Let’s Go Grocerying 

Our field trip was fun.  Even though Kroger was busy and a few people stared. I didn’t care. I need these funny clips. 

That’s what I’m always aiming for in getting a video clip to use. Our first go round, I made the mistake of saying “eat your water”, so we did a reshoot. 

I love how my mom was peering into the frozen bakery window in this one though. Do you find yourself doing this?


I will all of a sudden have an idea for a new clip and feel the need to grab someone and make it happen. So far it’s worked. 

There is SO many informational videos out there. And I am grateful for that. But with my personality, I need to throw a bit of humor in. 

It’s the little things. Who knew I’d be doing this. 

I certainly had no idea a year ago. 

I was on day 5 and down almost five pounds. But I had a long way to go. 

And I made it!  My goal weight written in my food journal is in fact where I’ve been hanging out for the past seven months. 

I do not count calories, but make sure that for the most part, I eat whole foods that include healthy fats, lean meats and fresh produce.   

My last post I showed you what I used to load in my cart. Still makes me ill thinking about it. Seriously. 

It’s not that I walk past those items and crave them. Chips and cookies? Turns my stomach. 

Here’s a peek at some of my regular purchases. 



No oil. No salt. No sugar. 

Same. Just nuts. 

This is what I buy. No coconut flavor. I use it a lot and don’t want everything tasting of coconut. 

Love these. Nutty and crunchy. 


Such a satisfying snack. 


Read labels. Most packaged nuts have added oils and salt. Look for raw. They are delicious with a hint of sweetness.


Great alternative to soy sauce. Full of amino acids. John and I have replaced our steak sauce with this. 

Nutty and chewy. Hands down better than regular oats.

I haven’t eaten rice and really don’t plan to. This is delicious and good for you. You can’t call rice a superfood. 


Buy a flavor and no need to restock for a very long time. Little goes a long way. 


I add this to treats often. 


This. Yogurt. 

I’m madly in love with it. Triple YES!

Butter has gotten a bad rap. Use it. Just not tons at a sitting. 


Must. Have. 

This is great to add in smoothies or homemade frozen yogurt. 


Most of our Mexican meals are now topped with this cheese and avocados. 

The only bread I eat and it’s not often. 

I always have frozen fruit on hand. Smoothies, ice cream or frozen yogurt. Even avocado pudding!

I also like to have these frozen veggies on hand. They don’t go bad, for the most part. I like adding broccoli and or spinach to a lot: stir-frys, quinoa dishes and eggs. 

And last but not least, you might be good about avoiding aspartame, Splenda and all artificial sweeteners….but check your gum and mints. 

I find this at meijer.  

Not perfect. But I avoid the aspartame like crazy. 




Healthy Fats. 

No Artificial Sweeteners. 

You can make the switch. 

And your body will love you for it. 

More energy. 

Feel properly fueled. 

If you eat properly, you feel satisfied and have less junk cravings. 

Read that again. I’ll wait 



Hopefully you are ridding your own kitchen of processed foods. 

It might take baby steps, but you can soon find yourself on the other side. 

I promise you that you won’t regret it. 
You’ll only regret that you didn’t do it sooner. 

Happy shopping!


I Stopped The Insanity

A week or so ago, I went to the whole foods market. I LOVE the whole foods market. Now. 

A year ago, it was extremely rare for me to do anything close to that. I didn’t even purchase healthier foods at my local grocery store. 

Organic? No. It was too expensive and I realllllly did not know how to jump over to “the other side”. 

I have friends who were already healthy eaters and I remember thinking, “Huh. I just can’t figure out WHERE to get started.” It seemed way too overwhelming. 

Tonight I went to the grocery store. It’s typical that I’ve been going either Saturday or Sunday night to prepare for the upcoming week. 

One year ago today I opened up my food journal and logged my foods. It was day one, page one. I had NO idea what was up ahead. 

You know the rest. 

If you don’t, you can read here:


So, back to tonight’s grocery shopping. 

I went through the store and filled my cart with my my now familiar items. 

Organic produce, organic peanut butter, specialty cheeses, Skinny Pop, Triple Zero Yogurt, Organic Brown Eggs…..etc. 

It made me think. And then I began backtracking through the store. Snapping pictures of the items that I would’ve piled into my cart, pre-October 2014. 

Incredible. And look at the ingredients! Most are not even real food!

18 grams of  sugar. FOUR teaspoons of sugar in that little container!

I cannot even BELIEVE that I fed that to my children!  It’s not even cheese. 

Coffee is so much better without this. 

Would you like some high fructose corn syrup with your milk?  


I CRINGE when I see people eat this. It’s BAD people. Make your own on the stovetop. It’s SO quick and easy. 

I loved potato chips. But I didn’t know when to quit. I never touch them.   


No. It’s not even close to healthy. Healthy food doesn’t come in a box. 

I could never eat just one.   


I paired these with frozen fake chicken often. 


Again, nothing good really comes in a box. 


My late night snack. Often. 


If I ate one 100 calorie pack of these with that yogurt, I was having a healthy snack. At least that’s what I thought. 



I never ever bought coconut oil. I cannot even begin to count how many jars of it I have gone through now. 

Better than cookies….right?  


Again, I feel horrible that I served this to my children. 

My favorite flavor. Never ate just one.   (See my pattern…sugary snacks, I was ADDICTED)


Better off with olive oil and balsalmic. This is garbage. 

Haven’t touched it. 


I added sugar to this sauce. WHY, I ask myself. 

I grew to rely on these a lot. I know!  


Several teaspoons of sugar. 


Salt and sugar are added. Peanut butter in its raw form is SO good!


High fructose corn syrup. No thanks. 

I didn’t realize just how much I baked. Looking back, I had to restock often. 


And there she is folks. Even the labeling is catchy, “give me some sugar!”


Ahhhhhh, the bread aisle. 

Still don’t miss it. 

I bought cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread a week ago and have yet to have a piece. It’s just simply not a big deal anymore. 

I have gotten so far away from all of those foods that it felt strange to stop and give them any thought. 

People probably wondered what in the world I was doing snapping pictures up and down the aisles. 

At least I wasn’t doing a selfie video. 

What’s in your cart?

What changes have you made or are hoping to make?

Stop the insanity. If I can, surely you can. You’ll feel great!

Someone recently told me that when I ran into them in the grocery store last spring, they initially hid from me. When they finally did run into me, they tried to hide many items in their cart from me when I approached them.  I remember that the conversation turned into using coconut oil. They ended up going to the shelf to get a jar to begin incorporating it into their diet. 

If someone would’ve told me that I would be impacting people in this way, I wouldn’t have believed it. I had never experienced a healthier lifestyle. Other people did that. 

There are a few ladies that I know that took charge of their health and joined the NutriMost program. When I see them, I am amazed at how wonderful they look. They too have learned how to eat properly and now feel amazing. 

And I know that they are impacting others around them. 

Together, we are not only saving our own kitchens, but also of those around us.