Stop the Wishing & Start the Doing

October 6th, 2014.

That was the day that changed everything.

Let me back up a bit.

April 9, 1988, I married my high school sweetheart, now known as Mr STK.

We raised our four children, Joshua (1989), Matthew (1992), Rachel (1995) and Alec (1997).

Two of our sons are now married and we have two wonderful daughters in law.

We also have three of the best grandkids that were born in 2011, 2014 and 2016.

All considered to be the happiest and greatest dates in my life.

I became a wife, mother and now a grandma.

But that October day in 2014 changed the course of my life in a different way.

From about 2000 on, if you were to look through my photo albums, I struggled with weight gain. Slowly over the years I had become quite overweight.

I wore big sweatshirts and loathed the size of my pants.

But I didn’t know how to fix it.

I hated the gym, unlike my husband who on many occasions tried to get me to go, to try and “get healthier.”

At 46 years of age at that point, I only knew grocery shopping and meal prepping one way:

Meat, very little veggies and fruit, lots of boxed/canned/bagged processed foods.

It’s. All. I. Knew.


Rice-A-Roni Spanish Rice was considered a dinner. With Pillsbury crescent rolls.

It was cheap, easy and considered tasty.

Because that’s all I knew.

If I tried to lose a bit of weight, I cut back on my portions, eating the same food.

In hindsight, I see the error of my ways. Hindsight is always 20/20 they say.

But it took me walking through a process.

One that had me grocery shopping for real food, eliminating the processed foods, all the while making me rethink my food choices and true hunger levels.

That all was introduced to me on that October day.

I was in for a ride and truly had no idea just how much it would change me.

I literally stopped the wishing and started the doing.

I was strict.

I followed the plan laid out before me to a T.

Many people watched and thought I had possibly gone crazy.

No one can be that strict.

Eliminate sugar for two whole months?

No lunch meat?

Can’t you just have _______ or _________?

Nope. I stayed focused.

I began to lose weight, gain some energy that was lost somewhere along the way and see things a bit differently.

Actually, a whole lot differently.

I did exactly what I coach people to do now.


Walk this new lifestyle out daily.

Pushed myself, unlike I had before.

Thought about what I wanted MOST versus in the moment.

Stopped looking for the easy way out.

Changed my kitchen. Completely.


Not only did I look and feel different, I thought completely different.

I felt confident.

I felt in control.

I loved the food and my new clothes.

And I wasn’t starving myself to get there.

Fast forward to one year later and I was saying goodbye to my job in a property management company and was taking classes to become a certified health coach.

You know the rest.

Here I am FOUR years later, with three years in business for myself.

I’ve helped a few hundred people, both local and out of state.

A. Few. Hundred.

I am not perfect and don’t expect perfect from anyone.

But what I offer can make a huge impact on people.

The educational consultation is worth its weight in gold. It’s eye opening.

The meals in my cookbooks are outstanding.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask anyone that cooks from it.

I’ve heard it a thousand times in multiple ways:

“Your cookbook never leaves my counter.”

“I love the recipes!”

“I’ve given your cookbook out to my friends because we just love the recipes.”

“Those recipes saved my kitchen!”

And so on.

As a health coach, I meet with people who have come to the end of their rope and are tired of the wishing and want to start the doing.

And are truly thrilled to have someone in their corner, guiding them and rooting for them.

Are YOU ready?


Happy Anniversary Shari Walls.

Looks like you’ve made it and have also dragged a whole bunch of people with you.

Health Coach Life

Hi, my name is Shari, and if you haven’t ever landed here, below you’ll read about who I am and what’s been happening as an individual who lives a healthy lifestyle as well as being a certified health coach.

This is Mr STK and I in Chicago recently.

We are both healthier today then we were 10 years ago.

Now let’s go back to the summer of 2014.

I was 46 years old and overweight.

Always tired. Did not know one thing about a healthy lifestyle.

It all seemed very overwhelming.

