Saving Their Kitchen, For Realz

You’ve seen the funny videos that I’ve been throwing out there. You know the ones. 

The hilarious guy that does not want to do this whole healthy lifestyle. But his wife does. So he reluctantly goes along with it. And puts up quite a sassy fight. 

I’ve hash tagged those videos #savingtheirkitchen. 

In reality, I’ve saved many kitchens. And it continues. 

I was hired by a couple that I know through church, Tim & Elissa, back in late March. 

We sat down for our initial consult and they expressed their concern with their health. Their weight, their energy levels (nearly non-existent) and how they wanted to truly learn how to eat healthier. 

They both had turned sixty and are raising their great-grandchildren, ages 2, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2. 

That is no easy feat. 

But it was a huge motivator for them to make the decision to look into what STK was really all about. 

They admitted that they had been on every diet under the sun over the course of the last 30+ years. 

They now wanted a true lifestyle change. 

And I was about the show them. 

Before I go any further, this is something Elissa kept saying to her husband at the initial consult and I knew that her thinking would change during the process, “this is a diet that we are on for only 30 days…”

Because that is what she was used to doing. Diets. For a set time. 

And after meeting with them last night, I was absolutely correct. She learned a whole new way of life in the kitchen. In the grocery store. 

She said one of my own now famous lines, “I am so proud of my cart while in the grocery store.”

That alone made my want to cry. 

This is what happens. 

Time and time and time again. 

Kitchen after kitchen after kitchen. 

But there is a whole lot more. 

They both agreed that getting started seemed a bit overwhelming. And that the first two weeks was challenging. 

Elissa stated, “once you get past the first two weeks, it’s like a rollercoaster going up the hill and then you go down and smooth sail.”

That’s when they noticed the beginning of the benefits. 

More energy. 

Did I tell you that they are raising their great-grandkids!?  Who are all preschool age and younger. 

So that, my friends, was a huge benefit. 

And they don’t take that lightly. 

Weight loss. 

After the first thirty days, Tim was down 30 pounds. Elissa, down 11. 

I met with them at the end of that thirty days, as I do with each client. 

They were singing the praises of STK and my services. They wanted to hire me again for the next thirty days. 

For the accountability. Which is another huge need for most people. 

For the tips and encouragement. 

And also for meal planning. 

I gave them weekly dinner menus that included the recipes and list to take to the grocery store. 

That proves to be very beneficial. Choosing great tasting, healthier recipes comes very natural to me now. And I can put the grocery list together in minutes. 

It’s been a great second half of their two month process. They have found recipes that they love and will continue making. 

And feeding their sweet wee ones. 

Elissa and I paused for a moment at her kitchen table and shared a “bless our socks off moment” together when we discussed how that is so extremely important to her. 

Teaching these children at such a young age of the importance of eating healthy. 

Less sugar = better attention span and better behavior. 

We all know this. But to actually become aware of the sugar content all around us, become familiar with the hidden names for sugar, so as to read the labels properly and be able to really grocery shop and cook properly. 

You know, like our great grandparents did. 

Going back to basics!

We have had a slow fade to this now very fast paced life. 

We are too busy and therefore reach for familiar, quick (and often without nutrition) items at the grocery store. Or heaven forbid, drive thru. 

So, back to Elissa’s words at the initial consult. “….this diet….”

She sent me a text a few weeks ago that basically stated, “this is no diet, we are eating a lot of real food!”

Yes. That is correct. 

They have shared so many wonderful changes. But this one is really big and brings her to near tears each time we declare the victory. 

Tim was severely addicted to diet pop. He drank more than I could’ve ever imagined on a daily basis. 


After more than THIRTY YEARS. 


His beverage of choice now: water. 

And lots of it. 

He noticed a huge difference in his belly almost immediately after giving that up. 

Isn’t that something. 

Diet pop does not benefit you in any way, shape or form. 

It does just the opposite. 

And his addiction to it is GONE (not sure if you caught that). 

My daughter Rachel and I shot these little clips last summer and fall. Here is one we did on diet pop. I am always trying to make a point. 

And I’ve been very successful in doing so. 

Tim also has noticed no more edema, which was severe. No more aches and pains (inflammation). Blood pressure great. He is much farther away from the steering wheel, both in his vehicle and his tractor. 

These are all big deals. Noticable changes. 

Because of food. 

Let me stop for a moment and declare this:

These results all have to do with food. And nothing else. 

No shakes. No powder packets. No nothing extra. 

Just a kitchen “saved”.  

Elissa’s face lit up when after a few minutes of us chatting, I told her how I saw changes in her, both her weight loss and her skin! I see a huge difference. 

Her blood pressure and sugar levels are all normal. She was once on Metformin. Her doctor says it’s no longer needed and to keep doing what it is that she is doing. 

She is amazed at the energy she now has. And she needs it!

She said that she now understands my mission. 

She told me words that I hope to hear from each person after the process (and I always do), “I look at food so differently.”

