What About Me

You’ve landed here. 

Where is here?

This little spot on the map, called STK (which I use often, to abbreviate SaveTheKitchens). 

The world is a big place. 

But you can find me in orange, in the area shaped like a mitten. 

But enough about where. 

Let’s talk about what. 

I met with a couple last night. As we sat around their kitchen table, outlining our plan to save their kitchen, I couldn’t help but think this: 

I still can’t believe that I am doing what I’m doing. 

Saving kitchens. 

The woman encouraged me and said it like this, “you’ve always loved to cook. And have always been a great writer. Now you have taken your passion for health and this all works.”

She is someone that I’ve known for several years now, through our church. 

She also stated (and I hear this often), “And it’s the way that you deliver this. It’s not so far out there that it’s not desirable.”  

Meaning, I’m not so far to the side of extreme. 

That is something that is a turn off to most people. 

I am very passionate about changing lives, in the way of a healthier lifestyle. 

But again, in a way that is not extreme

I suggest a plan that changes the contents of your grocery cart and then we move on from there. 

Because that is where it starts. 

You want larger steps?

I can help you with that. 

You want to continue with the lifestyle change that has greatly benefited you already?

I can help you with that. 

I am Shari, a wife, mother of four grown children and a grandma of two. 

A now certified health coach.

Super motivational yet delicate in my approach. 

I am not pushy. 

I’m only slightly aggressive. But enough to get the job done. 

I don’t make things impossible. 

And I am extremely understanding. 

This is a journey. 

And because everyone is different, it looks a bit different for each person. 

But the goal is to get somewhere. 

You never want to give up. Quit.  Look back. 


Because I do get you moving forward. I’m right beside you, cheering you on. 

And here is the big difference between you doing this alone versus having the support of a health coach:

  • You have constant support. 
  • You are given tips. 
  • You learn about why you are doing this. 
  • You develop a different relationship with food. 
  • You learn to correctly read food labels. 
  • You learn to make this a lifestyle (I do not advocate for a quick diet). 

At some point, you will want to quit. 

If the results don’t happen quick enough. 

If you feel like you are “depriving yourself” too long and still crave the processed foods. 

I’ve said this many times. 

I’m not for quick fix shakes or prepackaged foods. 

You’ll lose weight. 

But you won’t learn. 

You won’t learn. 

So much happens on this journey. 

In the beginning your kitchen looks like this. 

It’s not what you expected right?

But get that image in your mind. 

It’s what an unhealthy kitchen looks like. 

Oxidation. Inflammation. 

That is what you invite into your kitchen when you eat processed foods. 

I help transform it into this. 

This is no “housecleaning” per say. 

But that’s the image. 

A sparkly clean kitchen. 

Not perfect. But, oh so much better. 

You have to start somewhere. 

Let me show you how. 

And I’ll leave you with this. 

I added this “poll” to my website yesterday. 

Because I like to laugh along the way. 

I’m here to help. 

That is what I’m about. 

I’ve updated my website, with brand new services. 

Check them out here: http://www.savethekitchens.com


Back To Basics

Its just food. 

That was the title of my post yesterday on my “sharishealthyjourney” blog. 

You can find it here:


I needed it for myself as much as I knew others out there needed to hear it. 

Last night I decided that I needed to go back to basics. 

Which means cutting out grains, dairy, legumes and sugar for a period of time. 

I don’t consider the first three to be too much of a problem, since I have them so infrequent anyhow. 

I don’t consume refined sugar much either. 

It’s these players. 


I coach people currently through 30 days of eating like I’ve outlined above. 

I’m sure they will love that I will be on the same page right along with them. 

I never want people to think that I eat perfectly or that I never have struggles. 

I eat really good. 

But if I’m not careful, over time, I can easily slide towards too much in the sweet department…even though it’s “natural” sweeteners that have beneficial properties. 

Healthy treats. 

That’s my game. 

And now I must get back to basics. 

Carrot Cake Bars

Date Balls

Pecan Pie Cookies

Chocolate Avocado Pudding


Those are absolutely all fine. In moderation. 

In. Moderation. 

When I came off of my “new-way-of-life-diet-that-overhauled-my-thinking-about-food”,  I had these as treats. 

Fruit Smoothies (Kefir or Coconut Milk, Banana, Frozen Fruit and Coconut Oil)

Almond Butter & Apple

Among a few others that I can’t bring to mind. 