And I had ZERO discipline. ZILCH.

A recipe for staying on the same path (of being overweight and unhealthy).

But I had grown truly sick and tired of always searching for clothes that “made me look thinner.”

Anyone out there relate to that, or was I alone in that thinking!? 🤷🏻‍♀️

On October 4th-ish of that year, I took a giant leap for mankind, I mean for myself, and began completely transforming my plate.

Processed food —- OFF.

Lean meats and fresh produce —- ON.

I committed to stay the course for over 2 months. Curious to see where it would take me.

A few short months later….who was I?

I began feeling a change and I liked it a whole lot.

I was losing weight, learning a truly healthier lifestyle AND gaining some discipline.

It’s the perfect recipe for continued success.

But not everyone can/does. It’s HARD work!

Fast forward to one year later and I was down fifty pounds and MAINTAINING it (key) and was becoming so passionate about this newfound love, that I quit my job (I was in property management) and became a certified health coach.

Helping people became my (mid-life crisis?) new path in life.

On October 21, 2015, I launched SaveTheKitchens as a business entity. The name originated from this very blog.

To date, I’ve saved over 200 kitchens and sold over 600 copies of my cookbooks (I have two).

It’s all been crazy fun and I continue to grow and expand my business venture.

Follow my Facebook business page for all that I offer/do. SaveTheKitchens, LLC.

I’m reaching people all over the map.

I’m launching something new very soon that will take STK to a higher level.

A virtual Shari!? 🤔


What stands me out from the crowd is this:

  • I’ve come from the trenches.
  • I know what it’s like to struggle with food.
  • I have now maintained my healthy diet/lifestyle for almost 4 years.
  • I teach a real food lifestyle.
  • I teach a real food lifestyle (repeated on purpose).
  • I do not offer premade shakes or have you buying/taking mountains of pills to include in your diet for a “healthier you.”
  • I also don’t agree with the current fad that’s out (eat tons of fat…and then what!? 🤔🙄😳).
  • I walk out this lifestyle daily myself, which HAS TO INCLUDE discipline.
  • As a health coach, it’s more than just food that I’m teaching people.
  • I go to the gym and workout on a regular basis. Strength training is important!
  • So there you have it.
  • I’m no where near perfect so don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be either.
  • But I can get you to places you didn’t think were possible.
  • Because I know how you think and feel before starting as well as during the whole process.
  • I’ve had people ask how I am doing lately.
  • This is me being completely transparent:
    • Some days I want to eat the all of the kitchen/all the cheesecake and so on.
      Some days I don’t want to go to the gym.
      Some days I don’t even feel worthy of coaching people.

    But. I PRESS ON.

    This is what healthy at 50, sprinkled with motivation, discipline, MR STK’s workout plans and some really great food looks like for this girl:

    (Disclaimer: it was 6:30 am at the gym) 🙀😳

    Let me help YOU.

    It continues to fan the flame inside of me for myself and the next person that comes my way.

    This Just In

    Time sure flies when you’re busy/standing still/doing your thing/__________(fill in the blank.

    It never stops.

    And as a certified health coach and the owner of a very thriving business, I don’t/won’t/can’t stop.

    I just had my EIGHTH Healthy Eats Tasting Event the other night. It’s always fun to plan each one.

    That one was “Summer Treats” and went over pretty big. I served up nice cream (also known as banana ice cream), along with brownies and a cherry smoothie.

    My goal is to reach people who need that lifestyle change and also to let people know that I’m there.

    I had one person that came that recently discovered me.

    She asked if I had just recently opened and was stunned when I told her that I opened my shop in May of 2017.

    She took advantage of my buy two get one free on my cookbooks. That sale runs through tomorrow.

    Here’s my video that I posted yesterday on it.

    Those who know me or have watched me for any length of time, know that I insert humor often.

    I am just now rolling out a new program called “STKgimme10.”

    I’m calling it my fast track to better health.

