Do You Eat That?

Yesterday was my nephew’s open house. 

Which means food. 

Which means people watching me, asking me about what I’ll eat and/or hiding their indulgences from me. 

The hiding part is mostly in fun. 

Or is it. 

There was delicious, albeit unhealthy, food all around. 

Fresh baked ciabatta. 

Authentic Italian pasta (I don’t even remember it’s name but it was sooo awesome). 

Delicious sweet treats galore. 

My mom is an amazing baker. 


Because I’ve either made these names for myself, or they’ve been given to me, “health coach” “SaveTheKitchens” “food police” or “health nut”, food, weight, unhealthy vs healthy food is always, always, always the subject when people are within a few feet of me. 

It’s like I have a giant target on me, no matter what. 

I try to avoid engaging in conversation of how I look or what I eat. 


It now comes with the territory. 

I find it amusing most of the time. 

Because before all of this, you would not have guessed this is what I would now be known for. 

That was me two and three years ago. 

I was the one on Facebook sharing goopy, gloppy recipes that I thought tasted good and gave me comfort…I guess. 

Looking back always amazes me. 

But because I now have this amazing journey and stand for something that is not only of huge importance (your health) but now as an example to those around me. 

If I can do it. 

Anybody can. 

True statement. 

So back to this party. 

Did I eat that fresh baked ciabatta roll?

Why, yes I did. 

Did people probably watch me eat it in shock and awe. 

Most likely. 

And I am very much aware of it. 

When I put pasta on my plate, someone asked about my eating habits. “Dairy? Pasta? Bread?”

I always say this:

I’m a real person. 

Yes, I eat healthy 99% of the time. 

And I feel GREAT because of that. 

Really great. 

But on occasion (ON OCCASION), I will eat the naughty foods that are around me. 

And I live to tell about it. 

I have to admit. I do kinda enjoy eating “bad” on purpose, in front of people.

 Just to get a reaction. 

That’s just my personality. 

And I like to keep things real. 

My now famous video actor, Ken, was also in attendance yesterday. 

At the end of the party, he was a table away with a small group of people. 

I caught the last part of their conversation, because I heard my name:

“Yeah, because Shari wasn’t around….”

That is where I piped up:



Haha. That got a huge roar of laughter. 

It’s when I wish I had expensive video equipment and hired help to catch those funny, unplanned moments. 

There are SO MANY. Often. 

But guess what. 

Let’s get serious for this last moment. 

I always look like I’m having fun, kidding around, posting recipes, blogging and doing fun videos…

And I truly AM having fun. 

But I’m also privately helping people truly transform their kitchen. 

I’ve always got a group that I’m coaching. 

They are each at different points within my 30 day challenge:


Day 1 

Day 10

Day 23

Post Consult

And people are always doing SO wonderful. Even the ones that come to me a bit skeptical, but interested. 

Maybe a bit overwhelmed at first. 

And then alllllll sorts of great things begin happening. 

I’ve shared many of these stories. 

But I’m simply amazeddddddd with every text that comes my way, sharing the positive benefits. 

There are so many. Seriously. 

And it’s absolutely thrilling to me. 

If you are on the fence….STOP IT. 

This is life changing and tooooooo good to not jump on board. 

People come to me as their personal health coach. 

But in reality, I save their entire kitchen. 

Which benefits the WHOLE household. 

I. Love. It. 


If I’ve made a name for myself and get poked and prodded a bit while out and about…so be it. 

It’s been totally worth the ride. 

Because it’s not about me. 

It’s about them. 

And each of them are WORTH it. 


Cooking With Shari

What if I told you that I have never thought of myself as a good cook. 

I made what I considered decent meals pre fall 2014. 

Lots of tacos, spaghetti, meat with rice or noodle dishes (think boatloads of processed foods). 

It’s all that I knew.

“Look, the recipe calls for lots of flour, sugar and vegetable oil…yum!”

Literally turns my stomach now. 

Because I’ve gotten away from allllll of that. 

When someone begins the process of getting their kitchen saved, with my help, it is like speaking in a foreign language for them. 

I’m there to show them the ropes. 

With a template. Lots of helpful tips. Meals. Lists. Reminders. 

The grocery store and kitchen become the classroom. 

With me as the teacher, I am literally as close as a text away. 

Most people find that extremely useful. 

This is very typical in the beginning. 

It’s all a part of the process. 

I have talked about doing cooking classes. 

I’ve really come to realize something.

With the now great, healthy recipes, I have turned in to a great cook. 

Because I’ve learned how easy it is to put the right ingredients together. 