Notice they don’t include dates, honey or syrup. 

It’s not that I can’t have those ingredients. 

It’s how often I’ve allowed them. 

And then craved them. 

And then made them again. 

Which has led to more snacking. I believe. 

If you are in tune to your body, you can pick up on what’s going on. 

Sometimes it takes me a bit to realize. 

But I always realize. Eventually. 

So. My 30-Dayers….I’m joining your club. 

I’m sure that will make things “easier” on you, knowing that your coach is down in the ditches with you. 

And together, we will dig ourselves out. 

And come out winning!

Taking It On The Road

So this past week. 

So. Fun. 

Have I mentioned how much I love what I do?


Things come my way often, without much effort on my part. 

So blessed. 

STK is now four months old. 

Only four. 

I feel like I’ve been in business for four years, with how far I’ve come already. 

Coaching is definitely my passion. I love, love, love the daily contact with those that I am helping to transform their plates. 

Which transforms everything else from there. 

I reminded someone this morning this, “we not only work on reshaping your body but also your mind.”

It all works. 

I love having the connections on different levels with people. 

From the people gleaning info from my Facebook posts and the daily shifting for my clients that I’m currently coaching, to the workshops that I do. 

Information highway. With lots of hands on experience. 

I love it. 

Do you know what else I love?

When I’m at church, for example, and I’m talking to sixteen different people…guiding and encouraging each one. 

I leave feeling thrilled for doing what I love. 

So this past week. 

On Monday, I had my first in-home workshop. 

It was THE BOMB. 

Last fall, I definitely had a vision for it. I just didn’t know how and when. 

The host invites family and friends (think Tupperware party, with nothing to purchase). I bring my materials and knowledge to share. 

It. Was. Great. 

Here is the review from my host, Tracey:


I was privileged to help Shari launch her in home work-shops – and she DID NOT disappoint!

We had a group of 6 ladies get together, shared a meal first and then Shari walked us through her workshop material.

She was organized and very thoughtful in the preparation of materials she put together. Each guest received a folder filled with reference materials she covered that evening and then some. It was time well spent. 

I thought I was pretty knowledgeable in the area of what to look for on labels, but she shared some VERY eye opening things I was not aware of. I have been a label reading fool ever since! 

Even though I had never “met” Shari prior to this evening, it was SO comfortable – as though we were longtime friends! And now after meeting her, I believe we will be!


I’m still on an adrenaline rush from that evening. 

Here are some pics. 

They LOVED the chocolate cherry avocado pudding. It’s so fun seeing people try and enjoy healthy treats. 

And then scrape the bowl for any remnants. 

Ask me about labels. 

Ask me about sugar. 

Ask me about healthy vs junky foods. 

Go ahead. Ask. 

More than one person has told me that my “face lights up” when I talk about what I now love. 

And it’s contagious, I promise. 

Many have told me that I make this journey fun and exciting. 

Hey, how cool is that!?

Is there anyone else doing this the way that I am?

I don’t think so. 

It’s why I didn’t name my business, “Walls Coaching” or “Shari Walls, Health Coach” or “Shari, Your Wellness Coach”


SaveTheKitchens is catchy and fits exactly how I envisioned. 

And it’s (more than) working. 

So, these in-home workshops. I cannot wait to have several more on my calendar. 

And I know it will happen. 

I’m thinking of having my own, here in my home as well. 

Why not. 

And then I get a message from someone several days ago:

“We are ready to get some healthy treats into our kitchen.”

That’s me paraphrasing. But this is someone that put a bug in my ear last fall about possibly using my services. 

I created a menu of five different treats, shopped for them and whipped them up in her kitchen yesterday. 

I also made a large pot of jalapeño chicken chili for her family. 

This service could break wide open as well. 


Not could. 


As I was preparing the food, there were people coming in and out of the house, because the home is listed for sale. 

Several people commented on my goods, on how tasty they looked and smelled. 

And one woman pretty much tried calling me out on if they were actually healthier alternatives. 

Not in a mean way. In a dumbfounded way. Like staring and pointing and then staring. 


I love it. 

People have no idea. 

But with SaveTheKitchens, that is changing. 

People are starting to realize. 

The inspiration is contagious. 

The information is transforming. 

And I truly believe that God has equipped me, for such a time as this. 

Because, I’m a very simple person, keeping it real and having fun with it.