    For 2 1/2 years, I’ve been SavingKitchens with my 30 day clean eating program.

    It is working/works/worked.

    But sometimes, people need a smack back into place.

    Or, what I’m finding with promoting this, even new people want QUICK.

    As a business owner, I want to offer multiple things in my quest to help people.

    And I always find a way.


    Speaking Engagements

    Great Foods in my Shop

    Grocery Shopping



    Meal Plans


    30 Day Program

    21 Day Program

    10 Day Program

    All with ZERO gimmicks.

    All aimed at BETTER health.

    All with PROPER education.

    And guess what else I’ve got up my sleeve?

    Cookbook #3.

    It’s been in the works off and on for awhile.

    It’s going to be wonderfully put together and will knock your socks off when you see the final result.

    Target publishing: early fall.

    Stay tuned!

    I’m coming up on THREE years in business.

    I’ve taken so many leaps of faith since October 2015, but always believe deep within my soul that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life at this stage.

    I received this text yesterday from someone a few states away.

    Just doing what I love.


    Hi, I’m Shari and I love saving things.

    As in ridding your plate, grocery cart and kitchen of processed, junky foods.

    Even some of the “healthy” stuff.

    If you have followed me for any length of time, you know this to be true:

    I’ve made a difference in a few hundred lives. And then some.


    There are still so many that, out of desperation, jump on some diet train to get rid of their weight.

    To “get healthy.”

    I get asked often about my thoughts on different programs.

    This is where my new workshop came into existence.


    People just do not realize the harm that these plans can do.

    If what you are doing has an ingredient list, chances are good that the ingredients are junky fillers that are actually inflammatory.

    Now that doesn’t sound healthy at all, right?


    I like to open a person’s 👀.

    Teach them about food and where the sources are coming from.

    Teach them about what’s been happening to our food.

    Teach them about how most of it greatly affects us.

    I posted a video on Facebook about this new workshop the other day.

    In it, I stated, “With these weight loss programs, oh you CAN lose weight, but what’s IN the food/shakes/supplements….there is the problem most often.”

    I have people bring me wrappers/packages all of the time.

    And most often, I have to burst their bubble.

    Come on out on May 17th to hear what I have to say about the most common weight loss programs circulating around.

    It’ll open your 👀.

    Tasting Healthy Eats, Real.Food & Cooking with Shari


    I’ve been a busy gal.

    These past several months of introducing “Tasting Healthy Eats” events have been super spectacular.

    I have a crowd between 20-30 people regularly each month.

    About 75% of them are brand new people.

    They come and not only taste my delicious and healthy food, but they also get to see and hear what I’m all about.

    Isn’t that GRAND!?

    Here is a video that I put together from last Tuesday’s event, which was my 6th.

    watch it here:

    My mission has been and will continue to be about SavingKitchens.

    I booked three consults Tuesday evening and two yesterday.

    SavingKitchens indeed.

    I know, right!?

    Next month: Picnic, on May 10th.

    To give you an idea of what else happens:

    I ordered 100 copies of my first cookbook in February.

    As of yesterday, I have about 25 copies left.


    It’s all good. But I think I’ll order more soon.


    Another WOW!

    This food is AMAZING.

    I sell out very quickly.

    Last Saturday, I stocked my fridge with 18.

    They sold in one day.

    What a great new service that this is here at SavingKitchens.

    Late yesterday, I stocked my fridge with 24.

    That was 5pm.

    I close at 6.

    This morning, I open with 20.

    Here is a post from Kelly, who purchased the 4.

    Some of the meals are adapted from my cookbook.

    I gave Jodi (the chef who makes this wonderful food) my wants for next week’s menu.

    Gonna be great…as usual!

    And lastly, cooking.

    In someone else’s home.

    At the March tasting event, my giveaway was Cooking with Shari.

    Charlotte won and after picking a date together and choosing three recipes from my cookbooks, I went to her home and we spent two hours together whipping up some good eats.

    Watch the video here:

    It was great fun!