Both Tim and Elissa went on and on how about valuable it was to have me as their health coach. 

Someone who was always there, cheering them on. Giving them not only encouragement, but great advice, tips etc.  

One thing that Elissa will still need to work on is her water intake. 

While Tim is busy chugging his water daily, I had to send out reminders to her often. 

I took this last night. Haha!

Not enough Elissa, not enough. 

But again, wow with the transformations. 

Their total weight loss in eight weeks: Tim 40, Elissa 17. 


I am all about saving kitchens. Your kitchen. 

When. You. Are. Ready. 

Because when you are, I’ve got this toolbox, one that is so full, and together we clean out and fix what is wrong. 

Before you know it, you are proudly walking through the grocery store with a cart that looks amazing. Completely different than before. 

And you feel amazing.  

Tim and Elissa are now off on their own. I believe they are fully equipped. 

I have set a few things in motion to keep them slightly accountable to me still. 

I told her that I’m in it for the long haul, both for myself and the kitchens that I save. 

They’ve both worked so hard, there is no going back. 

Only forward. 

And I’m thrilled to have been a part. 

And to continue seeing their success. 

Here is a clip from last night. 

So cute. And so them. 

Here is to their continued success!

Elissa would tell you, “Do this! It’s truly so rewarding. ”

I have two new kitchens that I visited this week, to save. 

Two people who are just getting started with their eye opening journey. I’ve given them the first bit of info to begin. 

I love it!


Planning to Fail

Enough said. Right!?

Being a health coach, it is my job to encourage, inspire and constantly point people in the right direction. 

Want success?

You. Must. Plan. 

There is no margin for error. 

Or this happens. 

If you are just joining me, I love inserting humor into my teaching. 

Whether it’s a blog post like this one, a video clip (have you seen my new ‘series’?) or a dramatic visual at my workshop of me pushing my grocery cart around like a proud peacock through the store. 

It all works. Because we can each relate to some or all. 

I just marked my sixth month anniversary last week with STK. Pretty incredible, huh?

On a side note, I’ve had two people send me photos of this. 

Apparently, STK is a steak house. 

STK is now also very much recognized as SaveTheKitchens. 

Love it. 

But I’m staying busy saving kitchens, putting new workshops on my calendar, working on my cookbook and forcing myself to stay on top of my schooling. 

This “eat plants only” and “meat is the devil” is not sitting easy with me. But I’m pushing through. 

But life can get really busy and has a way of getting in the way, especially when you are throwing something new in the mix. 

Like changing your kitchen. 

This is a huge hurdle for many, many people. 

For me, food planning is a must. 

I don’t necessarily have to have a menu all planned out per se, because I basically know what to keep stocked. 

But the other morning, for example, I had zero bananas, zero avocados and two eggs. 

I know, right!?

It’s something that causes panic in this girl now. I’ve got to have those on hand. 

But I did end up making my flax wonder bowl. I have grown to love that. 

Again, thankful that I do keep quite an arsenal of staples on hand.

That recipe calls for flax, coconut milk, almond butter, blueberries and cinnamon. 


It’s been a learning process. 

At my inhome workshop last weekend, after opening eyes to what exactly is in the label, someone said to me, “I bet you spend a lot of time grocery shopping.”

Just the opposite. 

I can get what I need in minutes. 

But that isn’t how it was in the beginning, that’s for sure. 

I went to both Costco (why on earth did I go on a Saturday) and Kroger this past weekend. 

We are now heavily stocked. 

And that is exactly how I feel. 

At my consults, I tell people:

You must plan. And prep.  

And then through the 30 days I gently remind (nudge, badger….sometimes even using their middle name…in ALL CAPS) about it. 

People pay me to do this. 

Isn’t that the coolest thing. 

In all seriousness, I’m a bit passionate and take what I do very serious. 

Equipping people is key to long term success. 

There are many out there that do this on their own. Kudos!

But the ones that have hired me for guidance get some major benefits along the way. 

At least that’s what I’ve been told. Especially by the ones that hire me for multiple services and/or more than one month. 

Accountability (that is a big one)

Recipes (it can be hard to really know)

Tips (because I’ve been there)

Encouragement (we all need that in our lives)

And so on. 

I want people to go farther. 

Some drop out because it’s too hard or they don’t see the results they imagined. 

But this is a lifestyle.  

It takes time, hard work, discipline and planning. 


The ones that truly grab a hold of that are ROCKSTARS on this journey. 

And I am blessed beyond to be a part of it. 

There are so many mixed messages out there. How do you really know what to believe. 

For many reasons, that makes me want to scratch my eyes out. 

But two years ago, I would’ve looked at that and went, “okay cool, I’ve got me this list…”

Not now sister (or brother). 

Back to planning. 

It’s a must. It’s HUGE part of the recipe for staying on track. 

Get this visual again. 

It’s truth.  

If you want success, you’ve got to plan. 

Which means knowing what to buy, what to make and how often it should be. 

It’s a process. 

And one I love taking people through.