This is My Story

I have so many creative ideas flowing through my brain often. 

I always have.  Whether it’s writing, painting or whatever. 

I love expressing myself in so many ways. For different purposes. 

I was in church yesterday, listening to an awesome message about finances and how important it is to manage ours properly. 

I was completely tuned in while also “seeing” the concepts that were used as actual concepts that I can inject into my health coaching. 

With food. 

My mind never shuts off. 

Everything I look at, I immediately wonder how it can be used to further save kitchens. 

I’m beyond passionate people. 

So while the speaker spoke on writing down every dollar spent for a week, to better see where our money goes, it made me think. 

If everyone wrote down what they ate for a week, it could be eye opening. 

I’m talking about before my help. 

It’s the careless spending, the mindless eating….both are without purpose. 

It’s much easier to bury our head in the sand. 

Okay, now I can’t breathe. You?

But it’s SO true. 

If we don’t have to keep account to ourselves, it’s so easy to just…..

That goes for lots of things. 

It also had me really thinking about the direction of my teaching. 

I’m not a teacher. 

I’m not a public speaker. 


But I’m super driven to share my story and know that it helps others. 

Because it already has. 

I’m not just another person on the healthy bandwagon kick. 

I’m in too deep. 

I know too much. 

And my circle of influence is growing. 

But I know that I stand out as different. 

What I want to concentrate on is this:

I did something that changed my life. 


Most everyone knows that. 

I used to look like this. 

But here is the kicker. 

When I started dropping those fifty pounds, I did not take compliments very well. 

I felt so great!  It was so exhilarating to keep dropping sizes. 

But I struggled with taking compliments. 

I would almost shut people down.  

I’ve blogged about it in my weight loss blog. 

It didn’t feel comfortable and I wasn’t sure why I was like that nor could I handle it any different each time. 

In recent days I’ve had more insight on what has been developing over time. 

It’s like things make sense. 

Like a big revelation poured over me. 

This is no patting on the back. 

Compliment me and I’ll still struggle. 

If it’s how I look. 

This journey is not about how I look.  

I did an amazing program that assisted me in losing weight and I always point back to it to give thanks AND explain that it started me on this path of learning. 

Others have learned too while on it. 

But there are still many that struggle with how and what to eat. And why. 

Whether they’ve done the same program or others, like Weight Watchers, Medical Weight Loss, this diet or that diet. 

I’ve watched people put their weight back on. 

And it saddens me because the struggle is real. 

They don’t know where to turn. 

Because they haven’t changed their relationship with food. 

This is where I am extremely grateful for that fork in the road that I arrived at. 

I choose the path that enabled me to continue learning. With such a strong desire to do so. 

Both in true experience and tons and tons of simple research. 

Trust me. I’m not brainy. 

But I’ve come to realize that you don’t have to know it all. 

You take what you do know and inspire and help others that are placed in your path. 

I told my Pastor this recently:

“As a Christ follower, especially when I was first saved, I wore a new pair of eye glasses. I could see the lost.

“Through this journey, I’ve put on a second pair of eye glasses. I can see the unhealthy.

And because of my desire, my heart and my story, I am making an impact. 

It’s never been about my looks. 

It’s a passion that has been building inside of me for months and months. 

Bringing me to here and now. 

I’m in a group on facebook for health coaches. We share ideas and inspire one another. 

I posted in there a few days ago. A quick overview of my story and my business. 

People were astounded that as a very new health coach, I’ve touched eleven kitchens (and more actually). 

I am too. 

But it constantly reinforces that I took the right path when I came to that fork in the road. 

Encouraging people. 

Educating people. 

Being an example. 

It’s truly thrilling and an honor. 

I’ve got big plans and dreams for SaveTheKitchens. 

And they are playing out and unfolding daily. 

The enemy of my soul would like me to think otherwise. 

My eyes dart this way and that way if I’m not careful. 

This person or that person…they know more. What do I really know. 