    I offered it again last Tuesday and I’m cooking at Carol’s soon.

    To wrap this up, I love what I do.

    I love it more today than I did yesterday.

    I’m my own boss, doing things just the way that I want and feel necessary.

    And it works.

    I’ve saved over 200 kitchens and have greatly impacted a few hundred more.


    It’s the thing to do and the place to be!


    People come to me for several reasons.

    They want weight loss and they want a true change in their health.

    They have heard from so-in-so about me or have been watching me on social media.

    So they decide to call me up and see what I am all about.

    That’s where I whisk them off into a brand new, shiny and healthier lifestyle.

    They feel great!

    They love the food!

    They have learned so much!

    Nothing will stop them now!

    and then…

    Life sometimes/mostly happens.

    And unfortunately, the image above becomes reality for many.

    #itsjustfood I tell them, during that sweet, wonderful honeymoon phase of learning the ropes, saying no to junk foods and adapting this as a lifestyle.

    Back in the late summer of 2016, I launched a bi-weekly support-type meeting and I called it STK-Roundup.

    I had several women who regularly attended it and loved it.

    We talked about strengths and weaknesses, I threw in a bit of continued education and then introduced them to a new dish of some sort, making it right in front of them at my kitchen counter.

    This was before I opened my storefront up.

    The winter of 2016-2017 caused a lot of problems in attendance. Illnesses and icy roads made for quite a few cancellations of STK-Roundup.

    And then I spotted a little space in a building not far from my home for rent.

    April of 2017 I was signing the lease agreement and the rest is history.

    I became very busy with the new responsibilities of running my own shop, along with consulting and coaching new people that came my way.

    I would mention this cool, very much in need, support-type meeting that I would “soon” launch again.

    Months went by.

    And then I started getting requests from a few people about offering them again.

    A few weeks ago, I sent out this via Facebook, Instagram and also sent personal texts to many.

    I received a TON of interest, which told me that it was indeed time.

    I revamped what I offered before and gave it a new name.

    #STK4LIFE was something that someone had texted me after going through my 30 day coaching. She was thrilled with the knowledge that she had gained and the weight she had lost.

    It stuck in my mind.

    People NEED support.

    People NEED motivation.

    People NEED guidance.

    And so on.

    Because after two and a half years at this, I’ve seen and heard the struggles.

    It’s NOT always easy.


    This Monday evening is my 2nd #STK4LIFE meeting.

    I’m excited!

    The ladies are excited!

    (men are welcome too!)

    I am also offering a twice a month daytime #STK4LIFE for those that cannot make the evening one.

    Someone mentioned to me recently how “nice it was for me to offer all that I do,” and I replied, “it’s what I love doing.”

    And I am able to do it!

    I make this lifestyle do-able AND continue to guide you as necessary along the way.

    The requirement for participation: you must be a graduate of my 30 day program.

    SavingKitchens and KEEPING them saved….it’s what I do.

    Do The Hustle

    Did that song from the 70’s just enter your mind?

    Me too. 

    And by hustle, there are many definitions, but I’m talking this one.

    Some of you are new to following me. Many have since the beginning. 

    I’ve been a hustler. 

    Two and a half years at this SavingKitchens business. 

    When I reflect back, it’s amazing to me how not only has my business grown exponentially, but also how much I have grown as a person. 

    I astound myself sometimes. 

    This is not a pat on my own back. 

    This is to show you how God can put you on a path, and as you completely trust Him and His timing, you know that you know that the right people will be sent, the right doors will be opened and growth will happen. 

    I’m making huge impacts on people left and right and all over the place. 

    One woman, with a strong desire to help people…and I’m doing it, by leaps and bounds, every single day. 

    Who doesn’t love that. 

    I get asked often by people via Facebook message, email and also my website, what my services are. 


    I started out in the fall of 2015 with a little personal consult, whether at my house or yours. I then offered my 30 day clean eating program along with my daily coaching. 

