enough joking.

To date, I’ve coached 31 people into this healthier lifestyle. 

That’s grocery carts, kitchens, plates and PEOPLE. 

I am so very familiar with the whole process now. 

I mean, more than I was when I first gave this a go last fall. 

Even three months ago. 

I’m especially grateful for those that believed in me in the beginning and decided to give me a try. 

I knew that things would evolve. 

And they have. 

I knew that I would grow as a health coach. 

And I have. 

And I really felt that I would make a difference. 

And I have. 

It’s absolutely rewarding. 

It’s an area that there is such a need for. 

I’ve come to see that. 

More and more. 

And more. 

It’s interesting, that I’ve come this far, put lots of tips, strategies and ideas into place and then I read about doing ALL of those very same things, in my current nutritional counseling class. 

Best to do it this way ✔️

Give them this ✔️

Don’t forget also this ✔️

It’s helpful to do this ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

God never, ever, ever ceases to amaze me. 

I have often felt like this wasn’t ME. 

Yet, I feel like it’s who I’ve always been. 

Make sense?

I’ve blogged often about how this is so WILD. 

I’m on page 53 out of 400 pages in this wildly-exciting (for me) textbook. 

Notes from yesterday:

That’s just a teensy-weensy glimpse. 


I could very easily tell people, “Oh, you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Simply do this.

It. Does. Not. Work. Like. That. 

People will quit. 

Give up. 

Make many, many mistakes. 

And feel alone. 

THAT is what I’ve come to see as one of my greatest tools. 

Give people that comfort of not having to do something so big — all alone. 

I offer very personalized service. 

I’ve coached some who might not have felt that. And it makes me feel bad. 

But I’m always here for them. 

People are in different stages. 

Some want a teensy bit. 

So getting them to respond to my daily texts is a bit more challenging. 

The ones who have communicated the most with me, have had extra-ordinary results. 

In all areas. 

Back and forth texts, phone calls and the like. 

The learning that goes on. 

Still amazes me. 

People feel like someone is in their corner. 

Because I am. 

I asked Cora, who is just finishing up her thirty days with me, to write up a testimony for me to include in this post. 

She has told me numerous times how my services have greatly affected her life. 

So she put it into words for me to share. 

Isn’t that just amazing?

People are starting to realize more and more what I do. 

Cora is telling everyone about STK.


I’m currently working with a few others that I believe, given the opportunity, would be just like her.

I love it and am ready for any challenges up ahead. 

Each one sharpens me for the next. 

I fully believe that. 

Now let me back up a bit and give my side of the story. 

Back in January, my Pastor had approached me and asked if I would start teaching my already-in-place workshop at our church. 

I was a bit apprehensive. 

Because in my own mind, it was a huge door that I knew would be opened and self doubt set in a bit. 

Did I really have knowledge to help people?

Did I really have what it takes?

Could I stand in front of a crowd and speak?

Several weeks later, I met with him and agreed to give it a whirl. 

I should say that after letting go of all of those nonsense feelings, I felt that this was a much needed direction. 

For everyone, including myself. 

My first workshop was in May and Cora attended, along with her twin daughters. 

I had never met her. 

I walked around and introduced myself before class began. 

She had brought in Tim Horton’s coffee and a breakfast sandwich. 

When I approached her, she pointed to her TH bag and exclaimed how she knew it was not healthy. 


Officer Shari shows up, police attire not needed. 

(Did I mention I love laughing!?)

In all seriousness though. 

I brushed it off. 

I never want people to feel guilty. 

I taught my class and loved every minute. 

I felt it was successful. 

Cora was someone that showed interest in my services so I waited about a week and called her. 

She thought she was just inquiring for her daughter’s allergies and wanted to hire me to go to the store with her. 

I was feeling very much that a consultation was in need. 

So that I could really find out what was needed and proceed. 

After all, I specialize in that now. 

So we agreed and then met. 

Her words at the end of my consult,”I want to throw money at you!  You offer so much information. What you have is very valuable.”

I was astounded. 

I’ve heard very similar statements when a consult is completed. 

But the throwing money part…that was a new one. 

I knew what she meant though. 

The journey proves to be similar for each, varying slightly with each person/personality/desire/will. 

About two weeks into our 30 days together, it was a bit of a struggle to get info from her. 

Then she finally admitted, “I’m bored with what I’m eating.”

That has everything to do with this whole thing. 

You cannot look at it as just 30 days of eating basic, bland food. 

That is what a diet mentality will do. 

This is different. 

You need to incorporate tasty food in your meals every day. 

It’s how it becomes a lifestyle. 

This is no diet. 

A lifestyle change. 

So I immediately offered her some hands on services. 

I felt she was shocked that I would do that for her. 

We grocery shopped and then went back to her house, where we prepared her dinner together and spent some time meal planning. 

She snapped this picture because she was excited to show a friend. 

I have to remind people all of the time, “it’s what I do.”

I am aiming for success for every single one that I coach. 

And that is making sure they are properly equipped. 

Each one will eventually fly on their own. 

