Cola Schmola

I’ve not been a huge pop drinker. 

Thank God. 

That’s one hurdle I didn’t have to jump. I had enough of them without adding this syrup to my list. 

Many people reach for their pop in the morning like it’s their coffee. 

Studies have shown that coffee, in moderation, can be beneficial for you. If you don’t add the cream and sugar!  I have learned to love mine with 3-4 drops of flavored liquid stevia. 

But this soda pop. 

It’s like chugging tablespoon after tablespoon of sugar. 

Which then equals drinking pure fat. Basically. 

That is not pretty. 

That is truth. 

Read on.

But what’s a person to do, you ask?

Do not. I repeat, do NOT switch to the extremely poisonous diet soda. 

Read on.

Seriously. This is one addiction you need to get rid of. 

Water is so much better for you. You already know that. 

What you might not know is this. 

Add this to your water and you’ve now given yourself a healthier alternative. 

With Stevia, a little goes a long way. Start out with just two drops and increase as necessary to get the taste that you are looking for. 

This might not be easy. 

But you have to decide what is more important. 

I can tell you already. 

Your health is. 

One year ago, I would’ve never guessed that I would be able to replace my Tim Horton’s double-double addiction with a cup of black coffee with three drops of flavored Stevia drops. 

I will never go back. 

I’ve shed so many addictions in the food department and I’m all the more healthier for it. 

Take the steps necessary for your better health. 

You are worth it. 

And you CAN do it. 




I’ll Have a Water, Please

Pre 10/12/14, I drank nearly nothing outside of my beloved beverage of choice, coffee. 

Maybe a glass of water here or there. A glass of milk with dinner on occasion. Even a can of soda now and then. I especially liked Dr Pepper with lunch from a local sub shop. 

I just wasn’t a huge beverage drinker, let alone thinking about my water consumption. 

And it showed. As I would soon find out.

The article that I posted in my facebook group mentioned that you should go according to your urine. Light = properly hydrated. I’m not sure I exactly agree with that. But I’m no scientist. 

But I can tell you my experience and how my results have changed, for the better. 

I would say that before, when drinking small amounts of water, along with coffee and the occasional milk or pop, my urine (sounds gross!) would tend to be light. But I really wasn’t paying too much attention, because hydration wasn’t on my radar. 

My husband, on the other hand, has been drinking tons of water for years. I would roll my eyes when I would be waiting to leave for church and he would have to go back in the house to get his glass of water. Also as he took a glass with him nightly to bed. 

Water in his hand ALL of the time. 

I couldn’t imagine. He claimed that he craved it. 


At that time, I had only craved salty and sugary snacks. Oh, and coffee. 

When I went in for my consultation at Custom Health on 10/5/14, I stepped on their handy dandy scale. 

This wasn’t your average scale. It gave me a lot of information, in a print out. I already knew my weight. I did not know the other factors that were affecting my health. 

Water was one of them. And my results showed me that I was dehydrated. I guess I wasn’t surprised. 

My results from my consult compared to ending the program in early March. 

All of my numbers ended up in green, within 4 1/2 months.  


But it didn’t happen overnight. 

Today, when I get on my scale, which tells me those same numbers, it shows slightly better numbers than March. 

Again, incredible. The only thing I’m currently doing is eating a ton of healthy food and drinking about 30-50 ounces of water a day. 

I’m so proud of that number. 

The old Shari did not like or crave water. 

The new Shari craves and loves water. 

Age probably plays a big factor. I asked these two to get on my scale and then show their results, along with an average amount of water they drink daily. They are 20 and 25 years old. 


If you see me out and about, I always have my water bottle. This is the one that I carried for over six months. When it broke, I was sad and had to buy a new one. It was given to me at my consult and it was like my ‘Wilson’, from the movie ‘Castaway’. 

During the NutriMost program, you start out drinking 24 ounces of water per day and increase it by 8 ounces every five days. 

It worked. I began getting used to drinking more. 

Staying properly hydrated every day is very beneficial. I have noticed a difference overall. 

Below, this chart shows the healthy levels of hydration that you should achieve. Find out where you are at and begin increasing slowly. 

 Note that this also shows body fat %. I’ve learned that water percentage affects the fat percentage.
Today’s simple lesson. 

Next up, soda and diet soda. 

And now, we go to this commercial break. 😉