    In the summer of 2016, I added a wonderful cookbook that, fingers crossed, would help people further and maybe I’d sell a few copies. 

    A few hundred copies and then some have been distributed across the city, the county, the state AND many, many other states across America. 

    Landing in kitchens everywhere. 

    I had a young adult draw up my character for the cover. It’s why I now add that bright red in my hair. 

    By the spring of 2017, I added a second cookbook. 

    See the resemblance 😏. 

    At that point, I had a lot of coaching under my belt, becoming very comfortable in the role that my unique business offered. 

    I was also offering a workshop called, “Saving Your Grocery Cart.”

    Boy, was God stretching me. 

    Before all of this, I was SO NOT a public speaker of any sort. 

    I had to make myself. 

    To date, I have done several corporate events, workshops in many places, speaking engagements about what I do at many local churches and now my biggest addition to my business, “Tasting Healthy Eats”. 

    We will get to more on that in a bit. I’m getting ahead of myself. 

    In the early stages, I launched this blog and started a private Facebook group. I had a few people interested. I shared articles, recipes and talked about my new business. 

    I’ve since added my business page on Facebook and both have 800 plus people following along. 

    SaveTheKitchens, LLC is my business page. 

    SavingKitchens is my private group. 

    Legally, my business is Savethekitchens, but since the launching of my cookbooks, I’ve branded more of SavingKitchens. 

    It’s what I’m doing. 

    In April of 2017, the opportunity arose to take a huge leap of faith and rent a space to expand my business further. 

    That space is 2 miles from my home. 

    I had been holding meetings and consults in my home for a year and a half and since there was no end in sight, we decided to take it to the next level. 

    I was sooooooo excited. 

    At first, the local people were unaware of me and what this SavingKitchens business was about. 

    Step inside. 

    And now, almost a year later, things are entirely changing. 

    I’ve not only personally coached nearly 200 people (that’s a lot of kitchens) and also have added two complete meal plans, but I launched something new last November. 

    (always hustling…hence the title)

    The idea started when I began making delicious recipes and having people sample them here and there when they came in. 

    “Oh, WOW, this is good,” they’d say, and then without skipping a beat, ask, “is this recipe in your cookbook?”

    It was that lightbulb idea. 

    Make food. 

    People will come. 

    I call it, “Tasting Healthy Eats Event”. 

    With a theme for each month. 

    I’ve held one each month since November and on average, I’ve had consistently 25-30 people in attendance. 

    That is new people, visiting my shop and giving me the opportunity to offer a few things at once:

    • show people that healthy can be tasty and easy
    • educate them a bit on this lifestyle
    • explain what it is that I do as a CERTIFIED health coach

    People LOVE it!

    I LOVE it!

    And I LOVE speaking in front of people. 

    Never ever thought I’d say that. 

    But seriously. 

    People are TIRED of pills, shakes and prepackaged food full of junk — all aimed at “health and diet.”

    I uncover truth and show them the STK way. 

    I coach on average about 15-20 people per month. 

    I wish that I could show you every text. Some literally make me weepy. 

    After my event on Thursday, 

    And now that she recognizes true healthy, she can spot the gimmicky stuff. 

    There are many gimmicky, multi-level marketing food plans out there, promising rapid weight loss for several hundred bucks per month. 

    When I read the ingredients 👀

    Makes me crazy that these people can call themselves health coaches. 

    They are NOT. 

    I’ve had education. Big difference. 

    And lastly, I’ve offered my new program called STK21 Reboot Boot Camp. 

    I’m actually currently doing along it WITH the seven who bravely signed up with me. 

    We are on day 6 together and amazing things are happening. 

    I’m extremely excited about it. 

    It’s only available to those that have went through my coaching and 30 day program. 

    Here is a video that I posted yesterday about it. 

    SavingKitchens has truly grown in ways I did not expect and it’s because of the path God has put me on as well as me being a hustler at what I do. 

    I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know. 