Some come back for oil changes and tune-ups, but again, this is a lifestyle and this is what I do. 

So I am more than thrilled to spend time where it’s needed. 

Someone else had asked me to go to the grocery store with her about a month ago. 

After a few minutes explaining the basics in the produce aisle, she stopped me, with tears in her eyes. 

She then explained, “I’ve always wanted help in this area, and I can’t believe you are doing this for me.”

THIS is why I do what I do. 

THAT is what is so rewarding to me.  

To use STK services and to get to know my heart, is to feel encouraged, accepted and free…in an area that seems too big to tackle. 

Here are snippets of conversations with some of my current people recently. 

They truly have no idea how messages like these inspire me to reach higher and deeper and wider….for the ones ahead. 






What are YOU waiting for?

Nutrition Counselor, That’s Me

So I’ve been studying this Holistic Nutrionist class. 


I’m due to take the final exam next month. 

Fingers crossed that I’ll be ready. 

Working on my cookbook consumed a lot of my time. 

But in reading the material and watching the dvd’s that came with the program, I’ve not always agreed with it and/or sometimes lost focus. 

The first part was in anatomy. 

I LOVED it. 

The middle parts. Not so much. 

Eat plants. 

Meat is the devil. 

Not sold on that. 

But that’s okay. 

I need both sides of the spectrum. 

I believe I’m right in the middle. 

Not solely in agreement with the medical doctor on nutrition as well as now with the holistic doctor that is 100% plant diet. 

But that’s me. 

I never claim to know more than others. 

I’m certainly no doctor. 

Or nurse or dietician for that matter. 

But I do believe that people want what I have to offer. 

If not right now, soon. 

And once they see my way of doing things and get to know me, they trust me and feel very comfortable. 

Which brings me to the topic of this post. 

I’ve just opened up my last book in this nutrition program. 

The textbook that I’ve been VERY excited to get into. 

Because I believe 100 percent in my ability to effectively assist someone in this journey. 

No coincidence that my personality and skills are almost verbatim in what the first chapter outlines:

Nobody should “toot their own horn”, but I feel God has definitely equipped me in a way for “such a time as this.”

Sense of humor ✔️

(Have you seen any of my videos? Blog posts?)

Honest & Genuine ✔️

I strive to be as real and transparent as you can get. 

Flexible ✔️

You need me to run to the grocery store and/or prep a meal and/or meal plan? (This will be discussed further in an upcoming post). 

I have been known to rearrange my schedule (I’m my own boss…I can do that) and provide those services. 

Optimistic & Hopeful ✔️

I have always seen the glass half full. Always. And my hope is in Jesus. He guides my path. Can’t get any better than that. 

Respect, Value, Care & Trust Others ✔️

I hope that the people that I assist always feel this from me. It’s no act. It’s completely genuine. Because I DO care. 

Empathy ✔️

I have struggles. Most that I’ve overcome. And that is a great part of me now being able to assist people, to the best of my ability, to overcome their own struggles. 

They say that those are the characteristics of effective nutrition counselors. 

It’s funny, when I look back at my life.

I have always loved connecting with people. 

I’ve had interest in many areas. 

Some more recent than others. 


 (I love to paint, craft..etc)


 (I went to school back in the early 90’s to get my degree, but then decided to expand my family, going from two to four children, which changed everything)


 (Growing up, I always wanted to write books, especially children’s books, but in recent years have settled for blogging)


 (Okay, many people like humor, but I inject it at every opportunity, because life can get too serious, but that’s just my take)

Personal Relationships

 (I want to believe that if I speak to you the first time or for the thousandth time, that I make you feel comfortable and special in some sort of way [your hair looks great, your child is adorable, are those news shoes!?] and I mean every word)

But the irony is this. 

No. One. Who. Knew. Me. Prior. To. October. 2014. Seen. This. Coming. 

No one. 

Well. Except the Most High. 😉

He has guided me. 

He has prepared me. 

There is no other explanation. 

Yes, I seem to fit the guidelines. 


I had to be refined in some areas. 

To bring me here. 

To help others. 

Isn’t that cool?

Someone recently told me that there is a show on tv called, “Fit to Fat to Fit”. At least that is what I think she told me. 

It’s where this personal trainer, in order to help people, GAINS the weight his client needs to lose and then eats properly and works out along side of them to lose the weight. 

Sorry. Not this girl. 

I only needed to do that once. 

I can refer to before pictures as the inspiration. 

Like this. 

I’m never too proud to show people where I’ve been. 

It was the final piece needed for this area in my life. 

As a now certified health coach. 

I have many parts to the process of saving kitchens. 

This first chapter in the book also stated this:

I’m so about getting people to eat TASTY, healthy dishes. It’s an important part of the equation. 

(My cookbook….ahem)

For this to become a lifestyle. 

And the success rate is high so far. 

And STK has been in business for only seven months. 

I’m super pumped for what’s ahead. 

There are more kitchens about to be saved. 

I almost always have these visions. 

Not names or faces, but pretty darn close. 

Because as I’ve built this (with His guidance), so people will come. 

And they ARE.