And then. 

I remember. And refocus. 

I’ve surrounded myself with a few very godly women who encourage and cheer me on. 

Or someone will text me, message me or comment on something of mine on facebook, in the way of thanks or their success. Even their deep need of my help. 

I’ve adjusted my eye glasses. And I’m keeping them on. 

You didn’t think I could end things without a laugh, did you?


These Kitchens

When you think of a kitchen, most likely you are thinking of the decor.

Granite counters. Stainless steel appliances. Beautiful wood floors. 

Country flair. Contemporary. Modern. 

Bleached clean. Cluttered. 

Painted walls. Papered walls. 

I could live with this one. 

And I love those quotes on the walls. 

I LOVE that one by the way. 

But when I think of kitchens, it’s a bit different. 

It happened the day I choose the name SaveTheKitchens for this blog. 

It will never be the same. 

Even when I hear the word kitchen. 

It’s like I own that word. 

I’m not quite three months in on starting my own business. 

What a leap of faith!

And guess what?

I AM saving kitchens. 

Just as I had set out to do. 

Some are not completely saved. But they are getting there. 

And by saved I mean stripped, gutted and redone. But not in the decor sense. 


These are pictures from someone who decided that enough was enough for her and her household. 


She and I went grocery shopping together recently and her cart looked beautiful at the checkout. 

Lots of produce, healthier meats and good fats. 

And then she sends me pics of what they are having for dinner (using my heathier dinners from Pinterest).    

I love it. 

Click here: 


So. They are on their way. 

Do you know just how absolutely rewarding that is for me. 

I could cry. 

I’m so very passionate about what I’m now doing. 

Isn’t that the way it should be?

At this stage in my life, I’m ecstatic to be able to do something I love. 

My husband and I have proudly raised our four now-grown-children, recently became empty nesters and are completely head over heels in love with our two grandchildren. 

So it’s a good season to be able to go in this direction. 

For the past twelve years or so I have worked part time out of the house. And I’m grateful for the opportunities that I had. And I made some wonderful friendships along the way. 

But now this. 

Owning my own business, doing something that I feel so passionate about and already reaping the rewards, knowing that I am making a difference. 

I’m touching kitchens in my local community, nearby communities and even one several states away. 

It’s one of the green ones.

Little by little, people are ridding their kitchens of overly-processed-sugar-filled-foods and are learning to grocery shop and meal plan the way we were meant to. 

The way we should. Because of our health. 

Did you know that food makes up about 80% of our health while exercise is about 20%. 

It’s kind of a big deal. 

As I have daily communication with my clients that I personally coach, I feel like I’m standing in their kitchen. 

There are a few who desperately wanted a change and although they were excited and ready, they were also scared to death to make that change. 

And guess what?

They did it. They are doing it. 

And they are killing it. 

Rocking it. 

Feeling great

Learning so much. 

And being an example to those around them. 

When I get texts like these, it’s better than any paycheck. 

I could go on and on. 

Bigger doors are being opened. I’ve been propositioned with something that could potentially make SaveTheKitchens a well known name. 

I’m terrified. 

But also very excited. 


If you are doing what you love and believe in the path that you are taking and it’s changing people’s lives, then why in the world not. 

Many people have encouraged me tremendously recently. A few have told me “you are so passionate, that is how your business will be a huge success,” and then this, “your face lights up when you share with others.”

I believe God is using little ole me for something bigger. 

I don’t say that lightly. 

To say I’m honored is an understatement. 

Because for years I’ve been praying about how I could be used to make a difference. 

I just had no idea it would be this. 

Isn’t that just so Him. 

Workshops? Sign Me Up!

“Teach us what you know.”

That is what was asked of me several times before I took the plunge and made SaveTheKitchens my business. 

I knew that I needed to create some informational classes. Workshops. 

What did I want people to mostly learn in the beginning stages?

I had my first workshop in December, “What’s in Your Grocery Cart?”