I spent some time yesterday with my son’s girlfriend. 

She has been over for dinner multiple times. She told me that she loves my cooking. 

I kidded with her about always telling her what I’m going to make and always adding, “it’s sooooooo goooooooood!”

Where have you heard that before!?

I say it because it’s true. 

But I forget that most people don’t realize that. 

I love being in the kitchen. 

I want to invite you to mine. 

I also want you to invite me to yours. 

Invite a few friends and wellah — we have a fun filled, hands on cooking class. 

Bring your recipes and let’s revamp them…healthify them, per se. 

I’ve been talking about this for awhile. 

But I really want to put it into action. 

This is a busy time for me. 

As a health coach. 

As a new business owner.  

As a student. 

As a blogger. 

As a video director and actress (haha!). 

As a teacher. 

As a cookbook author. 

You get the point. 

But I want to expand. 

There is value in what I offer. 

I hear that, all of the time. 

So, what do you say?

The first five that take me up on this and books a cooking class will receive a free copy of my cookbook. 

Phone lines are open. 

Don’t Stop Believing

That song popped into my head as I thought about writing this post. 



Just checked the World Wide Web. 1981. 

I was close. That was my teen era. We all can remember dates and things going on in our lives when we listen to music that we grew up with. 

The title is actually ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.

And I love that the band name is Journey. 

It all goes together for this post. 

Okay. Enough about the band and the song. 

Yesterday, I caught a few minutes of Dr. Oz. 

I rarely ever tune in. 

Not because I don’t want to. But because I just don’t think about it. I don’t regularly watch much tv. 

I am mostly along for the ride as my husband watches his shows. 

All those guy shows. Cars, Swamps and most things Alaska. 

It’s all good. There is literally nothing else worth watching. 

Except Curious George. 

That’s on a lot when my grands are here. 

Back to Oz. 

It intrigued me as I listened to his guests on the show, Chris and Heidi Powell. 

Chris is the personal trainer on a show called Extreme Weight Loss. 

I have caught that show on occasion, as those types of shows interest me. 

I love his personality and approach. 

No Jillian there. 

So, yesterday on the show, he and his wife were answering questions about weight loss and health. 

In one of his explanations, he said something that stuck out to me as a wonderful tag line. 

So true. So profound. 

After telling people that they should not and cannot ever go back to the way they were before a healthier lifestyle, he said this, ‘the journey is never over’. 


For those of you who have been with me a year and a half, six months or six days…that is TRUTH.  

If you are earnestly seeking weight loss. The right nutrition. An overall healthier lifestyle. 

Then you learn. Make changes. Enjoy progress (even small victories). And KEEP GOING. 

What I have seen several times is this. 

Someone wants the change. 

They want my help. 

They notice many, many benefits as they jump in and begin the changes necessary. 

Only to fall prey to their old ways. 

This takes work people. 



It’s a journey. 

Not a race. 

Not a miracle, quick fix diet. 

It’s a longterm lifestyle. 

Let me direct you to the previous post about the Pedersons. 

Tim and Elissa WANTED that permanent lifestyle change. 

They are more than willing to keep on going. 

They realize, especially after two months of continued success, that this is a journey. 

They are both still losing weight, eating right and remaining on task. And STILL learning along the way. 

That was my journey. And is my journey. 

I’ve been hugely successful. 

But let’s clarify something. 

Whether we lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, it’s keeping it off that takes determination and planning. 

Continued focus. 

That’s where the complete lifestyle change comes in. 

Your kitchen SHOULD look different. 

Your grocery cart SHOULD look different. 

Your recipes SHOULD look different. 

There is no real finish line. 

But there are the awards ceremonies along the way. 

And…..the medals can be stripped away. Pretty quickly. 

If you allow little bits of the old back in. 

We have all done it. 

If you truly want change,

My journey has been….a journey. 

My own. 

Yours may look a bit different. 

But we should all be headed in the same direction. 

Doesn’t look like before. 

I still have to make decisions. 


And 9 times out of 10, I make the ones that benefit me the most. 

I’ve come too far, worked very hard. 

And I’m accountable now to many, many, many people. 

I’m super grateful for that. 

My God knew where I was, what it was going to take and what I needed to be doing in order to continue. 

By focusing on others, it has helped me (tremendously) on keeping my own self in check. 

This is my story. This is my journey. 

It’s never over. 

And I’ll leave you with this. 

Because I like funny. 

And silly. 

I’m known as the food police in many settings. 

Snapchat had this as a choice the other day when snapping your picture. 

You’re welcome.