Seriously, Food Network!?

I can’t even. 

I used to watch a lot of cooking shows. Everything always looked soooo good. I didn’t really make the recipes that were shown, but there was something about watching someone else prepare food. 

I would sit mesmerized. And then go raid the kitchen. 


Ina Garten was especially my favorite. Her soft spoken voice and very calm nature, it was almost therapeutic. 

I completely judge her now. 

“You use white flour Ina!?”

“Whoa….that is way too much sugar!”

“Do you realize what that oil does to you!?”

Poor Ina. 

She’s great. 

But she must not know. 

Even if she did, she has such a following, that she must stay the course. 

Imagine if her kitchen was saved. 

People would be astounded!  She would not only look different (healthy), but her once unhealthy meals would be healthified. 

Call me, Ina!


So. Yesterday. 

I tuned in to Food Network. 

First up. Paula Deen’s son, Bobby. 

He takes his momma’s recipes and lightens them. 

But I spotted so many problems while checking out his recipes online. 

The use of canola oil. 

“Somebody!  Call the doctor!”


Someone, please inform him. So that he can then inform the multitude that are copying his recipes. 

Canola oil. 


Get informed, right now:

Canola Oil Good, Bad or Ugly?

When I see recipes, that are claiming to be healthier versions, like the ones shown below…it makes me want to claw my eyes out. 


Can you spot the problems. 

Remember, these are “lighter”. 

Where do I even start. 

Okay, let’s do this. 

Lighter does not equal healthier. 

That is so so so the past two decades. 

Of lies. 






That was worth repeating, by the way. 

Counting calories and lowering your fat intake is not the way to go. 

Can someone say transfat. 

Wash that from your brain. 

We have been so programmed for that. 

It’s truly hard to deprogram people from that way of thinking. But not impossible. 

I’ve read article after article after article. 

It’s not the fat. 

It’s the sugar. 

Good fat is good. 

Low fat is not good.

Can’t miss this. 

Cool whip. 😳

Not. Real. Food. 


Very, very bad. 


Very, very bad. 

Okay, are you staying with me here?

Take a deep breath (I just did). 

Corn syrup. 

No explanation needed. 

How about that “raw granulated sugar”. 

Oh, it sounds sooooooo healthy. 

Yeah, let’s throw raw in front of it. 

Still refined sugar. 

Will the Real Raw Sugar Please Stand Up?

Bobby keeps that old way of thinking going by constantly reminding his viewers this, “Only 120 calories and 1 gram of fat!”

Stop it. 

And then. 

I could not even. 

The show after Bobby. 

Kelsey’s Essentials. 

Her line up yesterday:



Mmmmmm…..goopy batter fried in vegetable oil. 

I was yelling at the tv.  

She is not claiming to be healthy. 

But those recipes. 

It’s what America loves. 

But it’s only because it’s constantly being shown. 

Of course we want it. 

But this is America. 


It’s a real problem. 

It pains me even more to see this. 


I’ve got this great concept for a show. 

Starring this girl. 

Maybe someday. 

I’d love to be in the grocery store and surprise a shopper with saving their kitchen. 

Can’t you just see that. 

Now. Food Network or any other channel…if you so even produce a show like this without me….


So, I’ve got two phone calls that I’m waiting for. 

Ms. Oprah Winfrey

Mr. or Ms. Food Network Producer

Thanks for tuning in!



Just Say No, to GMO!

I posted this information in my STK Facebook group this morning. 

Thought it belongs here too. 

Do your research. 

Read labels. 

Sugar. Soy. Canola. Cottonseed. Corn. 

These are HEAVILY used in processed foods. 

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  


On The Fence

You have found yourself sitting there on the fence. 

On one side is your current lifestyle. Moderate to very unhealthy. You feel sluggish. Bored with your meals. Not sure where to turn. Where to start. 

Possibly you’ve tried everything under the sun. This diet or that diet. 

Only to … fall off the wagon. Again. 

Because you quite possibly have never learned anything. 

Restricting calories. Drinking special shakes. Do this or that. 

You will always go back. 

What do they say? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result….

The good news?

Take a peek to the other side of the fence.


It’s where you might find hope. 

A true change. 

Where you can learn something. 

And guess what?

You will find that it’s not what you were expecting. 

You learn. 

You are equipped with the knowledge and tools to be successful and stay successful. 

You learn about yourself. 

And about the emotional attachment to the very foods that are keeping you from moving in the right direction. 

There is a way. 

And it’s not hard. 

But extremely rewarding. 

I sent this out this morning to a few of my current clients.  


This is not about dieting. 

This is about truly learning how and what to eat. 

Food has everything to do with everything. 

Most people have no idea where to start. 

Oh, they might exercise.

 To “burn calories”. 

But never change their diet. 

Simply does not work. 

I have learned so much. 

And I absolutely love what I do. 

Each time I meet with someone new for a consult, it ignites that passion that I have. 

I fully believe that it’s a contagious flame that gets transferred to the person sitting across from me. 

Or at the other end of the phone. 

Because I have done phone consults. 

It’s a win-win. 

And it goes like this. 

My excitement spurs someone on. 

They get excited about this new lifestyle. 

They see that it works. 

More inspiration, to keep themselves going. 

On so on and so on. 