    Now I leave you with this. 

    Taste & See

    When you hear “healthy food,” what do you think of?

    For some, it’s bland and boring. 

    But it’s mainly because they are eating a processed food diet. 

    Like this 👇🏼

    Eating like that makes it very difficult to transition to a healthier diet. 

    But it CAN be done. 

    Or, people think they eat healthy, by following guidelines like this 👇🏼

    Makes me go 👇🏼

    So, last November, I had a brilliant idea and thought I’d give it a whirl.  

    Make truly healthier food and serve it to people, open house style, at my shop —- for FREE. 

    People like free and feel less pressure if they are allowed to sample with no strings attached. 

    So far I’ve made treats, soups, muffins and up next, LunchBox ideas. 

    Here are some pics from the past events. 

    I’ve had, on average about 20-30 people in attendance. 

    This has been a monthly event and my fourth one is this upcoming Tuesday. 

    At the end of the evening, I will announce what’s coming up in March. 

    So what happens at these events?

    I have a two hour slot where people can come in and sample food. It’s an open house style, but most people show up within the first half hour and stay almost to the end. 

    You can taste samples of the 5-6 different foods that I have prepared and have on display. 

    You can shop. I offer a simple but outstanding selection of high quality, “STK approved” food. 

    At the half way point, I spend a few minutes talking openly to the crowd about what SavingKitchens is all about. I then prepare a dish so that people can SEE how easy it is and then TASTE it. 

    Last month I made Chocolate Avocado Pudding. 

    Went over BIG. 

    On Tuesday, I’m making a specialty nut butter that is FANTASTIC. 

    I own and operate a very unique business. 

    You won’t find another one like it….anywhere. 

    I’m a certified health coach, showing people the way. 

    I have a storefront that you can simply stop in and purchase goods. 

    Most that stop in are extremely excited about what I offer once it’s explained to them. 

    (They also fall in love with what it looks like inside — not your typical health food store. Because that’s NOT what I am). 

    I sit down with people with a consultation (many each week) and discuss each individual’s health and start educating them. I then offer my services. 

    Cookbook ✔️

    Meal Plan ✔️

    30 Day Coaching & Plan ✔️

    Those are what most everyone takes advantage of. 

    You can attend an event. I have had many. 

    Whether it’s me putting on my “Saving Your Grocery Cart” workshop, Rachel teaching a detox class, or me offering continued support for my clients and now these monthly tasting events. 

    No. Where. Else. 

    There are many roads to health. 

    Many, many are wrong. 

    Yet, promoted as healthy. 

    I see and hear it all of the time. 

    My goal is to get people on the right track. 

    And I’ve done this for many, many people. 

    People have done Weight Watchers, Medifast, Medical Weight Loss, ItWorks, Advocare, Optavia and the like. 

    Only to end up in my chair, learning truth and what’s truly healthy. 

    It’s eating REAL FOOD people. 

    I’m a lucky lady. 

    Doing what I love and changing kitchens everywhere. 

    I’ve personally coached nearing 200 people. 

    But between sales of my cookbooks and meal plans and with over 800 people following me, I’ve been in a LOT of kitchens.  

    “Shari” and “SavingKitchens” have become household buzz words. 

    Don’t you love it. 

    I certainly do. 

    If you have plans on Tuesday, scratch them and come and see for yourself. 

    Tasting is believing. 

    Seeing is believing. 

    Hearing is believing.  

    And I offer it all 👆🏼. 

    Hundreds Served

    I like pictures. They help me get my point across. 

    Today, I’m talking about how many I’ve served, because I am more service oriented in what I do. 

    Which made me think of McDonalds and how they have the amount of people that they have served on their sign. 


    I’ve got my work cut out for me, am I right?

    I opened up my shop EIGHT months ago. 

    And guess what’s across the street?



    I used to eat that junk. 

    That’s right. I come from a background of poor eating habits. 

    Three years and 3 months later, you will not find me ordering anything off of their menu besides the occasional black coffee.  