It went over really well. 

Once I got past the slight stage fright. 


I love people. I can gab for hours.

But put me in the front, as center of attention and I might black out. 

Nah. Just kidding. No blacking out. 

Just a little stumbling on words. 

But then I regain my composure and refocus. 

And that’s when I have fun. 

Why do I say this?

Because I did not start out in life doing this. 

This was just last month. 

One time. 

And there are many more times up ahead.  

I will become more at ease, confident and have so much more to offer. 

Isn’t it exciting?

We are only a week into the new year and my business is gaining momentum. 

I’m keeping busy folks!

I’ve got two workshops slated for this month. I am creating my own “series”, per say. 

Workshop 1 “What’s in Your Grocery Cart”

This is all about learning to really know what you are putting in your grocery cart. It starts with being a little educated in reading labels. 

Most people look at labels. But we have all been programmed to look at the nutritional information only


Calories. Fat. Carbohydrate. Fiber. Protein. 

Maybe check out the vitamins. 


But what about this. 

Do we really know what we are consuming. 

Most of us assume that we are buying something “healthy” due to the front of the package. 

“Whole Grain”




And on and on. 

Food manufacturers have a way to market their products so that you believe theirs is the better choice. 



“School Safe”

For kids with peanut allergies. I get that. But. 

It also says “Gluten Free”

They jumped on that bandwagon too. 

Here is my follow up to the but. 

Soy is not a good replacement. 

For lots of reasons. 

It’s one of the topics discussed in Workshop 1. 

Not to scare you. But to inform you. 

I give simple information and encourage you to do your own research. 

It’s about making people more aware and getting them to pay attention to every part of a food label. 

People tell me that they read labels. 

But when I point specifics out, they admit that they just didn’t realize this or that. 

We also have interactive discussion, an activity and I offer a healthy snack. 

You get your money’s worth, I promise. 

Workshop 2 “Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners”


It’s basically omnipresent. 

It’s everywhere and in everything. 

People trying to watch their figure replace it with artificial sweeteners. 

Aspartame is the devil. 

Again, some basic information, interactive discussion, an activity and a healthy snack. 

That won’t include refined sugar or fake junk. 

Workshop 3 “Fats & Oils, the Good, Bad & the Ugly”

We have been taught that fat is bad. 

Look for lowfat, they told us. 

Can’t eat that, it’s too fattening. 

Well, it is if it’s the wrong fat. 

This we know (but in a vicious cycle we still consume). 

I love that. 

The good fat. 

Eat good fats. 

How about oil?  With so many on the shelf, which one(s) are:

Good? Bad? Ugly?

Keep these ____________.

Throw out those ___________________________________________________.

Discussion, activity and a healthy snack (you are seeing the pattern here, right?)

Those three are me teaching others what I’ve learned along the way, when I had to eliminate so much from my (very unhealthy) diet in October 2014. 

It changed my life. 

In taking online wellness classes, I have now been taught several basic nutrition and health concepts for growing young families and prime timers (that’s anyone middle aged and up). 

GREAT information. 

Does your young child eat properly? 

How are they doing in school?

How is their behavior?

Are they getting what they need for nutrition

I’ll be offering L.E.A.N. Start, which stands for:





Lots of potential “HUH….I didn’t realize that” moments. 

Nothing complex, but good basic information that is very easily adapted into your household. 

You are 30, 40, 50, 60 plus. 

You can be either proactive in taking control of your health for your future or in the repair stages for a better future. 

This is a series of four workshops. 

One word: endothelium. 

Don’t know what that is? You’ll find out what it is and how to take care of it. 

You have an IRA but do you have an IRAH?

Our waist size is a good indicator of our health. 

Junk food sets our bodies on fire. 


Whether you eat it now and feel no effects…there will become a day when you will. 

So there you have it. 

Look for these workshops being offered in February. 

I’ve got lots of planning to do. 

Here’s to your healthy start to a brand new year.