The results that I constantly hear inspire me. 

Which makes me even more passionate. 

Which spills into the next person. 

It’s a continuous cycle. 

When I say I have people lined up, I’m not kidding. 

Oh, some aren’t there yet. 

But they are coming. 

Don’t Live Terrified

I could easily have sixteen slogans. 

I recently used this, “don’t live terrified” in one of my videos. 

It has stuck. 

It screams out such an important point. 

Something I have to remind myself and others as I encourage them to: 

Eat healthy. Live healthy. Be informed. Make educated choices. 

But don’t live terrified. 

Like this:

Absolutely everything has to be organic”

“I can never, ever consume ____”

“These chemicals, they are everywhere! I will eat nothing

“Do you know what a microwave does!?”

“Do you realize you are breathing ________”

It can get wild and crazy. 

And before you know it, you don’t leave your house. 

Let’s be real. 

I try to be so real. 

And I hope I’m transparent enough for you to see that I do not eat and live perfectly. 

I can’t. 

This is the real world. 

We are surrounded by all things ungodly, unhealthy and un________. 

It takes discipline and determination to improve your life. 

In both the spiritual and health sense.  

I have worked hard at disciplining myself and have been very, very determined. 

And I am, for the most part, successful. 

But not perfect. Nor terrified. 

I want to be an example. 

But the kind of example that people can look to, knowing that it’s possible ….but also without an unrealistic pressure to be something unattainable. 

Make sense?

I have conquered huge mountains in this journey that started 16 months ago. 


Weird because that number keeps coming up. 

Yesterday, I had my 16th person sign up for my 30 day coaching. 

Sixteen lives. 

It’s thrilling. 

As I explain (dump a ton of information) this new lifestyle to them, I see hope, I see excitement and I see a bud of determination. 

It’s my job to water that bud. Cheer on its growth. 

And just how we are all different, watch as each one blossoms. 

Their own way. 


Because I blossomed. My own way. 

And, using the tools that I was given to start with, set out on my path that has brought me to —

Right. Here. 

You will be equipped. 

You will learn as you grow on the path. 

But don’t live terrified. 

A good, healthier lifestyle is so rewarding. 

But there needs to be a good balance. 

Do I eat cake?


You mean real cake?  


But not often. 

Ok, how about all things organic?

Not perfect. 

But I’ve made huge improvements.  

How about fast food?

Never again. 

Hey, I told you I’m transparent. And very honest. 

There are certain standards that you will set for yourself. 

I just want to help you make informed decisions. 

By “ruining things” (I have #ruiningmoment videos) I hope it teaches you. Makes you think twice. 

That you hear my voice when forced with a choice. 

I’ll leave you with this. 

Now be artsy, just #dontliveterrified. 

Call Me, Oprah!

I absolutely LOVE what I do. 

Have you heard?

From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to do videos. They started out as ridiculous to make a point and aways included my daughter. 

She isn’t as available as she once was, so I have changed directions a bit. 

Doesn’t mean you won’t see some here and there, me being the health nut mom trying to get my daughter to eat healthier. 

That is way too much fun. 

But I’ve recently began doing a few cooking and or cooking with tips videos. 

And like this. 

I even posted one last week that I call a #ruiningmoment, where I’ll take something a part at the grocery store to teach people. 

Isn’t that what a health coach does?

Ok, maybe just this health coach. 

I’m so glad that I have worked hard to make what I do lively and sprinkled with humor. 

It’s who I am. 

And it’s drawing people in. 

My mind. It never shuts off and I constantly see new material before me. 

Whether it’s a text from a client. 

Or something I see on TV. Like yesterday. 

Oh my gosh. I was even laughing at myself. 

Laughter is good medicine by the way. 

It’s been a whirlwind the past three months. 

That’s it. Three months since I left my job and pursued saving kitchens. 

STK has taken kitchens “by storm” and the results have been incredible. 

And by results, I mean people are learning. 

About themselves. 

About the right foods. 

About the wrong foods. 

They are getting it. 

How rewarding is that. 


People who were once like this…


…have been set free from that sugar laden food bondage. 

I don’t expect them to completely realize this, but they are far closer to it then before they started my 30 day challenge. 

 How, you ask?

Oprah is kidding herself. And people are blindly buying what she is selling. 

If you are taught to eat based on a point system, which allows anything, then what in the world are you learning?  How do you know what is healthy?

You simply do not. 

And you always go back. 


Because you don’t know. You haven’t learned.

Those processed foods are trapping you. 

You haven’t conquered anything. 

The Cookie Monster is real. 


Control yourself?

Not a chance. 

You have to change your relationship with food. 

You have to break up with some that are perhaps very near and dear to you. 

Certain foods … they are lying to you. 

You’ll feel better with ditching them, I promise. 

My 15th person signed up over the weekend. 

Fifteen lives. 

Incredible in just three months. 

Two of them are several states away. 

And I have those that are watching, paying attention and taking baby steps. 

Many lives are on my radar. 

They are coming. 

Because I’ve built it. 

But it’s not just me. 

Even though things seem to be going at hyper speed, I’m not. 

I know this much. 

I want His direction. 

His blessing. 


Forever saving kitchens (and if Oprah called, there would be lots of saving work to do there),