    This month so far, I have met with several people who decided to give this whole SavingKitchens a try. 

    I LOVE when someone reaches out to me for a consult. 

    I already know all of the good things that are going to take place for them. 

    No more of this for them 👇🏼

    That relates to people doing something that results in nothing. 

    Does that make sense?

    Follow me here. 

    I’ll talk about the people that I’ve recently met with and am currently working with, but changing their names for now. 

    I always get consent when I use real names and testimonies. 

    But it’s typically AFTER their 30 days. 

    Jane, who is a severe diabetic, came to me two weeks ago. After meeting with me, she jumped right in. 

    She came into my shop to pick up a few things a week later (last Friday) and she was SO EXCITED to share with a fellow “classmate” of STK, who happened to be there as well. 

    Her sugar numbers are amazing. She has an insulin pump and it’s going crazy trying to calculate now because of her swift changes that she has made. 

    She has since purchased several cookbooks (to give away) and grabbed a stack of business cards to pass out. 

    She feels amazing and loves the food. 

    Sound familiar?

    If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that this is a common theme. 

    I’m truly thrilled to watch where she is going with her health. 

    She has commented, “I have tried everything. I can’t believe how easy this is.”

    That’s me, in how I feel, when this happens. 

    Which is OFTEN. 

    A young couple, Joe and Jenny came in around the same time as Jane. 

    They have watched many in their circle go through my program. 

    They contacted me, with great excitement and said that they were ready to hop on board. 

    Today marks day 12 for them. 

    Here are snipets of their texts to me. 

    Her 👇🏼

    Him 👇🏼

    I. Love. It. 

    I’m super lucky to be able to do what I do. 

    Making a difference in people’s lives in this way. 

    I’ve now lost count, but I’m over 160 kitchens “served”. 

    Do you know how many actual lives that has touched?

    Not billions. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    But hundreds. 

    Because when that one person comes to me, their WHOLE KITCHEN is changed. 

    Not because I give them a quick easy fix, like prepackaged meals or shakes…etc. 

    I equip them to eat real food. 

    Great idea, right?

    I just had to place another order for my first cookbook. 

    I literally now have about TEN copies left. 

    I also just realized that I only have about TEN copies of my second cookbook. 

    Which had me like this 👇🏼

    And I am having my third Tasting Healthy Eats Event next Tuesday. 

    I am loving this new area. It brings people in and allows me to share what it is that happens with me/SavingKitchens. 

    Once people sample my food, most want a cookbook or five. 

    I’ve got a bit of a dilemma, but it always seems to work out. 

    More cookbooks are on their way people!

    I’ve got hundreds of stories now to share. 

    The last one that I’ll share is with Peggy. 

    She is having a hard time actually getting started, due to being over stretched with family and her own health issues. She is doing her best to get this off of the ground. 

    She had to go in for a procedure a few days ago and she shared with the man in cardiology performing it, about changing her diet. In the conversation, she must’ve mentioned my name and he told her that he and his wife had began my program and he has now lost weight and feels great. 

    I know who this person is and he is an advocate for what I do, handing out my business cards to people he comes in contact with. 

    He is in cardiology. 

    Do you see that?

    To me, that’s a VERY big deal. 

    There are so many in the health field that they themselves need this. 

    You can spend a bit of time on here, reading through my blog posts and find so many great testimonies to what I do. 

    I recently began doing Friday Facebook live as well. 

    I’m bringing people in to talk about how their lives have now been changed. 

    These videos are reaching many. 

    I have someone coming in later today that will be another great guest on my FFL. 

    Watch for it. You will NOT want to miss it. 

    The weather here in Michigan is going to change from 50 degrees and rainy to cold and snowy very quickly over the next couple of hours. 

    That might put a wrench in things…but I’ll do my best to have something to offer by way of FFL. 

    Happy Friday everyone. 

    Thanks for stopping by!

    When YOU are ready 👇🏼