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The Herbal Way | Shari’s Healthy Journey


Coming Soon, to a Kitchen Near You

If I had the proper equipment, I would do a few short clips to announce these upcoming workshops that I’m currently developing. 

But I also love to blog, so this works too. 

I DO, however, have a really great video clip in the works, to be shown soon. So watch for that. 

I just announced that I will be teaching a workshop (or two or twenty) at my church. Read about it here:

Saving Grocery Carts | Shari’s Healthy Journey

This might not be a newsflash to you. 

My mind never shuts off when it comes to this area of my life.  

I’m always, always, scouting for new recipes, articles and knowledge. 

Creative new ways to not only build my business, but to actually transform kitchens. Grocery carts. People. 

You let me into your kitchen, I get into your head. 

Ok, maybe not to that extreme. 

But I have been told by many that they do hear me, especially in the grocery store. 

Hopefully it doesn’t look like that. 

Someone recently told me that she hears my voice while reading a new book on health that she just got. 😎

But seriously. 

I’m always eager for new opportunities when it comes to saving kitchens. 

I want to offer a wide variety and I believe that I can reach more people that way. 

You want to learn how to properly read labels and know exactly what is in your grocery cart?

I’ve got a workshop for that. 

That. Is. Super. Important …

… and the very much needed first step to good health. 

What date works good for you and your friends??


Do you realize that there are hunger hormones?

Three of them. 

And when they are whacked out, they play a huge role in your health and eating habits. 

Hunger Games, a workshop I’m creating. 

Do you want to learn more about super foods? To supercharge your health?

What are they?  What do they do?

Super Carts, a workshop I’m creating. 

Do you know how to cook?  What to cook?

Invite me into your kitchen with some friends over and we will talk meal planning. 

We will even prepare a meal. 

STK Meals on Wheels, I’m creating that workshop. 

How fun is that. 

Oh, do I have an arsenal of good recipes now. 

Hey, did you know I’ve got a cookbook coming out!?

Saving Kitchens. 

Coming soon. 

One last fun workshop. 

This one will excite many. 

Save My Desserts. 

Chocolate is your thing?

Let’s do All Things Chocolate. 

I’ll have you choose from my chocolate recipes and we will make two or five treats. In your kitchen. With your friends. 



Peanut Butter?



Check. Check. Check. 

Healthier versions. Every one of them. 

And good. 


You tell me what interests you. We will check our calendars together. 

And I promise, you will love the outcome of any and all of them. 

Because I make eating healthy fun. 

Because I make learning fun. 

Phone lines are always open. 



What On Earth Do We Eat?

That is a question that I get asked often. 

Especially when I’m helping someone first get started in transforming their kitchen. 

It’s what I refer to as ‘saving their kitchen’.  

Planning, shopping for and preparing healthy AND tasty meals comes very natural to me now.  

It’s why I do what I do.  

And I absolutely love it.  

There is such a great need for helping others along their own healthy journey.  

If you are just tuning in, mine started back in October 2014. 

I had no idea it would turn into this. 

But I’m overjoyed. And excited to keep moving forward. 

I have to remember that I was once just like the people I’m now coaching. 

Before that fall, I was interested. Somewhat. 

But I had no idea how to do it.  

Now, the opportunity to speak with someone new about this happens often.  

In every setting.  

No matter where I’m at or who I’m with.   

Old friends. New friends.  

People I’ve never met (thanks to social media). 

Or events that I’m invited to. 


That was at a fun ladies event a week ago.  Think ‘luxiourious skin care’. 

We were going around the room sharing what we did for a living. 

Because I love humor and I’m slightly passionate about what I do (insert sarcasm), I often explain that people have no idea what they are about to embark on when they ask me even a teensy, weensy question about food or what it is exactly that I do. 

It’s like if you give a mouse a cookie. 


If you ask Shari about food or any health related question,

She will immediately drop everything, lean in real close,

And will take your question and expand it on many different levels. 

You might ask her about coconut


In which she will not only explain the benefits,

But also have you licking your lips at the thought of the six different healthy recipes that she went on to share with you, in delicious detail. 

She will then proceed to direct you to all of her social media sites. 

Promising that you will be encouraged and benefit tremendously from doing so. 

Some people need little guidance. 

But most need quite a bit. 

I do not mind hand holding one bit. 

If it means pulling someone in the right direction. 

Where to start. 

What to do. 

How to do it. 

I am a health coach. 

It’s now my strong desire to truly help people. 

Just in the past month, I’ve successfully coached someone who was pre diabetic into a healthier lifestyle. They have lost almost 20 pounds and have completely transformed their diet. 

I’ve also helped someone realize that by eliminating sugar from their diet, that it would most likely lead to eliminating their severe headaches. 

A young person who was suffering from severe digestive issues is now pain free, because I had her eliminate certain foods from her diet. Her mother has now begun changing her own diet and is seeing a dramatic decrease in her sugar levels already (she is diabetic), with putting a few things into practice. She is now excited to have a consult with me soon to learn more. 

Story after story. 

Transformations are happening. 

Let me just say this. 

Stories like those above are why I do this. 

It’s not rare that I become teary eyed after seeing and hearing those results. 

It’s because I care. 

I’m not promoting a weight loss product of any sort. 

This is about changing your diet for your health. 

Weight loss almost always naturally occurs. 

Because you clean up your diet. 

It’s so important. And learning how to do that enables you to be properly equipped for long term success. 

I give you a template for what the journey looks like. 

I give you recipes. Really good ones!

I text you daily. 

Sometimes multiple times a day. 

I’ve had many people tell me at the end of the 30 days that they will miss my texts, for multiple reasons. 

You can even take me to the grocery store, by way of texting pics of foods that you have questions about. 

Or literally take me with you. 

I’m going with someone today!

I love the grocery store. 

Day 30+ looks very different from day 1. 

In not only how you look and feel, but how you think

That is key. 

I am always encouraged by people telling me that once they grabbed a hold of what I teach them and put it into practice, they love the food and the once worrying about it quickly disappears.

What on earth do you eat?

Much more than you think. 

And real food that is tastier than you could imagine. 

I’ll keep pushing you in the direction of not looking back. 

Again, you ask:

What on earth do we eat?

Only one way to find out. 

I’m literally a phone call away from grabbing your hand.