Meals On Paper

It matters what you eat. 

It’s a very good idea to plan ahead. 


I have found that planning ahead equals success. 


If I have junk….it sets me up for failure. 

It’s been rare, but twice in more recent days I have had homemade cookies in the house. 

My DIL made chocolate chip cookies for the kids and kept them in my cookie jar.

See my  post “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” here:

Last week I made sugar cookies with my grandson. I had to make the white-flour-sugary version because the first batch, which was made with almond flour and date paste turned into a catastrophe. 

And by catastrophe, I mean a live little bug came out of the package of almond flour. 

All my life I’ve heard of this but it has never ever happened to me. 

J and I were so grossed out. 

It might take me a while to trust a bag of any kind of flour. 

My face when I think about it even now. 


My point about cookies. 

They were in the house. 

I did not want them. 

I ate them. 

I did not want them. 

I ate several. 

I really did not want them. 

But they were here. 

I set myself up for failure. 

Just because I eat very healthy and am known as the “Food Police”, I still have to draw the line in the sand. And keep sugary treats far, far, far away.

So what have we learned?

Keep good food in, bad food out. 

That goes for meals. 

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

What do you have planned?

Quick, convenient and unhealthy?

Don’t know how, why and where to start?

Guess what. 

I know the answers to those three questions. 

I offer a service called Meal Planning. 

Tell me what you and your family like and dislike, I’ll take it from there. 

You will receive weekly emails that contain a menu, along with the recipes and a grocery list. 

This example is for a week’s worth of lunch and dinners. 

Just between you and I: 

I am willing to grocery shop with you and also help you with light meal prep. 

This is what I do now. Everything is centered around getting people healthy by way of how they eat. 

How they feed themselves and their family. 

I am constantly trying new recipes. 

I’m a crazed pinner on Pinterest. 

I think I know most recipes that are labeled healthy or paleo by sight now. 

You might need your meals on paper. 

It could be part of your New Year’s Resolution. 

You’ve made them before. 

But you need someone to guide you and help you make it stick. 

I’ll be your kitchen saving gal. 



Out Saving Kitchens & Stuff Like That

“What exactly do you do?” someone had asked me recently. 

I just started SaveTheKitchens, LLC about six weeks ago. My own business. 

You already knew that. 

I offer a variety of services, most all are centered around a healthier lifestyle, specifically what you eat. 

My tagline on my website, business cards and my new sweatshirt/t-shirts say, “A Healthier Kitchen For a Healthier You.”

They also say COACH. 

Still seems surreal.

But it’s becoming more clear that people are looking to me as someone who has knowledge in what to include in your daily diet versus the foods that need to stay out.

Eat healthy. It’s that simple. 


But most people don’t know what that entails exactly. 

So I’ve learned. 

I’ve had six consults, which consists of sitting down and going over my client’s current eating habits. What their meals look like on a daily/weekly basis. 

I then explain a plan on how they should be eating, for optimal overall health. 

This is not your momma’s “low-fat diet.”

You’ve seen enough video clips of me shaking my head saying,”no, no, no….no!”

Low-fat. No. 

I am hearing great results after a few weeks of clean eating from my clients. It’s encouraging. 

My job is to point them in the right direction and encourage them along the way. 

They end up encouraging me. 

So rewarding!

I also offer pantry makeovers. Let me help you in stocking your pantry with healthy, delicious foods. This may or may not involve ridding some of the junk. 

Don’t fall in love with what you have in there. 

Just saying. 


I also offer organizing weekly meal plans.  

After consulting with you, I will better know what you and your family’s likes and dislikes are along with the nutritional needs in planning the meals. 

Just know that items like crescent rolls and beanie weenies will most likely not be found as an ingredient in any of the meals. 

You think you’ll look like this. 


But, in reality, you will feel so much better. Eating like this. 

Okay, maybe you won’t be that excited. 

You might!

And it’s not just rabbit food, I promise. 

I also offer grocery shopping and light meal prep. 

This Thursday is my first workshop. Reading labels. Do you know what’s in your grocery cart?

Do you really know?

I also have lots planned for after the first of the year. 

I would really like to publish a cookbook, in both hard copy and an ebook. 

How fun is that. 

There is such a need in this area. 

I’m truly loving this new path in life. 

Saving kitchens. It’s what I do.